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Bamboo mirror: In order to find the best bamboo mirror, look for one that provides a high-definition reflection, is the right size and matches the overall look and feel of your home. Fortunately, we reached out to our sustainable living community and asked them for their favorite picks, and we’ve combined their recommendations with thousands of consumer reviews to come up with this definitive guide to the best bamboo mirror in the United States.

Best bamboo mirror:

With so many bamboo mirrors available in the USA.  However, if your selection is wrong, you may end up with a piece of art whose design is shoddy, which doesn’t hang well, and which looks out of place. Following are the bamboo mirrors of 2021.

Rattan Round Mirror with Hazel Finish:

Anthropology, Urban Outfitters’ sibling store, has a plethora of rattan goods to pick from, too. Additionally, this rounded mirror features a small front basket for additional storage space. It can be used in an entryway (keys and mail can be stored in it) or a bedroom (to keep your favourite beauty products on hand). If you are looking for other sustainable products to add to your home, headover to Ecoy and you will find a range of premium bamboo products that are comfortable and durable.

Domax is the best overall bamboo mirror:

For the best bamboo mirror, the sustainable living community is nearly unanimous in its selection. Domax’s hanging bamboo mirror is large, elegant, and easy to hang on the wall because it comes with an adjustable strap and a helpful wall mount hook. The surface of this bamboo mirror is extremely flat because of the precision of Domax’s manufacturing process.


This lightweight and readily movable bamboo framed mirror is ideal for sitting on top of your desk and offers unmatched convenience over the rigid fixed mirror solutions. This bamboo make-up mirror also features a three-time magnification option. To put it simply, this means that you can spend more time focusing on the tiniest aspects of your makeup without having to worry about how accurate you are.


You may use it to clean your teeth, apply makeup, or shave because it’s the right size at 21 inches high by 15 inches wide. The mirror’s flat surface makes cleaning a breeze. The rear of the mirror has two holders that make it easy to hang, however, two screws are required to fasten the mirror to the wall.


There aren’t many companies creating large bamboo mirrors right now, but 4VWIN’s 70cm by 70cm mirror is the only one currently on the market in the UK. This large-diameter mirror does an excellent job of making a small space appear much larger than it actually is. Additionally, depending on where you place your mirror on the wall, you can see nearly your whole outfit for the day.


Spiegel has designed an easy-to-hang mirror that will add a dash of contrast to any brightly lit room in your home. For the hallway or above the sink, they have a black mirror with a height of 15 inches and a width of 15 inches. Its ultra-flat surface has been optimized to reflect light at the precise angle, resulting in a crystal clear, high definition image.

Elizabeth Round Mirror:

Although Pottery Barn may seem like an unlikely spot to discover rattan decor, such as this floral circular mirror, it isn’t. It appears to be delicate, but it has a lot of texture and depth to it, and it comes in two sizes.

Ria Leaning:

If you’re looking for an unusual way to display your artwork, this leaning mirror from Urban Outfitters is a great option. Aside from being full-length, the side rungs can be used to hang towels, scarves, or even jewellery.

The Kai Mirror by Alden Decor:

You can’t go wrong with this huge, split-rattan-wrapped mirror. (Don’t you think the Golden Girls would own anything like this?) After that, all we need is a matching rattan dresser to complete the look.

Decorating with Stratton Wall Mirror by Kristen Rattan:

The double wicker detailing on this wall mirror gives a no-fuss modern flair to the room. Even if you have no windows in your foyer, this rug will make it feel more spacious because of its greater dimensions.

Craftsmanship Co-op Woven Bamboo Mirror

Amazon is a great place to look for natural, organic decor. For an affordable bohemian-inspired vanity mirror, this woven bamboo mirror hits all the right notes and is just the right size.

The Ayo Mirror:

Anthro has so many beautiful rattan mirrors that we couldn’t just pick one to feature on this list! It’s impossible to resist Justina Blakeney’s eye-catching mirror! You can put it on display over your sofa for a more eclectic look, but it isn’t exactly utilitarian, so you should store it somewhere where it can be appreciated. A tiny version is also available.

The Lanai Mirror:

This stunning mirror by Serena & Lily is a must-have for any home. If you’re looking for a dresser or vanity table accessory that’s both sophisticated and easygoing, this is it.

Natural Rattan Mirror:

The decorative mirrors of World Market are no exception to World Market’s expertise in rattan. Rattan rope is woven around the stylish Polaris mirror, with the spokes protruding like sunbeams. As an accent piece, it can brighten up any room in your home, including above the bed and above a dresser.

Buyer’s guide to bamboo mirror:

Choosing the appropriate bamboo mirror for your home might be tricky, but there are a few factors to bear in mind.


You’ll need two distinct mirrors for each of these situations. Makeup mirrors should have some magnification and be able to fit on top of a desk, for example, an easy-to-clean shower curtain should include a shower curtain hook to hang on the wall.


Another factor to consider is the size. On bright days, large mirrors can reflect an excessive amount of light, which can make a room appear smaller. If you’re looking to get a good look at your clothing before the day begins, a full-length mirror is your best bet.


The word “bamboo” is often used in online product listings, yet the item is not made of bamboo. To ensure that you don’t buy something that isn’t bamboo, take a closer look at the photographs of the product. Of course, if you’re looking for a bamboo mirror, you should only buy bamboo mirrors.


Bamboo mirror frames are a terrific way to bring a distinctive twist to your home’s interior decor while also doing your part to help the environment. Although the Domax mirror was our and the sustainable living community’s favorite, each of these mirrors has a purpose.

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