What brings your cup of coffee to life?

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The Laramie family built Beans & Brews Coffeehouse in 1993 near Salt Lake City’s favorite hangout, Liberty Park. Like high-altitude baking, the family improved the process of high-altitude roasting TM. They nailed the technique quickly and were known for serving smooth, flavorful coffee in a welcoming neighborhood setting.

Local franchises beans and brew:

Beans & Brews, or “Beans,” as our friends call us, has become a Utah, Idaho, and Nevada institution. Our headquarters is still owned and operated by the Laramie family, and several of our former baristas have progressed to high positions as directors, managers, and vice presidents. In addition to carrying on our most cherished customs, they work hard to establish new ones as well. The local franchises around the region, on the other hand, brew up their versions of our favorite recipes for their people.

Beans & Brews Coffeehouses:

We provide exquisite high-altitude mountain-roasted coffee at Beans & Brews Coffeehouses. There are numerous chances to be a part of our growth and introduce Beans & Brews to a new market first. Show your customers what a difference a few hundred feet of elevation can make:

Humanity’s Role:

Beans & Brews is a laid-back hangout where you can be yourself. We share with our visitors the simplicity and uniqueness of our mountain lifestyle. Because we care about our neighbors and appreciate giving back to those who help make our business reality, we support our local communities by making charitable contributions.

So, how long is the coffee-buying process?

You’re not alone if your day began with a cappuccino or a cold brew. Coffee is, in reality, one of the world’s most popular beverages and a highly traded commodity. The National Coffee Association estimates that more than 150 million individuals consume coffee regularly in the United States alone. Over 2.25 billion cups are consumed every day around the world, according to current estimates. However, coffee beans travel a long way before they reach your morning cup.

From Farm to Cup: The Coffee-Making Process:

Tropical plants that yield coffee can be found in South America, Asia, and Africa; both require high altitudes and primarily grow there. Coffea arabica, the most widely available bean, has a more complex flavor and has less energy than other varieties. Most “specialty” and “high-quality” drinks use the same type of coffee. In contrast, Coffea canephora has a harsh and robust flavor.

Sort of beans and brew:

There are fewer challenges in growing Robusta coffee, and as a result, it is more commonly utilized in espresso and instant mixes. Both sorts of beans, on the other hand, go through an identical process.


Plants need anywhere from four to seven years to bear their first fruit, and they can continue to do so for up to twenty-five years.


The coffee berry is the fruit of the coffee plant, and it contains two beans. Hand-harvested or machine-harvested ripened berries are available.


After that, the berries are dried traditionally or wet-processed with water and machines in a modern “wet” approach. By doing this, you can get at the prized green beans hidden inside the outer fruit.


Several steps must complete before the green coffee beans may use in the roasting process.

From the factory to the delivery vehicle:

A global supply network transports coffee from where it is produced after the fruit has been de-seeded and reduced to green beans. We transport green coffee beans over the world. Exports of green coffee beans reached 7.2 million metric tonnes last year, worth $19.2 billion. The beans have arrived in Europe and the U’s and are now suitable for consumption.


Industrial roasting turns green beans black, oily, and delicious. The roasting temperature and duration affect the final color and flavor, with some people preferring light roasts versus dark roasts.


The beans that aren’t ideal are thrown away, and the rest are roasted and packaged according to type.


Roasted coffee beans can deliver anywhere in the world. Retailers, coffee shops, and direct-to-consumer businesses receive bulk shipments.

Right into your mug we go:

Coffee beans that have been roasted and brewed are almost ready for consumption, and the following stages can complete anywhere. Many manufacturers, for example, don’t send roasted beans until they’ve been ground on-site. Cafes, on the other hand, will grind their beans in-house before making drinks. In light of the rapid expansion of coffee businesses, Starbucks is now the second most significant revenue generator in the United States behind KFC.

What brings your cup of coffee to life?

The final steps, regardless of where they take place, are what bring your cup of coffee to life:


To get the most flavors from roasted beans, they’re ground up. It can accomplish as manually or by using a machine. The level of fineness that you desire is determined by the roast’s color and the brewing technique.


There are numerous ways to incorporate water into coffee grounds. Espresso and drip involve passing or pressing water through the feet; other methods include mixing water and soils.


You can now enjoy your coffee in a liquid form! To make an average cup of coffee, you’ll need 70 roasted beans. This well-organized and well-coordinated supply chain makes it feasible for the world’s favorite caffeine pick-me-up. Coffee isn’t simply a beverage; it’s also a lucrative industry.

Beans and brew confidentiality policy:

It explains how Arabica, LLC and Beans & Brews Franchise Company, LLC collect, use, and disclose your personal information when you visit www.beansandbrews.com, the Beans & Brews Mobile App, or any other authorized website or app where this policy appears. For programs not specified here or in terms of Use Statement, program terms apply that provide additional details regarding the information collected in connection with such programs and how it is used with the relevant program.


We get out of bed every morning because of our guests. We enjoy welcoming regulars by serving those drinks that are customized to their preferences. Our favorite part of Beans is getting to know new people and making them feel at home. Whether you’re here by yourself or with a friend, feel free to relax and unwind with a cup of coffee. You can even ask for a bit of extra whipped cream or have us donate a gift basket to your little league fundraiser so we can brighten your day even more. Beans and brew, Beans and brew, Beans and brew.

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