Best Farmhouse bar stools and buying guides for 2022!

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Farmhouse bar stools in a kitchen are a great way to enhance seating capacity, add functionality, and improve the atmosphere of the room without sacrificing the room’s aesthetic value. Tucking a pair of these sophisticated stools under your Kitchen Island or peninsula is a great way to emphasize the appearance you want to achieve.

Natural materials like wood and rattan often create an appealing, down-to-earth aesthetic. Several bar stools of various colors are usually all that’s required. Don’t stress out if you can’t put your finger on the exact vibe you’re going for. That is just fine with me! Relax on one of the 24 bar stools and draw inspiration from these beautiful, fully-functional farmhouse kitchens. In this article, we will discuss more farmhouse bar stools.

Best farmhouse bar stools:

Following are the best farmhouse bar stools.

Farmhouse-Inspired Bar Stools:

This country-style eat-in kitchen has plenty of counter space and flair thanks to the counter height table and coordinating two-tone farmhouse bar stools. Because of their construction out of metal and wood, they can complement the existing building by picking up on the overall white and brown tones. Bar stools with a back in the shape of an X provide additional support, making them more comfortable to sit on for extended periods.

X-back farmhouse bar stools:

This bright and open kitchen has a more contemporary feel, so adding these farmhouse bar stools with an X-back is fantastic. The bar stools and the island are white, which works nicely with each other, and the chairs are made of wood, which adds a great contrast. Consider purchasing bar stools in contrasting colors, with at least one of those colors matching the color of your kitchen island, so that you may get a similar look in your own house.

Bentwood Farmhouse Bar Stools:

When you have farmhouse bar stools such as these in your home, it won’t matter whether it’s pouring rain or snowing outside; your house will always seem like a sanctuary, no matter the weather. The appearance of modern refinement is created by bar stools made of bentwood painted dazzling white. They are often an enjoyable and pleasurable alternative to consider.

Can a kitchen island have more than three barstools?

The placement of bar stools is often overlooked but may significantly impact a space’s overall look and feel. At least 15 cm of space should be left between items. Do you need more room? Select armless bar stools like the ones shown above for your rustic kitchen. Since they don’t take up as much room as other alternative designs, you may be able to sneak in an extra item.

Stools with a Rustic:

Nobody in their right mind would ever take a seat at this ultra-contemporary and generously sized kitchen island. The comfortable wood tones of the floor and the ceiling beams are brought together by the grouping of three old stools made of wood. This is an excellent alternative to consider if you are looking for bar stools that will make your kitchen seem friendlier and cozier to guests.

Modern Farmhouse High-Back Bar Stools:

Choose designs with rounded edges and muted color palettes to achieve a light and relaxing atmosphere. The warmer tones on these high-back bar stools are a perfect example. Find a bar stool with a semi-transparent back, like the one pictured above, if you know you want a back but are worried it will be too bulky. You might choose a more modern look by selecting an alternative from the following.

Gold Farmhouse-Inspired Bar Stools:

The rustic kitchen is a glitzy space thanks to abundant gold accessories. The gold complements the Blue Island well, and the whole effect is almost reminiscent of Hollywood Regency. Be sure to remember the stools’ backs. There was a chance that I might have overlooked them. The translucent acrylic is the back support, yet the design’s openness makes the stools seem less weighty.

Bold black and gold farmhouse bar stools:

Gold metal legs give these leather farmhouse bar stools an air of refinement. However, leather’s high-quality look and feel, as well as the ease with which it can be cared for, means that it is typically worth the higher initial investment. I love the look but can’t afford it right now. It would help if you kept an eye out for alternatives made of pleather, often vegan leather.

Some Black Spray Paint Is Coming to Your Rescue:

You can update your bar stools on the cheap using spray paint, which works well on thrift store finds. The spray paint used to create the sculptures’ great darkness was followed by a top coat to ensure the color would last.

