Angie Dickinson Net Worth, Biography, Family,Relationships and Career

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Key Takeaways

  • Hollywood Icon: Angie Dickinson, an acclaimed Hollywood actress, boasts a net worth of $25 million, earned through her successful film and TV career.
  • Early Life and Education: Born in North Dakota, Dickinson moved to California, graduating and pursuing a career in administration.
  • Career Highlights: Her role as Suzanne “Pepper” Anderson in the crime drama “Police Woman” skyrocketed her fame.
  • Personal Life Tragedy: Dickinson faced personal challenges, including her daughter Nikki’s battle with Asperger’s syndrome, ending tragically in suicide.
  • Honors and Awards: Dickinson earned accolades, including a Golden Globe Award, solidifying her status as a television icon.

Angie Dickinson net worth is $25 million. She is currently widely recognized as one of the most successful actors working in Hollywood. Her success in the film and television industries was the key driver of her financial success. Angie Dickinson, an American actress with a sizable number of devoted followers, has amassed a wealth of $25 million throughout her career. Angie received her diploma from Jefferson High School in California in 1954 and then continued her education at Glendale Community High School, where she earned an associate’s degree in commerce. She worked as a secretary at the Burbank Bob Hope Airport at one point in her life. In this article, we will discuss Angie Dickinson net worth.

Biography of Angie Dickinson:

Angie Dickinson was born and raised in North Dakota and is the second daughter of German immigrants. Her birthday is September 30th, and she was born in 1931. The third of Frederica’s four children was given birth to by Frederica, the daughter of Leo Henry Brown, the editor and proprietor of a local newspaper in a small town. Her mother, Frederica, experienced a baby boom every year, as evidenced by the fact that all five of her children were born in the same year.

Family life of Angie Dickinson:

1966 was the year that the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter whom they named Lea Nikki. After a lifetime of struggling to see clearly and overcoming the hurdles that Asperger’s condition presented, the couple’s daughter “Nikki” took her own life in 2007. Rio Bravo was Angie Dickinson’s debut film in which she played the lead character, and Howard Hawks directed it. During the 1970s, she frequently appeared in the television show titled “Police Woman.

Relationships between Angie Dickinson and Her Husband:

Angie remarried shortly after the dissolution of her first marriage. Their first marriage, to football player Gene Dickinson, eventually divorced the couple. Five years later, she tied the knot with Burt Bacharach, and the couple remained together for 15 years. Lea Nikki was Angie and Bacharach’s kid from their relationship, and they named her after both of them. Nikki’s terrible death by suicide came after a life of fighting an uphill battle against the effects of Asperger’s syndrome.

Daughter Angie Dickinson:

The news of Nikki Bacharach’s passing on Thursday shook the entertainment industry in Hollywood to its core. She was the daughter of Angie Dickinson and Burt Bacharach and was 40 years old at the time. According to the coroner’s findings, her death resulted from an intentional act of self-harm. Despite her attractive appearance and slight build, she had Asperger’s disease, a kind of autism, making it difficult for her to communicate with others.

The career of Angie Dickinson:

One of the most attractive stars in the history of Hollywood, Dickinson is rumored to have carried on affairs with several prominent people, including Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy. As a leading Hollywood actress, Dickinson possessed an alluring presence that was universally acknowledged as remarkable. Her union to the musician Burt Bacharach began in 1965 and remained intact until the couple divorced in 1981.

The film by Angie Dickinson:

Dressed to kill was a film directed by Brian DePalma and starring Dickinson that was released in 1980. After that, in 1993, she appeared in a leading role in the miniseries Wild Palms.  You can estimate how much money Angie Dickinson has by tallying up her assets and then deducting her financial obligations. Her total assets include all her money, property, and other resources, such as stocks, bonds, and bank accounts, as well as the value of any vehicles or other vehicles she possesses.

What is Angie Dickinson net worth?

Angie Dickinson net worth is $25 million. Her net worth is the same as her total assets. The total amount of all debts payable is known as a company’s liabilities, and these obligations must include monthly home and vehicle loan payments, credit cards, and college loans. After completing her education, she pursued a career in administration. She was the beauty contest winner but ultimately chose to pursue a career in an entirely different industry.

Role of Suzanne:

The role of Suzanne “Pepper” Anderson, whom Dickinson played in the crime drama Police Woman in the 1970s, was primarily responsible for her meteoric rise to stardom. The character’s first appearance was in an episode of Police Story that was broadcast in 1973. The following year saw the premiere of brand-new episodes of the show. It was the ground-breaking performance that Pepper Anderson gave that paved the path for other women to have essential parts on television.

Dressed to Kill:

In the years that followed, she was recognized as a pioneer in the drama genre and received several nominations for the series.  She was voted as the third sexiest television star of all time by TV Guide.

Angie Dickinson’s valuables:

There is a lack of openness surrounding the amount of money Angie Dickinson has in her bank account. She has a reclusive lifestyle, and she just occasionally communicates with other people. Her abode can be found in the illustrious community of Beverly Hills in the state of California. The home sits on a sizable property and is outfitted with a modern-day kitchen and bathroom fixtures. It is thought that this mansion is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of three million dollars.

Among Angie Dickinson’s many honors and awards:

Angie Dickinson has been awarded a great deal of recognition and several medals. It is generally agreed upon that she is one of the best television actors in the entire world. In 1975, she was a formidable contender for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Drama Series. She was honored with the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series in 1960 for her work on the television show “Police Woman,” for which she was nominated.


Angie Dickinson net worth is $25 million. Angeline Brown Dickinson came into this world on September 30th, 1931, in the rural community of Kulm, located in the state of North Dakota. She is the third child in the family and the youngest daughter. Her paternal grandfather was an editor for a local newspaper. When she was around ten, her family uprooted and relocated to California. After completing her secondary studies, Dickinson pursued her education at Immaculate Heart College and Glendale College.


What is Angie Dickinson net worth?

Angie Dickinson net worth is $25 million.

What is a hobby of Angie Dickinson?

Someone she talked to was Gene Dickinson, who was a standout football player for the Glendale College squad. Soon after, they began a romantic relationship that culminated in their marriage in 1952.


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