Following are anime girls in black and white.

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Key Takeaways

  • Seiten: Calm and confident ruler in “Black Bullet,” exuding determination and strength amidst chaos.
  • Mirajane: Gorgeous Fairy Tail character, balancing naivety and kindness, fiercely protective of her loved ones.
  • Alisa: Fierce warrior with chaotic white hair, wears a red checkered bus boy cap.
  • Angel Sorano: Dual personality character, gentle demeanor with well-kept white hair, often adorned with a headband.
  • Hanbei Takenaka: Mature young lady with ashy white hair, styled with two side ponies, exuding charm.

Anime girl black and white: If you are a frequent visitor to Otaku World, you will recall that we have previously discussed various hair colors, such as pink, green, and blue, and today we will discuss anime heroines with white hair. Cute Anime Girls make anime more enjoyable to watch because they infuse it with warmth, sweetness, and fun. Following are anime girls in black and white.


In the Black anime Bullet, the ruler of Tokyo is Seiten. She carries herself with confidence, calmness, and a steely determination. Being unwavering and calm even in the midst of a tumultuous situation, I like her personality and the way she’s designed as well.


Gorgeous, naive, and kind all rolled into one. Fairy Tale character Mirajane’s personality is best described by these terms. It doesn’t matter who she’s talking to because she won’t judge them based on their difficulties. However, if someone attempts to harm individuals she cares about, she will stand up for them and lay down the law.


Alisa is a fierce competitor and a fearsome warrior. She’ll judge on whether or not she has a signature look or a signature piece like that. Her red checkered bus boy cap is always worn with her white hair in this instance. She keeps her hat on all the time and lets her hair hang loosely from her shoulders. It’s a little chaotic, to be honest.

Angel Sorano:

There are two sides to Angel Sorano: cruel one, and the other that is kind. It’s a nasty one that she’s inherited from her traumatized background. Her look and haircut, on the other hand, are perfect for her dual personality. Her beautiful, white hair cascades down her back and sides. It’s clean and well-kept, with a perfectly straight and precise cut. So, the hair is styled with short, blunt bangs. Because of her gentle demeanor, she prefers to go out in public with a headband on.


White hair and a dark skin tone distinguish Canaan from other anime girls. Her dark hair and fair skin provide an intriguing contrast against her light skin. Canaan has short to medium-length white hair. While it is fast, the style resembles a bob. There is a noticeable length difference between the fronts and the backs of the hair. This one is best from anime girl black and white.

Chaika trauma

She has long, luscious hair and is a 14-year-old anime character. Her ebony hair is long and layered, falling just below her shoulders. The thickness of the layers varies from one to the next. They’re chin-length from the front. The ends have a slight inward slant to them. She accessorizes her look with an adorable bandana-inspired headgear, which enhances her already stunning look.

Hanbei Takenaka:

Hanbei appears to be a small toddler to the audience. She is, nonetheless, a mature young lady. Hanbei’s white ashy hair is adorable, especially with the two side ponies she’s wearing in it. Long bangs frame the face and prepare the entire head of hair. She looked lovely in her charming haircut that complemented her short stature. This one is best from anime girl black and white.


Irisviel von Einzbern’s daughter IIIyasviel is the subject of this article. Her hair is a long, light blonde. It’s silky, with a middle split and long bangs that go beyond her shoulders. Only the thicker side of her hair is used to create the cracks. When she wears a particular type of hat, she resembles her mother quite a bit.


Irisviel is a white-haired anime girl who is exceedingly hip and up-to-date. When it comes to her appearance, she is known for wearing a comprehensive, high hat and straight and long hair. Her hair is white, lustrous, and short, just reaching to the middle of her midback. The tips are razor-sharp and have very few layers.

Kanade Tachibana:

Angel Beasts is an anime series in which this character appears. Kanade is a gentle soul with a stunning head of platinum-blonde hair. It’s hard to miss her due to her striking features, including dark brown eyes and long, luscious hair. She usually has her hair long and let down in the movies and television shows. Even though the straight hair is nearly entirely devoid of layering, the bangs call out for it towards the front, where the two hairstyles merge. Her hair is cut in long, angular bangs that graze her eyes as an Anime girl, black and white.


Koyomi’s hair is bleached white, and she wears it straight up in a ponytail. Her torso is hardly long enough to cover her shoulders. It’s piled from every angle, and a portion of it is hidden. In the middle of the head, there are long, thick bangs.


On the back, she has lengthy layers of short layered hair that fall just below her neck. It’s all cut with sharp, angular layers that have been defined in the mid-lengths. Long bangs frame the eyes and fall just below them. The entire layered short hairdo screams fine hair to the wearer.


When she is a youngster or an adult, the same character, Menma, appears. It’s easy to confuse the two versions of her because she looks the same in both. Her hairstyle is what makes her stand out from the crowd. In addition to being straight and silvery-white, it is also long and straight. Her hair color draws attention to her blue eyes, which pop against it. The length of the hair is the only change between the two variants. Menma’s hair is waist-length in the adult version.

Mirajane Straus:

Mirajane Straus is a character from the anime film Fairy Tale. This adorable young lady has a beautiful attitude, as well as a cute haircut. She’s pretty, and her hairstyle perfectly captures that. Her white hair is long and straight, and she wears it loosely pulled back from her face. Mirajane, like many other anime heroines, has a distinctive look: a white bang pulled back into a tiny top ponytail.


Origami has light brown eyes and white hair with a silvery hue. Her haircut is stylish and current, and she has a lovely figure. Her hair is cut short in a bob. In terms of length, it’s somewhere in the middle between the ear and shoulder region. Three blue hairpins in the front right section of her hair are part of her characteristic style of anime girl black and white. Anime girl black and white, anime girl black and white, anime girl black and white, anime girl black and white.

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