Colorful bar stools for your country home:

Rustic bar stools are a great accent to any kitchen, even little ones. I love how the mint color of these otherwise simple bar stools draws attention to them, but I also like how easily they can be stored behind the counter to free up floor space in the entryway. In sum, if you want to save money without sacrificing style, try painting some metal or wooden chairs. You may even bring an article of clothing or a picture to a hardware store as a reference if you’re attempting to discover an identical color match.

Rustic bar stool cushions:

There is a way to have upholstered bar stools with a cushioned bottom, even if you have folks living with you who are prone to create a mess when they eat. Throw a few cushions over the bar stools, like in this chic and minimalist country home kitchen. As a result, if anything is spilled on the seats, you can easily clean the cushions by throwing them in the washing machine.

Bar Stools for Rustic Kitchens and Bars:

Though they’re just a trio, this hard-working crew packs quite a fashion punch. Round, backless bar stools with a farmhouse look are an excellent choice for smaller kitchen islands and peninsulas. Compared to similar versions with arms and backs, they are more compact and may fit in tighter quarters without overcrowding them.

Metal bar stools with a simple, rustic design:

Joanna Gaines’s distinctive touches give this country kitchen an air of casual sophistication. The metal stools used here are a great choice if you’re looking for a contemporary design that won’t need much upkeep. They come in several colors, making them stand out from the crowd, which is a plus when you need them. Perfect for achieving a timeless and contemporary aesthetic!

Windsor-back barstools in white

If you want to get a traditional appearance that is uncomplicated and works well with modern furnishings, Windsor back stools are an excellent choice to consider. The backs of these chairs are pretty roomy, which contributes to their sturdiness and comfort. Thanks to some of the rotating functions, it is also easy to communicate with those standing behind you.

Chairs for a Country Club Bar or Restaurant:

Who needs to visit an expensive café when one has a kitchen as lovely as this one in which to prepare delicious meals? All it takes is a little imagination, and I can see myself perched on one of that metal and wood bar stools, enjoying my morning coffee. The black metal and pipes that hold up the wooden counter are a great contrast. The combo is fantastic if you’re in desperate need of an industrial setting.

Traditional bar stools:

Use rattan bar stools to add a coastal touch to your farmhouse kitchen. You don’t need to be in the same country as the ocean to feel like you’re on vacation when you have stools like these in your home. Is there a bar or kitchen out there? Rattan bar stools may also be used in the garden. Many of the outdoor variants, however, have their lovely, coastal feel while being able to weather the elements.


It’s not required that the kitchen and dining room chairs match perfectly, but they should both have a similar style. Mixing and matching bar stools and dining chairs may give a room a more dynamic and exciting look. Selecting the perfect bar stools is less hassle than it was due to the available styles, materials, and permutations. There’s more to the purchase process than picking a color and a design you like. Two leading suggestions are offered for consideration.


In what range should the cost of bar stools be placed?

A farmhouse bar stools price may vary widely, from about $159 to well over $1,300, depending on its quality of build, style, and upholstery. The average cost of a bar seat may be anywhere from $299 to $450.

Is it OK to have a 28-inch-high stool at a counter?

Since most dining room tables are 28 to 30 inches tall, your stool seat should be at least 18 inches above the floor to sit comfortably. Counter stools should be 24–26 inches tall since counters maybe 36–39 inches tall.

Do bar stools and kitchen chairs need to match each other?

Your kitchen design is entirely up to your preferences regarding interior decoration. However, you should know that your bar stools do not have to match your dining chairs unless that is what you desire.

Key Takeaways

  • Farmhouse Bar Stools: Enhance seating, add functionality, maintain aesthetic appeal.
  • Natural Materials Aesthetic: Wood and rattan create appealing down-to-earth farmhouse style.
  • Best Farmhouse Bar Stools: Consider X-back, bentwood, rustic, and high-back options.
  • Colorful Options: Mint, gold, black, and cushions add vibrancy to kitchens.
  • Traditional and Coastal Styles: Windsor back, metal, and rattan variations available.


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