Describe the concept of communication and explain why it’s important.

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Key Takeaways

  • Definition of Business Communication: It’s the exchange of information for the benefit of a company.
  • Communication Channels: Face-to-face, written, digital, and app-based exchanges are common.
  • Communication Process Steps: Message, encoding, sender, receiver, decoding, and feedback.
  • Types of Communication Issues: Information gaps, lack of feedback, imbalance, language barriers.
  • Benefits of Business Communication Apps: Real-time messaging, engagement, team cohesion, and efficient lateral networks.

Business communication essentials: Good communication is essential to building a strong relationship, especially in business. And now, more than ever, effective business communication essentials are critical.

Describe the concept of communication and explain why it’s important.

All of our work revolves around business communication. Interaction with colleagues and customers to achieve business goals. Communication, according to the Business Dictionary, is defined as the following:

“The exchange of information between employees of a company for the benefit of the company’s business.

Business communication essentials exchanges:

Communication exchanges at work include the following:

  • Conversations that take place face to face.
  • Written communications, such as memos and posters, can be very effective.
  • Email and instant messaging are digital channels.
  • Beekeeper is a business communication app.

Business Communication Process – What Is It?

Here are the eight steps that are common to any business communication essentials.

The following is the message that is being sent:

In simple terms, a message is information sent from one party to another.


Encoding is the process of selecting the symbols or words that will use to represent the message.


Sender-receiver communication can be disrupted by noise, which is any form of interference with the message.


You are the receiver.

The intended recipient receives the message sent by the sender.

The process of decoding:

The sender receives a signal that their message has been received and understood through the feedback loop.

Types of Business communication essentials:

The types of business communication essentials problems that can be solved with effective business communication Almost every business face communication difficulty. We can all learn from Nike, Starbucks and Wells Fargo, some of the world’s largest companies. Listed below are types of communication issues that can resolve with effective business communication.

Information necessary for employees:

In the absence of the information necessary for employees to perform their jobs effectively, they are subject to the following:

  • Information is not provided to workers, and employees are left in the dark.
  • Unemployment persists in many industries because of the lack of employee empowerment.
  • Morale and motivation are on the decline in the organization.
  • Unacceptable levels of job performance and productivity

Employees’ contributions to progress:

Additionally, top-down communication places the responsibility of communicating critical information solely on the supervisor. The company’s frontline employees may not receive important information as a result.

Neglecting feedback channels that have been in place for some time:

Feeling valued is enhanced when employees feel empowered to make suggestions. Businesses that don’t ask their employees for feedback also miss out on an opportunity to better understand where they can make improvements.

Failure to strike the right balance in communication

Workers in the office may be complaining that they are overwhelmed with information. Other groups, such as front-line workers, are frequently denied access to sufficient information.

How many organizations struggle with language barriers every day?

There are two main ways that businesses communicate with each other and share information. Hiring translators and translating messages one at a time, which is time-consuming and expensive

Abandoning all foreign-language employees:

For the long-term health of the business, neither of these approaches is viable. Many companies use business communication apps that include inline translations to reach all their employees at any given time.

The Wrong Tool:

Many communication methods are available to us, but determining which is the most effective is difficult. According to our observations, when companies fail to take into account all of their employee groups, they tend to use the wrong tools. Employees in the office may find static intranets useful, but most frontline employees find them difficult to use on their mobile devices.

How Business Communication Apps Can Help You Communicate:

The following are some of the advantages of mobile business communication apps:

Additionally, mobile communication apps provide real-world benefits for businesses. Here are a few examples. According to a Gallup poll that has been conducted for many years, few employees are engaged in their jobs. Using business communication apps to build relationships with your team can have a major impact on employee engagement.

Messaging in real-time while maintaining data security

Certain messages must deliver quickly to all employees. In industries with a high proportion of frontline workers, this creates a communication barrier within the organization.

Create an energetic and cohesive work team:

Unifying an otherwise disjointed workforce by creating a lateral network is a great way to achieve this goal. Teamwork makes for an efficient and productive team. Communication through the right channel is a critical issue for every company executive to keep in mind. A company’s strategy, customer service, and brand identity are all topics that require clear, powerful communication. A company working to establish its brand communicates with its target market in a consistent and engaging manner. Staff morale and productivity can both be boosted through better communication within the company.

CareerBuilder survey:

The following are the results of a recent CareerBuilder survey:

Workers keep their smartphones within easy reach throughout the workday, according to 80 percent of workers Two out of three workers say they use it at least a few times a day; Business communication essential pdf, business communication essential 5th edition pdf free download. Business communication essential, business communication essential 8th edition Pearson, business communication essential 6th edition pdf free, business communication essential 8th edition pdf download.

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