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Key Takeaways

  • Chris Gilbert’s Acting Career: Known for playing Todd on TBS sitcom “10 Items or Less.”
  • Television and Theatre Credits: Appeared in various TV shows and Off-Broadway plays.
  • Personal Life and Marriage: Married Lesley Ann Brandt in 2015, have a son named Kingston Payne Brandt-Gilbert.
  • Film Roles: Acted in films like “The Pavillion” and “The Broken Hearts Club.”
  • Lucifer Role: Portrayed Officer John Decker, Chloe’s late father, in the series.

Chris Gilbert is an actor from the United States. He is most known as Todd on TBS sitcom for his TV role of 10 items or less. He graduated from Siena College in Loudonville, New York, a soccer student and an English bachelor of arts focused on theatre.


He has received TV credits from Chicago Fire; Opportunity; Chicago Court; Lucifer; Criminal Protector; 10 items or less; Shark; Moonlight; Burn note; Drop dead Diva; Mistresses; Heavy Petting with Mike Weaver; Chicago Justice; Lucifer; Drop Dead Diva; CSI: New York; Justice; Bones; Gilmore Girls; The Shield; Friends; CSI: Miami; CSI: investigation of the crime scene; Sex and the city; Law and order; Charmed; 18 rings of justice; Beverly Hills, 90210; Celebrations of death; and Guiding Light.


Chris gilbert has performed in numerous of Off-Broadway and Regional theatre plays, including Oscar Wilde’s (Minetta Lane) trials, Kilt (Directors Co), Through Fred (Playwrights Horizons); Walking Off-the-Roof (Signature Theater Co) (all Williamstown Theatre Festival). His loans in Los Angeles include All My Sons in the Geffen playhouse; It is Just Sex in the theatre of the Two Roads; the production of Beggars in the house of Plenty by Larry Moss; and the production of The Elephant man by Reid Scott.

Personal life:

After six years in a relationship, Lesley Ann Brandt married his girlfriend in 2015. Their first child, Kingston Payne Brandt-Gilbert, was welcomed in July 2017 by him and Brandt. He lived in Vermont when he married Lesley Ann Brandt, his three-year-old acquaintance, in 2015.


His film credits include roles in The Pavillion (2016); Beauty in the Broken (2015); Refuge (2010); Life Blood (Video 2009), An Irish Vampire in Hollywood (Video 2007); The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy (2000); Saving Manhattan (1999) (1998).

Gilbert view source Chris Payne:

Chris is a founder member of the experimental theatre company ‘Mad Dog,’ awarded the Obie Award and included productions in New York, the Williamstown Theater Festival and MASS MOCA, and the Belgrade International Theater Festival in Serbia.

Gilbert Chris Payne:

The successful American actor Chris Payne portrayed Billy Appleby in the 2nd episode of Chick Flick. Chris graduated in 1990 from Mount Greylock Regional High School in Williamston, Massachusetts, USA. He graduated from Loudonville, New York, Siena College in 1994. He is also highly recognized for his appearances in the theatre industry in various productions in the US.

Chris Payne casts by Lucifer Gilbert:

Lucifer tapped ten items, or Chris Payne Star Gilbert learned to play Decker’s late father in season 2. Gilbert is going to play Officer John Decker, an LAPD beat cop. John, a good man, and even better dad was slain on duty, putting Chloe on her way to being a detective, a 19-year-old starlet who had just begun his film career when he passed away.

The actors Lesley-Ann Brandt and Chris Payne are inside:

“We met in 2012 at the Nancy Banks Acting Studio after having been assigned to a scene together,” recalls Lesley-Ann. Chris stepped into me, glanced at me, and said, ‘Who’s that insane girl drinking before our rehearsal?’ We spoke for the next two hours and laughed a lot, and then we kissed at our next practice.”

Unforeseen involvement party:

Chris stunned Lesley-Ann two years later, on 26 June 2014, with a beach proposal and an unforeseen involvement party. Both sought to find the appropriate place for their marriage. Since the spouse grew up in Cape Town and lived in New Zealand for 12 years, she always thought of exchanging vows along the beach, but Chris, who came from Massachusetts and lived in Vermont, chose another place in the country.

Home for a wedding:

Though she admits it was written, she says it surprised her, and since then, the two have been together. The pair prepared a celebration full of local and seasonal flowers, vintage glassware, and fine food with a sweet and straightforward view of their day.

Lesley-Ann and Chris:

The couple has been in love with Lesley-Ann and Chris since the boyfriend’s family resided in Bennington, Vermont, across the street from the Hubbell Homestead at Colgate Park, during a late summer marriage in New England.  Lesley-Ann and Chris Payne confess that preparing in the early months was the hardest with a demanding work schedule. “We were planning a wedding in Vermont in Los Angeles, and I was shooting the Lucifer pilot,” adds the bride.

Favor for guests to take home:

The couple wanted to use local and seasonal flowers all day, and Mt. Williams Flowers gave life to their vision. A rustic altar of the ceremony was covered with greenery and bright flowers. Before their two canines took their way down the aisle, Chris and Lesley-florist Ann’s and ring bearers began off the ceremony. “We’ve written our own vows and it’s like a chat in our kitchen, when we told them,” Lesley-Ann says of the wedding. “It’s been out of the heart.”

Lesley-Ann Brandt, who plays “Mazikeen” on Lucifer’s:

Ten years later, Chloe will attempt to give her father the justice he always fought for when the details of this tragic evening come into question. In the seventh episode of season 2, Gilbert, Lucifer star Lesley-Ann Brandt (Maze, Spain), will arrive.

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