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Ceres solutions is a business for growth. The agricultural partnership offers support services and supplies to farmers in approximately a dozen Indiana counties. It sells, stores and distributes fertilizer products (gasoline, propane, home-heating). Field mapping, crop and pest management, land sampling and yield analysis are all services provided by the company. Ceres Solutions also offers crop funding program, sales and marketing services to crop insurance companies. Its newsletter Green Notes provides market information and technical advice and analysis for the state farmers.

Local cooperative based in Crawfordsville:

The 100% farmer owned Ceres solutions is a local cooperative based in Crawfordsville, IN serving Central Indiana and Michigan areas. With the best quality through service, management and innovation, we offer our customers the best energy, agricultural, food and seed products and services. More than 700 members of the Ceres solutions team are ready to serve our valued customers in 37 counties across Indiana and Michigan. Stay flexible. Just stay flexible. Be ready to learn new things always. New tasks take place.

Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification:

We were honored to ensure that top manufacturers have recently been certified Safe Feed/Safe Food in order to show their commitment to openness and excellence.

The Board of Directors of Ceres Solutions Cooperative Farmer:

Our cooperative is governed by the members we serve. Each director is a farmer and was elected to lead for a three-year term by local voters. Would you like to become a principal? Let us know about your interest, please! It depends on strong, important and prosperous leadership at the local level!

Fuels in CountryMark:

Your Ceres Solutions fueled team’s goals are the same: develop long-term relationships and improve profitability, whether for agriculture, off-road business customers, schools, fleets, municipalizes, stations and other businesses. Decades of local experience have supported us, which over the years has honored us to gain the confidence and business of thousands of customers. We want to provide you with solutions for farming and business such as contracting, accounting, SPCC plan support, security and risk management expertise and more.

Customized feeding of animals:

Our animal nutrition team at Ceres Solutions provides feed solutions for you, regardless of whether it is milk, beef, poultry or Swine. We are proud to offer expertise and capacities to meet all of your food needs from our state-of-the-art feed production plant based in White Cloud, Michigan, and through our partnership with Synergy Feeds in India. It is our priority to help producers maximize the value of livestock feed by means of efficient, tailor-made nutrition program and quality products.

Capabilities for manufacturing:

Our expert nutrition experts offer advice for all livestock types. We hope that productive rations for profitability can be formulated most efficiently using high quality ingredients which encourage productivity and excellent livestock and animal health. We take time to assess your complete operation and provide the best ration formulations and guidance to address your animals’ needs, their operation and their results.

  • Custom dairy feeds
  • Swine feeds
  • Swine feeds
  • Pelleted feed
  • Bulk commodities
  • Sheep feeds
  • Equine feeds
  • Customized breeds
  • Cheap feeds.

Lubricants CountryMark:

Our CountryMark Advantage lubricant products meet or exceed indus quality standards and can also be delivered with case, drum or bulk. Do all lubes think that they are identical? Request a Total Analysis Program! There aren’t numbers lying. These high-quality lubricants are formulated to meet the expectations of customers. We supply professional grade lubricants that increase drainage intervals, reduce maintenance costs, increase engine life and increase the value of the lubricant.

Responsibility of Ceres solutions

Clayton Cunningham is convinced of his skills development and is ready for the next chance. The support team is also appreciated and how Ceres is encouraged to “push a bit higher” each day. Nothing can be done or what you can do in this company if you demonstrate that you are prepared to step beyond the comfort zone and push yourself.” Crops 63 Seed Hub Manager serves Clayton.

Enough for us to thank you:

Our teams continue to adapt to customer support during the COVID-19 pandemic in both Indiana and Michigan. We can’t thank you for the many changes and adjustments we have made with us. There is really no industry that is better than the one we serve! Our customers welcome us at our facilities and when interacting with our team we ask for a safe distance. We are looking forward to returning to meetings, events and college together, as we all offer the same to you. CDC to get more…

Team of Ceres solutions

Our professional team at Ceres solutions is dedicated to the success of your business. We offer the most advanced information and technologies on feed and nutritional feeding and, beyond nutritional advice and feed advice, our services. We are pleased to offer the producers we serve Total Farm Solutions.

We are lovers of feed:

Ceres solutions hours, Ceres solutions buckeyes, Ceres solutions Facebook. Our newly operational, leading feed production facility in the white cloud enables us, by enhanced operational efficiencies, high quality control and enhanced biology control, to fully satisfy every customer’s feed needs whilst maintaining a competitive market position. A team of consultants regularly looks at your farm and offers the latest research and resources to optimize production and profitability in your workplace.

Task of Ceres solutions

The Ceres solutions predecessor cooperatives were originally established in the 1920s and provided local farmers with collective power and reliable products. Since then, our business has evolved to include all aspects of agriculture, technology, crop services, and robust home heat propane development as well as business fueling to the benefit of both members and non-members. At about 60 agricultural, energy and flow locations across Indiana and Michigan today, we serve more than 40,000 customers.

Mission and values:

Ceres solutions careers, Ceres solutions jobs, Ceres solutions clothing, Ceres solutions logo, Ceres solutions lp gas. Our mission and values at Ceres Solutions show our commitment to keeping our members and customers centered. Every day we push every single customer ahead to build success for everyone.” Our promise to you. Since we know that Ceres Solutions will succeed if our customers succeed. Every day our core values guide our company.

We will serve together:

  • Serving with an unpretentious level of honesty and integrity.
  • Work as a team with shared objectives.
  • Face the brutal facts and, if necessary, change business.
  • Engage to be the best.

Do you need maximum power and safety?

CountryMark’s Premium Dieslex-4 is offered by Ceres Solutions with premium, on and offline fuel with detergent and lubricating characteristics for maximum power and the protection of fuel systems; Every year in this field, we already supply thousands of farms and companies with more than 100 million gallons of premium fuels. Ceres Solutions is proud to be part of the private refinery and tube systems of the cooperative system as a member of Country Mark Co-op. Ceres Solutions had a muddled process because they were using so many different channels to share vital information with their farmers.

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