Is Corazon Dressrossa Arc’s most nuanced character?

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Key Takeaways

  • Corazon, a key figure in One Piece, was Trafalgar Law’s benefactor.
  • He crafted a plan to save Law from Amber Lead syndrome.
  • Corazon was equipped with polyurethane thermoplastic material, lightweight and sleek.
  • Corazon’s sacrifice and history made him a complex and compelling character.
  • Elbaf arc and the battle against the World Government are anticipated storylines.

Corazon one piece: Rosinante was the benefactor of Trafalgar Law, who had taken the youngster away from the Corazon one-piece Pirates while trying to discover a solution for his Amber Lead syndrome. He was able to get the Ope no Corazon, compelling the Law to eat it, providing it the means to save itself from the disease.


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Lightweight and sleek, this case is the best way to share your design with the world. “Sorry to wait a decade for you. He had just changed back to humans, and he told King Riku that. He had a feeling of responsibility to admire. Even as a toy, he led the army; he never stopped working and fighting for his homeland.

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Is Corazon Dressrossa Arc’s most nuanced character?

Many beautiful characters debuted in the Dressrosa arc, Corazon, Kyros, King Riku, Rebecca, Adult Sabo, Koala, Violet, Bartolomeo, and Sai. They were all excellent, and it depends on who they consider being the best character. I think Kyros is the best character. He was a wonderful man, from being the unstoppable gladiator to the Anti-Doflamingo toy leader. So, even Zoro was willing to spare him.

Colosseum history:

His back story, his Colosseum history, and his family life were all excellent. When he lost his wife, he could not weep because he was a toy and reared Rebecca as a toy all the time. In the end, he decided to leave the nation to give Corazon one piece of a lifetime opportunity. He was a beautiful character all over the arc. Too many sacrifices he made. I’m delighted he finally found peace.

Best characters:

Cora san is not the best character, but one of the best characters introduced. Although I was affected by Fujitora’s sense of justice and antiquity, Kyros deserves this title in this arc. I wasn’t impressed with him, but his perspective and yours. I loved Fischer Tiger and Jaguar D. Saul, of all the characters revealed from the flashback.


Elbaf is one of the anticipated one-piece arcs everyone expects. It will be mostly where Luffy and Hajrudin will see again that the Elba pirates under Hajrudin will develop stronger or more or less. But this is mostly Usopp’s arch, as he admires the enormous Elbaf warriors. Big Mom also makes a lot of sense to die in Elbaf as she’s a giantess. It could be where Luffy becomes an adequate Yonkou. We can observe this arc later on most of the time.

Vs. world gov. Rev. Army:

So during Reverie, something occurred to Sabo, we don’t make sure what it was, but it doesn’t sound good. If the Navy came to Sabocorazon, one-piece, we will see Dragon most probable and Mariejoise or somewhere else in the revolutionary army to save Sabo or anything else. We will come to know more about the revolutionaries, the heavenly dragons, the Gorosesi, imu-Sama, Ryukogyu, and the Dragon’s might.


Rosinante, being a tall man, was unable to reach his waist in his 10-year-old Trafalgar Law. He has golden, blond hair, a light complexion, and bright reddish-brown eyes. He had a dark red hood, a pair of beige jeans, a dark purple feather mantle, a white shirt with pink hearts painted around like his brother’s shape. He wears misplaced shoes as well. His hair was more stylish than his brother’s since it approached his eyes.

Capacity and power:

Rosinante was born to the Donquixote family and was a world noble. He gave him the right to do practically anything he wished and the ability to send a Marine Admiral to hit anyone who upset him on board. When his father lost a World Noble position to the family, he lost such advantages. As the former executive director of the Donquixote Pirates, Rosinante certainly was a fierce combatant to achieve this status.

Physical capacity:

Rosinante is extraordinarily persistent in dealing with angry residents’ torture even as a toddler, and he just sat down for a long, after Law had stabbed him hard in his back before he was wounded later that day. Even after being shot numerous times and viciously beating Vergo with augmented attacks, he managed to relocate and sneak away from the Law, although Vergo stated he didn’t intend to murder them.


Rosinante showed his Devil Fruit Law skills on Minion Island with a bazooka. He was then observed using a flintlock handgun to disable specific lighting at the hideout in Diez Barrels. It also fitted with explosives he deployed against the crew of Barrels after obtaining the Ope no Mi. In his last moments, Rosinante targeted his brother with his pistol but could not take the trigger.

Quest for a cure:

Later, Corazon took Law and found a cure for Amber Lead Syndrome with him. He then contacted Sengoku and informed him of his covert assignment. Corazon one-piece escorted him to numerous hospitals to help Law, but they all met Law and refused to do so. Corazon’s one piece was untouched by the injuries he experienced, exhibiting a remarkable pain tolerance, in his customary timidity of falling and setting the fire.


Rosinante could not fire Doflamingo back since he was considered quite similar to Homing in terms of generosity.

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