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Key Takeaways

  • Ardent Pest Control: Providing nationwide pest elimination for homes and businesses.
  • Pest Control Services: Ardent utilizes Integrated Pest Management with certified entomologists.
  • Targeted Pests: Ardent addresses spiders, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, rodents, fleas, and wasps.
  • Service Plans: Ardent’s plans include indoor and outdoor treatments with quarterly follow-ups.
  • Locations: Ardent is based in Utah but covers six states, offering comprehensive pest control services with free re-services.

Ardent pest control supports homemakers and companies throughout the country to eliminate pesticides. Ardent’s team uses the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles to provide pest control services with certified entomologists. With cutting-edge methods for both pest control and termite prevention, Ardent is a full-service firm that can meet all of your needs.

Plans and services for ardent plague control:

Ardent services start with a close-up home inspection to identify the problem of your pest and develop a targeted plan for the results of the test. Then, your pest specialist will follow up with your home and carry out preventive treatments such as web removal and garage treatment.

Targeted by Ardent Pest Control:

The following pests are targeted by ardent pest control:

  1. Spiders
  2. Cockroaches
  3. Ants
  4. Termites
  5. Bugs in the bed
  6. Mosquitoes
  7. Rodents
  8. Fleas
  9. Wasps

Plan of ardent pest control:

Ardent’s general plan for pesticide control begins with initial treatment indoors and outdoors. Ardent follows up on quarterly services after the initial service to get rid of new generations of pests that might lay eggs and continue with other disposal services. Ardent provides lawn care services such as fertilization and weed control in addition to pest control services. As a result, 90% of Ardant’s customers are served to Ardent the same day, and replenishment of treated areas is complimentary.

Locations of ardent pest control:

Ardent Pest Control is based in Utah, Highland, but has no service area in that state. However, here are the services covered by devoted pest control:

  1. Dallas, Texas, South Africa                                                                                                    Texas, Houston Houston
  2. Town of Oklahoma, Oklahoma
  3. Oklahoma, Tulsa
  4. Tennessee, Nashville
  5. City of Kansas, Kansas
  6. Nevada, Las Vegas.
  7. Playa de Virginia, Virginia

Ardent Pest Control’s customers:

On the other hand, owners of Ardent Pest Control’s customers seemed more satisfied with the company’s plans, and the enthusiastic pest control team explained the pharmacologic control process. The clients also congratulated the friendly technicians on an exhaustive treatment.

Here are some reviews from previous customers on ardent pest control

  • Comparison Provider Pest Control Company Pest Control Provider
  • Terminix
  • Orkin

We shall conclude:

We have reviewed Ardent Pest Control in a larger service area (six states). Still, the company’s website lacks information on its general pesticide control plans and how the prices are developed. Ardent Pest Control was awarded a 60/100 by this Old House Reviews Team. The company offers re-services free of charge and on the same day. But only in six states, ardent pest control offers extensive wildlife removal services.

Ardent Pest Control’s:

We recommend Terminix, Orkin, and Aptive to ensure the best quality in pest control. These three companies have comprehensive solutions to solve your problem with the plague. Every technician of the company will then develop a targeted plan for spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, wildlife, and more following a close examination. All suppliers, not to mention, are guaranteed a service back treatment. Active provides custom solutions based on the needs of consumers while Orkin and Terminix deal with particular pests, such as bed bugs and termites.

People pick ardent for a variety of reasons:

You are the only one who understands your house better than you. We rely on you to notify us if there is pest activity that requires further investigation. If you believe you need re-service, please contact us so that we may assist you. Maintaining a protective barrier around your property is crucial. We take great delight in paying attention to you. The wall we erect is effective, but it wears off with time. We must come back every 12 weeks to reapply this barrier since the pests will return if we don’t.

Our service comes with the following guarantees:

Over a million services have been completed, and we know what works and what doesn’t. We are constantly reviewing our processes to improve our service and provide you with an outstanding customer experience.

We only utilize the most effective items available:

Rest assured that we combine Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approaches and new solutions with our modern products and best-in-class service to provide you with a pest-free existence. I’ve never felt as attached to a group of people as I do with the zealous techs. Hanna went above and above the call of duty.

Some pesticides do not kill bugs right away:

Our products cling to pests, allowing them to transfer the disease to other problems. Because a more significant number of pests come into contact with the product, this procedure provides longer-term protection. As bugs are flushed out, you may notice a temporary rise in problems. This indicates that you have won.

We provide service all year long and in all weather conditions:

Pests adapt to shifting temperatures and are active throughout the year, including the winter. For maximum effectiveness, barriers must be maintained all year. We keep an eye on the weather and can provide service in a variety of conditions. Ardent pest control jobs, ardent pest control bbb, ardent pest control Tennessee, ardent pest control Nashville, ardent pest control Kansas city.

Our service comes with the following guarantees:

Over a million services have been completed, and we know what works and what doesn’t. We are constantly reviewing our processes to improve our service and provide you with an outstanding customer experience. s” Ardent has been a joy to work with! Before ardent, I dealt with large corporations that would service our home and then rush out.

Review of devoted pest control (2021):

Are you looking for a professional pesticide firm? Please read our review of ardent pest control to compare services, pricing, and customer assessments. We provide a family-friendly environment using the most advanced pest control products in the industry. Here at Ardent, we keep our customer’s homes pest-free by serving with an enthusiastic passion.

The team reviewed by this Old House:

The Team of this Old House Reviews examined some of the industry’s best pesticide companies and compared plans, pricing, the efficiency of treatment, and more. Please read our review of Ardent Pest Control, then compare it to top-class companies such as Terminix, Orkin, and Rentokil.

Fierce pestilence Reviews:

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has accredited Ardent Pest Control and has a rating. A complaint about Ardent’s salesmen is consistent throughout the review platforms. Despite the apparent disinterest of homeowners, many reviewers handled a team of members who knocked door to door to ask for sales. Ardent pest control Virginia, ardent pest control Virginia Beach, how to cancel ardent pest control. She’s highly knowledgeable in her work, and I felt confident in her service.


Here at ardent pest control, we are passionate about keeping our customers’ homes pest-free.”

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