How does amazon imaging work?

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Key Takeaways

  • Amazon product success hinges on captivating visuals, influencing customer decisions through high-quality imagery.
  • Improve product pages: adhere to Amazon’s stringent image guidelines, avoiding rejections and enhancing conversions.
  • Utilize additional images: Present products from various angles, providing detailed views to potential buyers.
  • Highlight uniqueness: Incorporate icons to emphasize product features, ensuring a distinctive presentation on Amazon listings.
  • Invest in professional imaging: Leverage Amazon Imaging Services for expert photography, ensuring high-quality visuals and customer engagement.

When it comes to Amazon buying, a great product image is unquestionably worth far more than a thousand words. Online buying is all about the graphics, so brands should forget to succeed on Amazon with images that aren’t up to par. Imagery plays an important role in the purchasing decision-making for buyers who can’t physically see or touch the product.

How does amazon imaging work?

If you pay for the service, Amazon will pick up the items from the fulfillment facility and take at least two high-quality images of them for you to review. In this step, you’ll make changes to the listing and submit new images. When the studio receives the goods from the fulfillment center, the complete procedure can take up to 15 calendar days.

Amazon Imaging Services:

High click-through and conversion rates on your listings are directly related to the quality of your photographs. Even if your headline, feature bullets, and product descriptions include excellent and accurate information, customers may only scan the copy. These teams manage the planning and shooting of commercially relevant images while pushing the boundaries of image management by operating at a massive scale with the latest equipment and technology to optimize for artistry and efficacy.

What are the benefits?

In addition to your product description page, product photos appear in search results, thumbnails, promotions, email campaigns, and more. A product’s success on Amazon is largely dependent on its ability to attract customers with eye-catching visuals.

Vendor Central assistance:

Vendor Central assistance topics contain the most up-to-date information on Amazon vendor image standards. Some of the requirements are clear, such as the need for the main image for each product; others are more precise, such as removing watermarks from images.

Beginning of your online business:

Using Amazon Imaging Services ensures that your products will photograph elegantly and precisely from the beginning of your online business. In addition to saving you time, this guarantees that your photos are consistent, correct, and high-quality, which can aid in the selling of your goods.

Cost of Amazon Imaging:

The cost of Amazon Imaging Services varies depending on the type of product purchased through the service. In the case of FBA products, Imaging Services will take at least two photographs of each product. Fashion, for example, will make use of 360-degree pictures. According to Amazon, towels and toys cost $50, while jewelry and watches cost $100, and fashion images requiring a human model or large or bulky items like furniture cost $150.

How to improve Amazon product photos?

The Amazon image criteria and accompanying technological requirements must be met when creating new product pages or updating existing listings. Otherwise, Amazon will reject your product listings and photographs, even if they are the best available.

1: Check out the Amazon product image requirements below, but keep in mind that the most up-to-date information and Amazon policy can always find on their site.

2: Put an image at the top of the list on the product page.

3: Doing so alleviates a major drawback for online retailers the inability to deliver the product directly to the buyer.

Amazon’s image quality guidelines:

High-quality photos for both the main and child SKUs are essential for converting sales and increasing the number of clicks, but Amazon’s non-technical criteria also require them. Following is a list of things an Amazon image must include:

Remember to use photos with a resolution of at least 200px:

A “Listing Photo” or “Offer Level” is also permitted on your product pages if you’re selling refurbished or used goods. When shoppers see this graphic on Amazon’s offer listing page, it’s easier for them to tell which offer you’re promoting. Go to your Amazon Common Template and upload your image there. The “Main Offer Image” and “Offer Images” fields should map.

Use a range of images of your products:

It is possible to publish a maximum of six extra photos in addition to the main one. Customers should be able to see the item from every angle. You may lose a potential buyer if you don’t go into detail about the product’s features. Matcha powder from Golde, for example, has been photographed numerous times.

Avoid cutting off the topic of amazon image:

It’s easy to lose sight of the entire frame while concentrating on the subject of your photograph. Pay care to the edges and corners of your photographs, however. Avoid cutting off the topic of your image by filling the frame. Barron advises ensuring that the product occupies as much area as feasible.

Promote your product’s uniqueness:

Images of your goods on Amazon can also use to provide additional information about them. In the case of multi-packs, add a little icon overlay that reads 10-pack or whatever amount it is,” advises Barron.

Providing Amazon shoppers with a rich visual experience:

Customers shop with their eyes on Amazon’s retail websites. An online buying experience can be enhanced by high-quality product photos and videos, which allow buyers to make more informed purchasing decisions. Product Imaging is responsible for the tens of millions of photos our clients use to identify and assess products for sale.

Amazon image management by optimizing for artistry:

Photographers, stylists, producers, graphic designers, studio operations professionals, and program managers are among the many members of our global network, which spans the Americas, Europe, Asia, and India. By operating on a vast scale with state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

Your imaging order can track:

You can monitor the progress of your imaging order by returning to the same pop-up page as mentioned in the preceding paragraphs. Order placed, product received at the studio, imaging completed and imaging billed are shown in the top right box where the Place your order button had been.

If you’re looking for the Amazon Imaging Services charges on your statement, click on the Statement View tab. The Transaction View tab allows you to see the charges. Each Amazon Imaging Services work order’s charges can view. When you place an imaging order, you’ll see the prices for each product.


The Amazon Imaging Services network is made up of a variety of small and large teams. Photographers, stylists and producers, and studio operations professionals and program managers from the Americas, Europe and Asia are included. When it comes to Amazon’s product imaging jobs website, the company says.

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