Guidelines for barbers and Anthony’s Barbershop.

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Key Takeaways

  • Legacy & Tradition: Anthony’s Barber, established in the 1940s, upholds a rich legacy.
  • Customer-Focused: Customer guidelines ensure a safe and pleasant experience for all.
  • Barber Safety Measures: Barbers follow strict safety protocols for client well-being.
  • Appointment System: Due to safety measures, appointments are essential for services.
  • Community Engagement: Anthony’s Barber actively participates in local charities and associations.

In the 1940s, Anthony founded his shop on 17 Chestnut Street, and we are proud to continue with his tradition. We believe in establishing a pleasant and friendly environment for adults and children and in giving the detail, you expect from a classic Anthony’s shop with quality haircuts. There is just no substitute for a neckline with warm shaving cream and a straight razor.

Institution Needham:

We are happy that Anthony’s Barber has become an institution of Needham servicing generations of local families. Whether you’re bringing your son for his first haircut or want a good talk while you get a trim, we welcome the chance to join our tradition. Anthony’s is devoted to providing our customers and barbers with a safe atmosphere.

Customer guidelines:

  1. All clients MUST arrange an appointment. We can’t walk in during the early reopening phases. We ask every customer who makes an appointment to appear nicely on time since we cannot prolong service time because of limitations in capacity.
  2. All customers must wear a face mask of their own.
  3. There can be no customers in the waiting area. We are only allowed to let one customer per barber at a given time in the shop.

Bay trims:

Because of mask and safety rules, no beard trim and straight razor facial shaves are allowed. If you (or anybody in your home) feel unwell or have any COVID-19 symptoms, please cancel your appointment.

Guidelines for barbers and Anthony’s Barbershop and changes:

  1. Every barber wears a face mask.
  2. Every barber wears eye protection.
  3. Every barber is going to use gloves.
  4. Anthony’s shop will sterilize medical-grade sanitation chairs, tools, and stations for each customer.
  5. Before every service, Barbers will wash their hands.
  6. Clear curtains separating each barber chair shall be put.
  7. Each consumer is using a clean, disinfected cape/smock.
  8. Each customer will use a new neck strap.

Temporary price increase:

A temporary price increase will occur till the company can regularly run because of the increased supplies and services required to meet all the requirements and to guarantee customers’ and workers’ safety. The purchased gift vouchers are still awarded at the initially purchased price.

Back to work:

All customers must arrange an appointment until further notice (no walk-ins). In the heart of Needham Center, Anthony’s Barbershop is ideally located with lots of parking in metered places or central parking lots.


“Whether you’re new to the city or just looking to get a premium cut, check this shop and Aly!” in ten reviews, “I never told Anthony or Shawn what to do to cut my hair, and they’re constantly delivering an extensive slicing.


We aim to offer our customers the most excellent Anthony’s shop haircut possible and give you the right haircut. We establish a unique mix of barbering in the old fashion and modern hair-cutting technology. Each of our haircuts is finished on the ears and back of the neck with a straight razor. Stop in or check out the shop for your next haircut.

Company owner:

Since 2006, Anthony G., Business Owner is a licensed barber. I have launched many barbershops for the San Francisco Giants, my hair product brand, and even cut hair for a few seasons. Anthony’s presently employs seven full-time barbers.

Recommended by Anthony’s Barbershop:

Jason I. was very professional, courteous, and talented. My son came in for a haircut after five years of hair growth. This business and Jason, in particular, are highly recommended. All the employees are pretty relaxed back and pretty easy. I have been here twice with Alex, and I can appreciate his time and detail. Indeed plan to return.

The problem that Anthony’s Barbershop:

I go on holiday. So, I go on holiday. I need a decent haircut, a good haircut. I’m worried about trendy spots that deliver subpar cuts. But I’ll grab the opportunity to come here if I get one here on and after Tuesday. We link every Instagram barber profile on our booking system so that you can see what kind of cuts our barbers make. If there is a problem, we can clean it up 2-3 days from now.

Needham Charities, Services of Associations:

Join the community of Park bench to uncover neighborhood information on charities, non-profit organizations, and associations in Needham. You can quickly find addresses, telephone numbers, and websites for neighborhood and local groups. Park bench includes additional helpful information such as company owners’ interviews, ratings and reviews, deals and coupons, and local clients’ images.

Barber Shop Anthony & Hair Styling:

The next time you visit Worchester Mall, stop at Anthony’s Barber Styling & Hair Styling! No necessary appointments, walk-ins are welcome.

What are some of Barbers’ popular services?

Some of the Barbers’ superior services include:

  • Children’s haircuts
  • Haircut Line Up
  • Shave Head • Shave Hot Lather
  • Traditional Shave Straight Razor

What do people say in Sacramento, CA, about Barbers?

For Barbers in Sacramento, CA, here is a review:

“Jahil’s the man to see since for a time I’ve been cut down here. I am very picky from the beginning who touches my hair, significantly since my dad has cut my hair for the most extended period. But Jahil’s going to get it right. Come check them out. Come check them out.

Straight shave:

We make trendy and classic haircuts, Pompadours, Flattops, Fades, Mohawks, Faux Hawks, Fro Falks, Tapers, and more. We also offer pomades based on water and oil, spray wax, gel, shampoos, and other mustache waxes. Stop in or check out the shop for your next haircut.

What payment methods are accepted?

  • Anthony’s Barbershop accepts credit cards.
  • How is Barbershop Anthony rated?
  • Barbershop Anthony has four stars.
  • What days is Barbershop Anthony open?
  • The Barbershop of Anthony is open, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat.
  • Anthonys barbershop Needham
  • Anthonys barbershop Wyomissing
  • Anthony’s shop fort morgan, Anthonys barbershop hours
  • Anthonys barbershop Ashland ma
  • Anthony’s Barbershop Wotton under the edge,
  • Anthony’s Barbershop Londonderry NH, Anthonys barbershop Abingdon MD.



Park bench includes additional helpful information such as company owners’ interviews, ratings and reviews, deals and coupons, and local clients’ images.

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