Buildclean Control System for Construction Sites

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Key Takeaways

  • BuildClean dust control system: Essential for professional contractors and livable remodeling.
  • Dust problems: Box fans outdated; use certified HEPA equipment for dust containment.
  • Vacuum-sized device: BuildClean captures 90% of airborne dust, promoting a hostile pressure environment.
  • BuildClean workings: HEPA air scrubber with easy setup, maintenance, and replacement filters.
  • Advantage in professionalism: Promote dust control practices for “livable remodeling” and competitive edge.

Buildclean dust control system: Best practices and professional contractor development are topics that are frequently discussed. According to Henry Ford, “do the right thing when no one is looking. Dust tends to migrate to non-work areas of the house if best practices for dust containment are not followed.

Living Room Renovation:

We often use the term “livable remodeling” when discussing professional contractor development. To provide livable remodelling services to your clients, you must ensure that:

  • Stress is reduced as a result.
  • The airborne dust is minimized.
  • During the process, ensures that their home is habitable.
  • The scope of the work process is explained in detail.
  • This individual promotes communication excellence.

Problems with Dust:

A box fan in the window is “old school” and could be dangerous for you! Dust must be captured and contained with certified HEPA equipment under today’s EPA regulations prohibiting the archaic window fan.

Vacuum-sized BuildClean device:

Dust is one of the most important considerations for clients, but it’s more than just that. People with asthma, allergies and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are at risk from dust exposure (COPD). Construction-site vacuum-sized BuildClean device features two 360-degree filters that capture coarse and fine particles as they are drawn in from all sides. Users can set up BuildClean to run six air exchanges per hour for a 6,000-square-foot space, creating a hostile pressure environment.

Dust Control System for Construction Sites:

We use a HEPA air scrubber, called BuildClean, in addition to the many dust control best practices that we follow. With its 360° design, BuildClean’s HEPA dust control system collects dust from all directions instead of just one spot. It is designed to eliminate 90 per cent of airborne dust with its buildclean dust control system.

BuildClean’s Workings:

We’ve been using BuildClean on our remodels for six months, and we’ve noticed a significant reduction in airborne dust. As well as being simple to set up and operate, this unit is easy to maintain and replace the filters. Sawdust is captured by a pre-filter, while a HEPA filter captures smaller particles. On their website, it’s easy to order replacement filters, and we always have a supply on hand.

Dust control projects:

The BuildClean unit purifies the air through two filters and either recirculate it back into the room or removes it to create a hostile pressure environment via an exhausting house made of durable materials. It allows you to approach dust control projects in one of two ways:

HEPA Air Scrubber:

To do this, create a “Negative Pressure Environment.”

The four settings on the BuildClean unit are as follows:

  1. Low
  2. Medium
  3. High
  4. Auto

Maintaining the desired CFM airflow:

According to the airflow, the motor speeds up or slows down automatically in auto mode. Motor speed is ramped up as the filters fill, maintaining the desired CFM airflow with built-in speed control. Front-facing LEDs monitor the HEPA filter status and alert the user when it’s time to replace it.

BuildClean air scrubber:

BuildClean items such as sanders and other tools can plug into the outlet on the side. Workspaces of up to 6,000 square feet can be cleaned with six air exchanges per minute using the BuildClean air scrubber. On our projects, we found auto-mode to be the most convenient and worry-free option.

The advantage in terms of professionalism

Using air scrubbers like BuldClean is one of the best practices for contractors when dealing with dust. As a matter of fact, by adding dust control practices to your project proposals and actively promoting them, you’ll gain an advantage over your competitors. Promote buildclean dust control system and other best practices to potential clients in company brochures and proposals. It will help them achieve the “livable remodeling” we discussed earlier.


Air scrubber, HEPA filter, and pre-filter are included in the $980 price, plus tax and shipping. Consider the cost of one unhappy customer or one referral, and our system will pay for itself within four projects; according to our estimates, It costs $23 for a pre-filter. When the filter becomes dirty, it is shaken out and replaced. It can do multiple times during a job. One year (5,000 hours) of HEPA filter use costs $150.

Maintain a clean and safe work:

He says that the fear of keeping their homes clean by buildclean dust control systems is a significant concern for our clients. “In the case of BuildClean, we can tell them that dust cannot eliminate, but that the majority of it can remove from the air before it even reaches the ground. Additionally, we wear protective eyewear as well as earplugs on the Jobsite.

Structured Vent Hose with Clamp:

Structured Vent Hose with Clamp, 8″ dia. x 25′ long, is available for jobs where negative pressure is desired. $65.91 was the cost. A 100% satisfaction guarantee means there is absolutely no risk in purchasing the system. Your purchase price is refunded to you in full if the system does not reduce airborne dust to a significant degree.

Referrals and repeat business:

A remodeling project’s most significant annoyance is construction dust. The BuildClean gives you a competitive edge by dramatically reducing the amount of dust generated on the job site during the remodelling process, increasing homeowner satisfaction, and resulting in more referrals. For the most part, clients who hire me are more concerned with communication and cleanliness than quality. A dust control plan shows that you are a professional who pays attention to the details.

A fine layer of dust:

Renovating is a messy process. Renovators are wise to tell their clients to expect a fine layer of dust throughout the house until the cleanup day. BuildClean Dust Control System engineer David Roberts wanted to give it a shot early on in its development and testing phase for this reason, among others. Dust is inevitable during a remodelling project, and this not only leads to more work for the cleaning crew but also to unhappy customers.

To improve Jobsite’s cleanliness, client happiness, and even crew members’ health, many remodelers are turning to BuildClean. A crappy window fan is transformed by Illinois Tool Works into “something that not only looks cool, but works well and is of value to the people working with it,” as described by David Roberts.


RRP projects often require BuildClean, which Roberts Construction complies with. Because so much dust has been removed, the HEPA filter can clean the air to the RRP necessary standards. It keeps the house clean, and it creates a safer working environment for our crews. As well as a cleaner Jobsite, the device’s creators promised happier homeowners and better working conditions for crew members.

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