How it came to be associated with creative genius?

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Key Takeaways

  • Timeless Wardrobe Essential: Black turtleneck, a staple for fashion enthusiasts, offers versatility and sophistication.
  • Historical Evolution: Turtlenecks, once for the working class, gained popularity in the 1920s.
  • Versatile Fashion Trend: Turtlenecks are embraced with creative styles and paired with diverse outfits.
  • Association with Creative Genius: Worn by icons, turtlenecks symbolize knowledge and artistic heritage.
  • Modern Styling Trends: Turtlenecks remain fashionable, combining with major trends and diverse accessories.

Black turtleneck: A black turtleneck sweater is a closet staple for a reason. The timeless knit piece has become a go-to option for fashionistas everywhere, a fall/winter staple for those who lack inspiration. As a result, black turtlenecks have become a go-to for everyday looks. For a long time now, turtlenecks have been a mainstay in western wardrobes.

History of Black turtleneck:

For decades, turtlenecks have been a popular trend all over the world. They’re useful for keeping one’s neck warm, but they’re also eye-catching because of the variety of colors and styles available to go with any outfit. It wasn’t until the 1920s that turtlenecks became popular among the middle class, but they had existed for a long time before then. Then, in the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s, they began to decline.

A black turtleneck is a whole new ballgame:

Even if you’ve heard that turtlenecks are in this fall, a black turtleneck is a whole new ballgame. Sleek, chic, and sophisticated, it can also be nauseatingly pretentious when done incorrectly. Even though it’s a very simple outfit, not everyone can pull it off. The designer has compiled the history of iconic moments and figures in one simple garment, and it’s a risky move.

Turtlenecks among the working class People:

The outfit is both modest and sultry at the same time. When viewed in light of the item’s past, these associations make perfect sense. Turtlenecks have long been associated with power, rebellion, good taste, and modesty. Turtlenecks became popular among the working class in the 19th century when they were first worn regularly. This garment was worn for warmth and protection by sailors, fishers, and other workers.

Turtlenecks as polo neck:

Polo players began wearing turtlenecks in 1860, and the garment was dubbed the “polo neck” as a result. Since then, the turtleneck has become the most popular name for the highly sought-after item of clothing, though it is still known as the polo neck in other parts of the world.

Early bohemians and pre-hipsters:

A polo player’s polo neck, according to Artsy, was designed in the 19th century for polo players. Before early bohemians and pre-hipsters adopted it, the practical style was popular among athletes, laborers, sailors, and soldiers. Coward, the British playwright who was at the height of his fame in the 1920s

New styles of black turtleneck:

However, as more and more people discover new ways to wear them, new styles are emerging for 2021. These days, men wear them under sweaters or suit jackets, and women wear them under a cardigan or an oversized vintage sweatshirt instead of the former. Long sleeve turtleneck shirts worn under large short sleeve t-shirts are popular among women, especially young teens.

Qualities of turtleneck:

To find a fashionable outfit nowadays, women and teens frequent stores like Free People, Urban Outfitters, or Pacsun. Turtlenecks are a great winter style because they go with so many different outfits.

Stores that have turtleneck:

However, for a more vintage or worn-down look, shoppers can still find turtleneck sweaters in shops like these or even thrift stores.  There are cheaper turtlenecks to be found at larger retailers like Target and Walmart if you don’t mind paying a little extra. Stores like L.L. Bean, Old Navy, and H&M have stylish turtlenecks for men.

How it came to be associated with creative genius?

A turtleneck’s mastery necessitates knowledge, and knowledge of its rich historical context begins with knowing who has worn it before you, humble adopters, including fashion icons and artistic geniuses. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of the black turtleneck and how it came to be associated with creative genius, Artsy has you covered.

Wear a Black Turtleneck in a Variety of Ways:

Salutations, and have a wonderful weekend. A black turtleneck is a classic winter wardrobe piece that can be the foundation of countless stylish outfits.

Combined Turtlenecks with other major trends:

Combined with another major trend, the turtleneck under everything, the coverall work suit will remain fashionable into 2020.

With Necklaces:

Necklaces with gold chains will be popular in 2020, and Jenny Bird’s 14-karat gold chain is an excellent way to get in on the trend without breaking the bank. A roll-neck sweater or turtleneck under a long-sleeved shirt and blazer would look great with this elegant loop and curb chain necklace.

Wear your denim and add a pop of color to your look?

There’s nothing like black and denim for an outfit. You can dress it up or down with shoes and other accessories, depending on your mood. With a completely neutral palette, these are two outfits I found in the back of my closet. Both seem to be from 2016, at least. A black turtleneck under medium wash blue jeans and burgundy suede booties, as well as a leopard clutch, were the starting point of my outfit.

Off-White Sweater and Denim Jeans:

I like to wear a black turtleneck under my taupe suede moto jacket. My post on five ways to wear a suede moto jacket can find here, and both of the outfits below were featured in that post. A cozy black cashmere turtleneck goes perfectly with this jacket, which has just the right amount of color and texture to round out the look. Grey or camel is a good choice here, but you could also go with something in burgundy or teal if you prefer.

Black Turtlenecks’ popularity today:

Turtlenecks are popular today because they convey a refined sense of style, but they were once reserved for adults and children who were more conservative and religious in their outlook. Many women wore these full-coverage shirts to appear modest. They wore them not only for modesty but also for warmth. Clothing stores all over the country carry turtlenecks.


Finally, Audrey Hepburn’s go-to outfit is a black turtleneck under a pair of skinny black jeans. I gave the outfit some edge with black jeans, and the Donegal pattern on my turtleneck gave the all-black ensemble some interest. If you’re going for a monochromatic look, adding a variety of textures will keep things interesting. It is why my black snakeskin-embossed bag works so well with this outfit.

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