Benjamin Moore Silver Sage Review

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Key Takeaways

  • Versatile Elegance: Benjamin Moore Silver Sage blends blue tranquility with grey versatility.
  • Balancing Atmosphere: Creates balance, soothing guest rooms, living areas, or lake cottages.
  • Comprehensive Guides: Benjamin Moore provides reviews and guides for informed decisions.
  • Silver Gray Sophistication: Offers versatility and captivation for serene bedroom colors.
  • Zinc Blue LRV: Benjamin Moore’s Zinc Blue with an LRV of 60, versatile for designers and homeowners.

Benjamin Moore Silver Sage is a captivating paint colour that blends the tranquillity of blue with the versatility of grey, making it a popular choice for interior design projects. This Dutch-inspired hue adds a touch of elegance and charm to any room, especially when paired with complementary colours.

The Benjamin Moore Silver Sage brings a sense of balance to your home, creating a soothing atmosphere in the guest room, living areas, or a lake cottage. When deciding on paint colours, it’s essential to consider the undertones and the background of the colour to ensure they match your decor.

Benjamin Moore silver sage

Benjamin Moore offers a comprehensive list of paint reviews and guides to help you make informed decisions. Silver Sage can refresh any space with its subtle slate blue undertones, leaving a lasting, charming impression. It’s the perfect choice for interior design, pleasing both you and your guests.

Benjamin Moore silver grey

Benjamin Moore silver sage

Benjamin Moore Silver Gray is versatile and captivating when transforming your living spaces. Its cool blue undertones make it perfect for creating serene bedroom colours and offering a wide range of possibilities for your home’s interior.

Whether exploring paint colours for a lake house or seeking paint inspiration for your walls, Silver Gray has you covered. This sophisticated colour provides a comprehensive guide to achieving the desired ambience in your home.

It effortlessly blends with various shades, making it a prime option for adding style to your interior decor. The pops of colour that Silver Gray provides can enhance the overall aesthetic of your living space, making it the ultimate choice for those who appreciate quality and design.

Reasons to Adore This Hue

  • Soft Pastels
  • Dramatic Blue-Gray Tones
  • Retains Neutrality with a Gray Base
  • Exceptional as an Accent Shade

Zinc blue Benjamin Moore Lrv

Benjamin Moore silver sage

Zinc Blue Benjamin Moore LRV has an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of 60, falling right in the middle of the 0-100 measuring scale. This elegant silver-grey shade is versatile for interior designers and homeowners alike.

Its moderate LRV complements various wall colours and is a medium and light option for your paint choices.

The black and white accents in your decor can beautifully harmonize with this colour’s dramatic but soothing qualities, making it a valuable addition to your design guide and colour selection system.

Benjamin Moore’s undertones in silver-gray

Benjamin Moore silver sage

Source: Silver Sage by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s Silver Gray is a captivating colour known for its subtle blue undertones. The interplay of lighting in a room can create a dynamic colour change effect, shifting the appearance of the grey hue.

Understanding these undertones is essential, as they add a unique touch to your interior design, making Silver Gray a versatile and intriguing choice for your space.

Whether you’re selecting it for your walls, furnishings, or accents, these undertones can bring depth and dimension to your decor, allowing you to create the ambience you desire. Benjamin Moore’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in this remarkable colour, offering a stunning canvas for your design program.

Selecting complementary trim shades for silver grey:

Given its status as a mid-tone grey-blue, it’s versatile enough to harmonize with warm whites featuring a grey base or those with a creamier undertone. Options to Consider:

  1. Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee: A gentle and creamy warm white.
  2. Benjamin Moore White Dove: A warm white tinged with a subtle greige hint.
  3. Chantilly Lace: A crisp, luminous white with faint blue undertones.

Colours that go well with silver-grey

Enhancing Silver Gray with Complementary Accents:

Warm Whites: Soft, inviting, warm whites blend beautifully with this elegant blue shade.

Cream Paint Colors: Cream, with its inherent touch of yellow undertone, harmonizes splendidly with blue-grey tones.

Greiges: Whether warmer or cooler, these versatile shades make for striking combinations with various blues.

Navy Blues: Take, for instance, Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy—a deep, dramatic navy contrasting exquisitely with the gentle softness of this blue-grey, making it a splendid choice for sofa pillows or other accents.

Where to use 1648 Benjamin Moore?

The versatility of this colour makes it a stunning choice for various spaces within your home:

Walls: Ideal, especially in rooms blessed with natural light. To make an informed decision, refer to my comprehensive guide on paint sheens.

Cabinetry: Consider using this colour for a touch of elegance in places like a bathroom vanity or a contemporary laundry room.

Furniture: Much like the transformation we achieved with our nightstands in the primary bedroom, Benjamin Moore 1648 can breathe new life into various furniture pieces. Explore further my favourite furniture paint recommendations.

Exterior: This colour lends itself beautifully to vibrant shutters or as an accent on your front door. Remember that colours will appear lighter on exterior surfaces than on interiors. See my tips and tricks for expert advice on selecting exterior paint colours.


What exactly is the hue of the Benjamin Moore Silver Sage?

This light grey gives an ethereal appearance by adding a sage green.

Which colours complement the Benjamin Moore Silver Sage best?

When choosing complementary colours for silver sage, stick to earthy tones like ivory, cream, dusty purple, and white. Combined with either hue, you will look like any other in its elegance and sophistication.

What kind of undertone does Sage have?

Its bluish-grey and silvery overtones characterize Sage, and it adds a sophisticated spin to classic greens while also contributing to the calming atmosphere of a home environment. The adaptability of the colour green is another reason why it is highly lauded.


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