Beauty and the beast stained glass; Are you willing to give it a shot?

Beauty and the beast stained glass; Happy end-of-the-workweek and the unofficial start of summer! Our weekend was filled with the right mix of family get-togethers and woodshop work. On Sunday, I took this photo of the twins at the park, and I’m so pleased it did! Because the more I think about it, the less I realize how few photos of just the two of them have been taken in the last few years. Cypress, our younger sister, has penetrated our life in the most positive way possible.

The beast rose and faux stained-glass beauty

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  • allure metallic paint (dimensional)
  • a picture frame (minimum 1114)

Download printable beauty and the beast

  • mod podge (modified glue)
  • unicorn faces
  • glue gun (hot)

Beast rose printable pdf:

Print out our beauty, and the beast rose printable pdf (or print out this beauty and the beast printable if you want a more elaborate (read: tough) design!). I prepared a time-lapse film for you because this is one of those enjoyable projects that is fantastic to watch come together before your eyes in a time-lapse video. You can get the gist of all the stages from the movie.

Remove the glass from the frame:

Remove the glass from the frame, clean it thoroughly, and place it in the center of the page. Slowly trace the design with the allure dimensional paint, applying continuous pressure to the tube of paint. It’s forgiving and easy to rectify mistakes, so don’t get too worked up over it!

Turn the glass over:

Turn the glass over and prop it against the back of the frame to allow the design to dry while you paint the back! On the backside of your design, apply a thin coat of mudpuddle. It creates a ‘matte’ surface on which the paint can adhere. Allow about a half-hour of drying time. When it dries, it will be entirely clear.

Creative with unicorn spit:

Now it’s time to get creative with unicorn spit! We chose red, pink, and white for the bloom. We utilized green, yellow, and white for the stem. Gray, teal, and white were used for the cloche. Blot with a round foam brush to create multiple color combinations and add dimension to your painting.

Pieces of glass were led together:

The unicorn spit will dry in an hour or less, but the allure dimensional paint will take at least 24 hours to dry. It is especially true if you have a few larger globs. To make it look like tiny pieces of glass were led together, I went back and added additional lines to the transparent glass area. In the image collage below, you’ll see what I mean.

Isn’t it so much fun?

To keep the beauty and the beast-stained glass from falling out or wobbling, I squirted small blobs where the corners of the glass met the picture frame with a hot glue gun. And now it’s time to put it up on the wall! It looks exactly like stained glass! And this is simple enough for the kids to accomplish as well. My 5-year-olds adored this activity, and even though they were a little messy, it still turned out beautifully!

Are you willing to give it a shot?

Whether you’re alone or with your children?! Of course, you already know that the sky is the limit for creative uses for this method. Any stained-glass creation would be fantastic! You don’t have to stick to the beauty and the beast motif! After that, I’ll try my hand at real stained-glass techniques. My mother is an expert at it, but I’ve never attempted it!

Stained glass of beauty and the beast:

The country of France has a small nook in epopt with some Disney memories. There are copies of “Cendrillon” and beauty and the beast stained glass on the bookcase. Up top, there’s an enchanted rose close to the left of this lovely stained-glass display. It looks precisely like the movie, which is my all-time fava! Be our guest’ and look at our very neo Loungefly mini backpack, which is only available in Europe.

The stained-glass window is ageless:

We adore this bag and can’t believe we’re able to name it one of our exclusives. Belle is the village’s most attractive girl, which makes beauty and the beast stained glass. As a result, this bag is the best of them all, as well as the most elegant. The stained-glass window is ageless, and if you’ve been lucky enough to experience it in person at magic kingdom’s ‘be our guest’ restaurant, you know how magnificent it is.

Reviews about beauty and the beast stained glass beauty:

This purse was acquiring since beauty and the beast is one of my favorite Disney films. This bag was delivering the following day. I wasn’t dissatisfied with what I got. The stitching is very wonderful, and the stained-glass effect is just stunning. I can’t wait to return to beauty and the beast-stained glass meet beast and Gaston with this belle-themed bag. Overall, this bag is excellent, with the rose design on the back tying everything together. Excellent customer service and quick delivery. Beauty and the beast stained glass window film, beauty and the beast stained glass picture, beauty, and the beast stained glass from the movie.


It has been a grail for me since I began collecting, and it is just lovely! The stained-glass window is breathtaking. Delivery was quick and easy, as it always is with such a wonderful service. My go-to for Loungefly is very Neko. But we want you to be able to feel that love every day, and our bag allows you to have that wonderful view all day, every day!! It is more than a holy grail; it’s love. Vegan leather, approx. 8″ x 10″ x 5″


I got this bag after much deliberation because I already own beauty and the beast Danielle Nicole backpack that is extremely similar, and I’m so pleased I did! I continually see new things in the stained glass because the design is so intricate and precise. The colors are a wonderful match, and the material is soft leather that feels fantastic. It’s the ideal addition to my collection, and I can’t wait to try it out! Beauty and the beast stained glass puzzle, beauty and the beast stained glass cake, or beauty and the beast stained glass rose.

Turned out amazing:

But it doesn’t mean I can’t make the twins sit together and pretend to be cute for a few moments. Anyway! I don’t always remember how ideas come to me, especially when they’ve been simmering for months in the back of my mind. An image is produced that, for a small fraction of the cost of real stained glass, has all the colour and depth of the real thing. The static cling material is both flexible and non-adhesive, so the artwork can be applied and removed as often as desired.


Like today’s project! But I’m so pleased I eventually went ahead and did it because it turned out amazing! Beauty and the beast stained glass shirt, or beauty and the beast stained glass journal.

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