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Key Takeaways

  • Rising Popularity: Custom Rigid Boxes, renowned for quality, durability, and premium feel, are ideal for luxury packaging.
  • Expert Manufacturing: The Legacy Printing crafts bespoke rigid boxes tailored to brand identity, customer connection, and product protection.
  • Comprehensive Design Team: The company blends graphic designers, brand specialists, structural engineers, and production technicians for innovative solutions.
  • Variety of Options: Offerings include magnet closures, ribbon accents, premium foam inserts, foil transfers, and book-style packaging.
  • Customization and Approval: Customers can print inside the boxes, customize designs, and review prototypes before mass production.

Because of their quality, longevity, and firmness, Custom Rigid Boxes are a very popular form of packaging box, especially in Luxury Packaging. Because of the premium feel that rigid boxes create, they are commonly used for gifts, jewelry, and other high-quality products. Magnetic lid boxes and folding boxes are just a few of the alternatives offered. Customers can select from a number of different styles.


One of the most popular types of packaging boxes is rigid boxes. Rigid packaging is used by almost all premium firms for their expensive and delicate items. Rigid packaging is renowned for its long life, dependability, strength, and stability. The wrapping paper placed to the outside of the thick chipboard (gray panel) that provides the boxes their structure is the focus of dielectrics for custom rigid boxes. The interior of these rigid inner boxes is lined with paper to provide a consistent appearance throughout the revealing process.

We recommend printing the dielectrics before proceeding to provide a perfect packaging experience. This will offer you an idea of the size, proportions, and user experience, among other things. Furthermore, you will be able to determine whether or not the box fits your structural requirements.


The Legacy Printing  creates high-quality bespoke Custom Rigid boxes that complement your brand, connect with your customers, and protect your product, whether you have a luxury or mid-range product.

The company takes the time to get to know you and your brand at the start of every project. After the organization has a thorough idea of what you’re searching for, as well as any technological features you might want, it will hold a team brainstorming session to come up with workable, not just conceptual, solutions. When the company enters the design phase, you must deliver your product so that the creative team may design around it and provide a full solution.

The design team at the aforementioned organization is composed of a unique mix of graphic designers and brand experts, as well as structural engineers and production technicians. When the company’s many departments collaborate, they have a comprehensive understanding of the entire packaging process. A branding agency can provide more realistic ideas, while a package maker can provide more imaginative ones.

The in-house studio facility at The Legacy Printing  makes small quantities of production-quality packaging. Ideal for presenting to stakeholders, pre-sales inquiries, promotional events, market testing, and television projects.

The Legacy Printing  employs the same materials they use for production and offers color matching as well as premium print finishes like embossing, foiling, lamination, spot gloss, and metallics.

To ensure that your rigid boxes wholesale packaging looks and feels flawless, the firm takes great care in color matching and hand finishing each prototype. As a design studio with full prototyping capabilities, the company can assist with the creation and engineering of one-of-a-kind luxury rigid boxes that incorporate fabric, magnets, ribbons, and glitter application.


Some of the most common types of rigid boxes wholesale packaging provided by the aforementioned company, and which are highly ordered by the customers are as follows:


With the company, you can have that familiar soft click with a magnet clasp. Give a touch of class with a closing that keeps edges perfectly aligned, securely holds content, and closes with a pleasant gentle click. Magnet closures are common in book form packaging because they allow for product visibility without sacrificing an aesthetic look.
Ribbon can be utilized to give a bit of elegance to any project. Ribbons work well with magnetic latches for simple opening and a satisfyingly smooth drawer opening.


Premium foam inserts from the company are available in a variety of grades and colors for prototypes and production.
If you’re working with the company to create your entire packaging product, it can color match your printed packaging to your foam insert, providing you the attention to detail your product deserves.


Are you planning to create the core packaging as well as the outer box for your product and want to make sure everything matches perfectly? Foil transfers that match pantone colors can be created and applied to glass, plastic, or printed surfaces.


Book box packaging is quite popular in the gift industry, and it is particularly well-known in the aforementioned firm. It’s especially well-suited to providing drawer-style or re-opening boxes for repeat usage, extending product lifecycles and establishing long-lasting brand memories.


Some of the commonly asked FAQs for the aforementioned company are as follows:

Can the company Print Inside The rigid boxes wholesale packaging?

Yes! The business can print on the inside of your packaging. The outside of the box has your company’s logo, and the inside of the box has all of the information you need.

Can I Custom Print My Rigid Boxes?

Yes! You can send the company your artwork and a color code, and they will custom print your boxes according to your specifications. To deliver bespoke prints, the company uses offset and digital printing techniques as well as PMS and CMYK color models.

What Is Your Approval Process?

The company will develop a prototype of your design once you’ve finalized it so you can examine your boxes. After receiving your permission, the company will begin mass production. CUSTOM RIGID BOX INDUSTRY, CUSTOM RIGID BOX INDUSTRY CUSTOM RIGID BOX INDUSTRY , CUSTOM RIGID BOX INDUSTRY, CUSTOM RIGID BOX INDUSTRY.

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