The Corsair Connect Student Portal- How to Use It?

You’ll take to the “Home Screen” after successfully logging into Corsair Connect. Get hold of your class schedule and SMC student email, change your class schedule, pay your fees, apply for financial aid, and access your student records. The classes you’ve signed up for will appear on your Home Screen in the middle of the page.

UMass Dartmouth:

UMass Dartmouth created the Corsair Connection to teach you about the systems and programs we employ. You’ll need plenty of different tools when you’re a college student, and the Corsair Connection can show you how to use them. Here’s a little virtual lesson to help you get the most out of your time as a UMass Dartmouth student and get you familiar with the campus and the people here.

The Corsair Connect Student Portal: How to Use It?

  • Go to the website, the login page, and choose “Corsair Connect.”
  • Enter your SMC login and password to access the site.
  • SMC usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.

Password forgotten:

Click here to reset it.

  1. Enter your username and password on the Corsair Connect login page, and then click “I cannot my account.”
  2. You may have misplaced your SMC student identification number.
  3. Click “I cannot access my account” and “I forgot my Student ID” on the Corsair Connect login page.
  4. If you’re having trouble logging in, visit the Student IT Help Line website for quick solutions.

How to see if a student is enrolled?

The “Home Screen” will be displayed after you successfully log into Corsair Connect. The classes you’ve signed up for will appear on your Home Screen in the middle of the page.

Dropping a Class: A Guide for Students

  • Access Corsair Connect by logging in.
  • Click the blue “Enrollment” button on the home page.
  • Select the semester you want to enroll in the dropdown menu at the very top of the page.

Currency on the internet namespace:

The following information comes from the Corsair website:


COIN is the system used by students at UMass Dartmouth to register for classes, check their financial aid, pay their bills, look uphold information, and keep track of other critical chores.

Email from UMass Dartmouth:

When contacting faculty and staff at UMass Dartmouth, you’ll use your email account as your primary contact method. Your UMass Dartmouth Email address should be set up and checked daily.

Using my Courses:

The online learning platform at UMass Dartmouth is a must-have for your studies. Professors commonly use MyCourses to distribute course materials and give students instructions on completing and submitting assignments. Access to course materials includes, as are examinations and quizzes.

UMass Dartmouth Portal:

You must first log on to the UMass Dartmouth Portal before you can access the Corsair Connection. If you’ve already made a deposit, you may log in now. Watch the video below to learn how to access the Portal and take a tour.

Quick launch menu:

The Corsair Connection can now continue by going to the UMass Dartmouth Portal and clicking on my Courses in the Quick launch menu. In my Courses, go to the Menu and choose Corsair Connection.

Notification of an Available Seat:

Up to two weeks before the start of the term, if the area you want is already filling, you can join the Open Ticket Notice list to be notified when a seat becomes available. You’ll be the first to know if a space becomes available. Just because you received an email doesn’t imply you’re officially registered for the course. When you receive a notification from Corsair Connect, you have to go to Corsair Connect and register for the class.


A waitlist for a particular class section may be made available to you two weeks before the beginning of the semester. With Corsair Connect, you can see where you stand in line for an item by going to and entering your email address. Students on the waitlist will be eligible to join the class if any openings occur after it begins. The list will be accessible to faculty members. If a seat becomes available while you’re on the wait, you’ll be alerted by email.

Programs Off-Campus and On-Campus:

With a virtual parking permit, you can park in college parking lots on campus based on space availability and arrival time. Note that your virtual parking ticket only applies to on-campus parking, not on the streets outside the college or university. Permits for on-campus parking do not guarantee that a spot will be available; they guarantee that a spot will be available.

Arts Center at SMC:

The main campus of SMC, the SMC Performing Arts Center, and the SMC Middle for Media and Design require a virtual parking pass, which costs $93.50 per semester. In addition to the permit charge, the City of Santa Monica levies a 10% parking facility tax. You’ll be able to park in any of SMC’s lots with the virtual parking permit. Virtual parking permits are available through Corsair Link at and can be purchased online.

Withdrawal Refunds:

You’ll find the dates for withdrawal refunds on your Corsair Connect profile next to each class.

As a reminder, here’s how to make payments:


Obtaining financial aid may be an option. Contact the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible at 310-434-4343. Work-Study money and the Ca College Promise Grant are available to students for the upcoming fall semester (CCPG). No grants or scholarships are available to help students pay for college in California; this includes upper-division courses.

What is the best place and method to send money?

Students at SMC have a variety of payment options. Cash, money order, pharmacist’s checkbook, or a personal check drawn on a California bank may use to make payments at the Cashier’s Office. You can also pay with a credit card or a debit, depending on your preference. American Express can also be used to pay, but only in person.

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