What’s the Anohanniversary Project for Anohanna 10 Years Later on?

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Key Takeaways

  • Masayoshi Tanaka, anime flower artist, contributes to Anohana’s 10th-anniversary campaign.
  • Anohana celebrates its tenth anniversary in Japan with significant announcements.
  • Predictions arise for Anohana Season 2 or a sequel movie release.
  • Various anime characters, like Sailor Jupiter, share a love for flowers.
  • Anohana anniversary project details to be revealed on the 10th-anniversary page.

Masayoshi Tanaka, the character designer, and artist of anime flower, also contributed a new key picture to the campaign. For the time being, we have no idea what the project will entail. More information will be made available shortly on the 10th-anniversary page and the associated Twitter account. Following are founds of anime flowers.

What’s the Anohanniversary Project for Anohanna 10 Years Later on?

First, a celebration of Anohana’s tenth anniversary will occur in Japan on August 28, 2021. The significant announcements will be made at this time, regardless of what they are. Before the end of August, several new Anohana-related releases in Japan are scheduled, including apparel and collaborations with other artists.

Predictions for Anohana season 2 or a sequel movie:

Let me start by saying that Anohana was a Japanese original anime production directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai, written and directed by Mari Okada, and designed and painted by Masayoshi Tanaka’s character designer and artist. While working on Anohana, they formed the Super Peace Busters, a creative collective known for their Toradora and Her Blue Sky work. Each of the three has written a message for the 10th-anniversary page, which can be found here.

Yui Yamada:

Yui Yamada is a flower lover who contributes to the beautification of her school. The character Yui Yamada appears in Kase-san and Morning Glories is one of the main protagonists. Two ladies must learn to deal with their increasing love for one another in this charming animation. Yui, the main character, is very fond of plants and gardening. Even helping out with school gardening and beautification projects shows how much she cares.

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter Takes Pride in Her Gardening and Making anime flower Arrangements. Makoto Kino, better known as Sailor Jupiter, is a member of the Sailor Senshi team from the anime series Sailor Moon. She’s a big woman with a lot of muscle. Even though she has a kind and charming side, many of her peers think she’s a troublemaker and shun her.

Floral-related things:

Makoto enjoys doing floral-related things in her spare time. Floral design and gardening are included in this category. Even one of Sailor Jupiter’s abilities, Flower Hurricane, uses anime flower petals when she’s transformed into the titular Sailor Soldier. To stay in her garden forever, Shiemi Moriyama made a pact with a demon.

Blue Exorcist is Shiemi Moriyama:

One of the key characters in Blue Exorcist is Shiemi Moriyama, who joins the Exorcist Cram School with the assistance of Rin and Yukio Okumura. Shiemi is a huge fan of plants and flowers. Because it reminded her of her late grandmother, who had taught her everything she knew about gardening and the Amahara Garden, it was where she spent most of her time.

Mimosa Vermillion:

Mimosa Vermillion Is A Flower Addict Who Also Uses Plant Magic. Mimosa Vermillion is a brilliant Magic Knight in the Golden Dawn Magic Knight Squad and a Royal of House Vermillion. She values their worth over their social standing since she’s nice and caring when it comes to people.

Mimosa’s powers:

Mimosa’s powers, like those of her older brother, are heavily influenced by anime flowers. It means she can employ plants both offensively and defensively because of Mimosa’s Plant Magic. She receives access to True Plant Magic while training in the Heart Kingdom and learns more about plants and her magic.

Joel Garland:

Joel Garland adores the rose garden in The Ancient Magus’ Bride, where he found inspiration. Joel Garland, a widower in his eighties, looks after his late wife’s rose garden in his spare time. As it serves as a constant reminder of his wife, he spends nearly all of his time there. But by taking care of her garden, he gets the impression that she’s still around.

Yoko Kurama:

Five-year-old Yoko Kurama is a demon with magical flower abilities (Yu Yu Hakusho). Yu Yu Hakusho’s main character, Yoko Kurama, is a human and a demon hybrid. As it turns out, the real Yoko is a demon whose consciousness was implanted into the mind of a human newborn. He now has to coexist with the human mind.

Pharmacist Shirayuki:

Snow with the Red Hair’s Shirayuki is a strong-willed, kind, and committed the main character who likes flowers, as are many other anime characters. Since she is an herbalist, Shirayuki spends her time educating herself on a variety of medicinal flowers, herbs, and plants. She studied to become a Court Herbalist shows how much she adores anime flowers and plants. Court Herbalist will provide her an opportunity to study under some of the Kingdom’s best and brightest brains.


Haru is a dwarf rabbit and one of the primary characters of Beastars. She leads Cherryton Gardening Club, and she is the only member. Because of this, she is fond of flowers, plants, and other outside activities. Haru spends a lot of time in the garden in this series, taking care of the plants. Haru’s name translates to spring, a season when new beginnings abound, and blossoms begin to bloom.

Shizuma Hanazono:

Strawberry Panic’s Shizuma Hanazono is a flower-obsessed lead character. She is frequently seen in her greenhouse, where she and her staff take care of a wide range of flowers. She also takes the time to cut and arrange the flowers into bouquets, which she places about the campus. Shizuma, on the other hand, enjoys giving flowers, as seen by the bouquet she gives to Nagisa after the latter passes her French language exam.

Charlotte Roselli:

A member of House Roselei’s noble family, Charlotte Roselli is the Captain of the Blue Rose and a passionate gardener. There is a strong connection between her surname and the rose, and she even had a curse similar to that of the fairy tale character Briar Rose. Even Charlotte’s magical talents are rose-related, as evidenced by the fact that the Blue Rose Magic Knight Squad has a rose-themed crest and coat of arms.


As a result, I’m excited to learn more about the Anohana anniversary project in the future. Numerous anime characters have odd or unique interests, such as dolls, history, and other study subjects, which makes for interesting reading. When utilized to enhance the beauty of a character or express romantic feelings, anime flowers and plants are commonplace in anime.

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