A Rust-Oleum Metallic Burnished Brass spray paint can use.

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Key Takeaways

  • Best Brass Spray Paint Options: Explore top brass spray paints like Rust-Oleum Metallic Brass for vibrant, quick-drying finishes.
  • Krylon Fusion Vintage Brass: A convenient choice; it adheres well, dries fast, and offers a lustrous surface.
  • Rust-Oleum Antique Brass: Suitable for various materials, it resists rust, but application can be messy.
  • Rust-Oleum Metallic Burnished Brass: Weather-resistant with metallic flakes, but prone to chipping and irregular application.
  • Painting Brass or Metal: Clean, prime, and use a clear acrylic sealer for a durable finish.

So, you’re thinking, “It’s just spray paint, so picking one isn’t that difficult.” The vast majority of brass spray paints is, in fact, very similar and offer similar advantages. Spray paints that lack certain features can be distinguished from the more convenient and beneficial ones by determining what they don’t have.

Best brass spray paint:

Because there are so many different brass spray paints on the market, narrowing down your search can be difficult. A list of copper spray paint reviews has been compiled to assist you in this challenging task. The following is a list of the top 2021 brass spray paints.

Metallic Brass Rust-Oleum spray paint:

Spray Paint Metallic Brass by Rust-Oleum promises a bright, shiny, and reflective finish. Whether you’re painting metal or wood or plastic or something else, this is a great option. It’s perfect for decorative finishes. Metal flakes are a vital ingredient in spray paint’s ability to shine brightly.


You won’t have to wait for hours to reapply this spray paint. Allows you to finish a painting in under an hour because it dries in just 15 minutes. With this spray paint, you get a lot of bang for your buck because it covers 12 square feet. It protects against rusting and is resistant to water. It’s one of the best brass spray paints out there. When spray painting metal, however, the finish needs to be a little more reflective.

It is the Krylon Fusion Vintage Brass paint.

If you desire the convenience of having two or more items in one, it is unnecessary to prime or sands the surface, which saves money and time. This spray paint produces a rich, lustrous surface when applied to metal, wood, or plastic. A layer that is neither too rich nor too thin is applied during the painting process.


The can’s pressure allows it to spray effectively even when turned upside down. A second layer can apply in a matter of minutes after the first one dries. You can get this spray paint to perform almost as well as our top pick if you don’t mind waiting a little longer for it to dry. Dripping marks can be left on the surface despite its ease of use.

It is Rust-All-Surface Oleum’s Antique Brass Spray Paint:

All-surface illumination is provided by the Rust-Oleum 260728.  Spray paint is essential for those who work with just a variety of materials, and this one is no exception. So each bottle of good spray paint won’t be a waste of money. Rust and corrosion are reduced, enhancing the product’s longevity.


It takes 30 minutes to dry compared to the previous spray paints. Even though it claims to have a shiny, bright surface finish, the paint drips onto the material, making it look a little dull. Although the spray is simple to use, its ergonomic design prevents you from spraying in certain positions. Spraying too close to the nozzle can cause a mess, so that it could use some improvement.

A Rust-Oleum Metallic Burnished Brass spray paint can use.

There are numerous uses for Rust-Oleum 7275830 metallic burnished brass paint. Wood, metal, carbon fibre, and concrete can all benefit from a weather-resistant and chloride-resistant coating. An oil-based substance is utilized to preserve the surface. Second coats of spray paint can apply in less than twenty minutes, thanks to the paint’s quick drying time.


Metallic flakes are present in this product, which promises to be abrasion, fade, and chip-resistant. Spray paint makes these claims. Although this spray paint is irregular and watery, it is a disappointment. Chips and drips can be seen on the paint’s surface, which is dull and prone to chipping.

The area of the surface:

A 15-square-foot area would require multiple coats to cover even a small area, despite the bottle’s claim to cover 15 square feet of surface area. Only a fraction of the required space can cover. It’s no coincidence that this brass spray paint was placed so low on our list with so many problems.

Painting Brass or Metal after It Has Been Removed from the Surface:

You may have considered painting an old pair of brass candlesticks or a dingy metal light fixture in your home. Metals can paint, but many metals’ smooth, slick surfaces make metal-painting projects a little more complicated. A primer is necessary to ensure that your painted brass or metal retains its shine long after you’ve finished painting it.

Step 1:

Using a rag and soapy water, wipe down the brass or metal to remove any residue. Use an ammonia-based glass cleaner to clean the metal if soapy water fails to do the trick.

Step 2:

Rinse the metal object and thoroughly dry it.

Step 3:

On a clear day, place the object on a sheet of newspaper.

Step 4:

Using a metal-specific spray primer, coat the metal object with paint to ensure that the primer sticks to metal or shiny surfaces; read the primer’s instructions carefully.

Step 5:

To ensure that the object is completely covered in primer, apply a second coat.

Step 6:

Using spray paint can colour the object you’ve primed. If you don’t have a special spray paint, you don’t need it to adhere to the primer.

Step 7:

When the paint has dried completely, coat the brass or metal with a clear acrylic sealer. It will keep the paint from chipping and fading.


We strongly recommend Rust-Oleum 1936830 Specialty Topcoat Metallic Brass Spray PAINT. As a close substitute, the Krylon K02774007 Fusion All-in-One Vintage Brass Spray Paint from Krylon would be an excellent choice.

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