What is the appearance of ais Wallenstein?

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Key Takeaways

  • Ais Wallenstein: Loki Familia’s top explorer, renowned for exceptional monster-killing skills.
  • Appearance: Golden-haired, slim Ais dons armor, appearing charming and formidable.
  • Personality: Reserved Ais, misunderstood due to her calm demeanor, hides sharp intelligence.
  • Relationships: Shows interest in Bell, maintains a strong bond with him.
  • Abilities: A formidable swordsman with unique skills, including Ariel’s wind magic

First-class explorer Wallenstein is an executive for the Loki Familia. She regards as one of the strongest among the small group of first-class explorers. Are you trying to pick up girls in a dungeon? Wallenstein is the main protagonist of Sword Oratoria and the former antagonist of the anime’s third season. As an explorer of the highest caliber, she is also a member of the Loki Familia.

The appearance of Wallenstein:

With long golden hair, golden eyes, and a slim figure, Ais regards as a charming woman. Wearing her armor on top of this protects her from harm. As a rule, Ais wears an off-duty white one-piece dress with gold lining while she’s not in the dungeon. She regards as one of the strongest among the small group of first-class explorers.

Personality of Wallenstein:

It’s no secret that Ais is a reserved individual who has difficulty expressing herself verbally. There are a lot of misconceptions about her because of this. She has a very sharp mind and sees an older version of herself in some situations, like when she offered Bell a lap cushion.  Like Bete, Ais does not look down on weak others, despite being a First Class Adventurer herself. She’s also thought of as an airhead because of her calm demeanor.

Bell’s rabbit-like appearance:

She will stop at nothing to achieve her objective of becoming more robust, even if it means offering to train Bell so she may try to figure out what is causing him to develop so quickly. If someone does anything even vaguely sexual to her, she reacts aggressively (such as Loki). In part due to Bell’s rabbit-like appearance, Ais shows a lot of interest in him.

Apollo Ball:

To compensate for her inability to prevent him from being assaulted by the Minotaur, he relies on her to help him whenever she can. Tina saw that Bell appeared joyful while she was training her, an emotion she had never seen in her performance before. She has a good relationship with Bell, such as taking care of him on the 18th Floor and agreeing to dance at the Apollo Ball, even though it was her first time.

Wallenstein is unable to swim:

Because Riveria tied adamantine to Ais’ wrists and threw her into the water as punishment for calling her an “old woman” when she was seven years old, Ais cannot swim. After this, she avoided water in the dungeon in general and bathed only in regions where her feet could reach the bottom. One of Ais’s goals is to become strong enough to battle the One-Eyed Black Dragon and reclaim her mother’s throne from him.

One-Eyed Black Dragon:

She believes that she is unable to become a hero since her purpose is revenge-driven and selfish. Revenge is motivated by her childhood trauma with the One-Eyed Black Dragon, which led to deep loathing towards monsters. However, even after learning about the Xenos, she refused to believe monsters should not eliminate.

Bell and hearing Bell’s narrative:

However, after watching Wiene’s acts to protect Bell and hearing Bell’s history, she was deeply moved and began to believe that the Xenos could have a chance at survival. Determination waned as well. She could not make up her mind as to whether or not monsters were indeed wicked, deserving of being destroyed.


Aged seven, Ais joined the Loki Familia. She supported the other adventures and trained as hard as she could to become a better adventurer when she entered. Before Bell broke her record, she was the fastest person to reach Level 2. She has fought Phryne Jamil three times: once when she was a Level 2 and once when she went Level 5.

Abilities of Wallenstein:

She’s better than him, Finn, and the others in terms of monster-killing skills. Because of her craft in fighting monsters, the author stated that Ais isn’t excellent for people.

Swordsman expert:

Airs is a great swordsman who has trained since entering the Loki Familia. He is often said to as the most powerful person in the city. When she first joined the Familia, Finn and Gareth were instructed to help her develop her abilities. They were nevertheless shocked at times by her technique, which she learned from her father and practised. Even though she is incredibly skilled with her sword, her fighting style is vicious and aggressive; therefore, few weapons can stand up to it.


Ariel is the wind element enchantment spell of Ais. A Virga’s poison might be deflected by the shield, in addition to being a potent offensive weapon. As a result, she avoids using it against non-monster opponents out of fear of accidentally killing them.


Liya has described Ariel’s magic as “weird” because it goes beyond typical enchantment magic. Despite their differences in power, she held off Revis for a brief period when she wielded it at total capacity in volume 7. A “castle of wind” was described as her use at the time instead of the typical armor.


As Ais’ hatred grows, so does her attack power against monsters, especially dragon-type creatures. It’s got a working trigger. In Level 1, the enemy’s body was torn apart when it came into contact with her blade. As soon as Ais utilized it, Riveria recognized that it possessed a level of power unworthy of a Level 1 adventurer’s first attack. The skill’s output, which is believed to be the strongest of all skills, damages the user’s weapons due to its damage.


When Wallenstein fights a monster she has already battled and gained excel from; Hunter enhances her abilities. In the absence of atypical resistance, the effects of abnormalities, such as poison, are neutralized. It was a great skill, but it also dragged Riveria closer to death, according to Riveria.

Healing of the spirit:

After employing magic, Ais’ mind is immediately regenerating at a modest rate through Spirit Healing. As Ais pointed out, Riveria was the only person she knew who had this skill and hypothesized that Riveria acquired it from constantly utilizing Ariel over the years. In the end, only Desperate and Sword Ale managed to withstand its use, and only because she didn’t want to sever the tie between herself and the others.

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