Location of Dauntless daily death marks

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Key Takeaways

  • “Dauntless daily death marks contribute to Hunt Pass level development.”
  • “Ten daily death marks spawn in random Ramsgate locations.”
  • “Collecting death marks rewards Hunt Pass levels with various items.”
  • “Detailed locations for dauntless daily death marks are provided daily.”
  • “Learn weapons, attack patterns, and strategies for efficient Behemoth hunting.”

Dauntless daily death marks: Deathmarks daily death marks are collectable items found in Dauntless in Ramsgate and contribute to the development of the Hunt Pass levels. 10 spawn in random places daily and are most often found on the side of buildings, in alleys, and occasionally on rooftops. Each mark you take up gives you five years of advancement of your Hunt Pass during the current season, which in turn rewards you with products like cosmetics, equipment, consumables, or craft products.

Locations of the Deathmark:

All ten death markers are collected each day and you’ll be half a step away – very little effort for free goodies! – so you need to spend a few minutes logging in and take them all. Please see all possible sites in dauntless daily death marks.

Location of the Deathmark 1:

Look at your right and you will see the first death mark located against the archway wall as soon as you load into Ramsgate.

Location of the Deathmark 2:

Go on to the square’s left side ahead and the next one is on the right side of the Core Breaker, next to Katerin Sorrel, the mentor.

Location Deathmark 3:

Climb up on the stairs and the left side of the building, you will find the next death mark in front of you.

Location Deathmark 4:

Turn right and pass the dog and find dauntless daily death marks outside the tavern. Deathmark 4 place

Location Deathmark 5:

Continue down this trail after the Behemoth expert Dr. Priyani on your left, and you find a new Deathmark in front of you and on the right side, against a pillar.

Location Deathmark 6:

Turn right at Dr. Priyani from here on and go up to the left alley to the next death mark on your right, next to the building.

Location Deathmark 7:

Head up the steps and look left as soon as you reach the top. Here at the entrance to a short alley, you will find a mark against the wall.

Location Deathmark 8:

Look straight ahead on the short avenue from where you took the final mark. The next mark of death on a ledge is visible. Use the box to sauté it and collect it.

Location Deathmark 9:

Move forward and on your left corner, you’ll see the next death mark. Jump to take it. Jump up to take it.

Location Deathmark 10:

Drop off the ledge onto the wooden deck, and at the bottom of the wooden steps, you’ll find the next dauntless daily death marks.

Location Deathmark 11:

Drop into the path to find a new mark of death.

Location Deathmark 12:

Go up the steps and continue until you have a white tree on the left. Location 12: Next to it are the Deathmark.

Location Deathmark 13:

Turn northwards from here (with a tree behind you) and a different death mark is found right in front of you, on the left side of the building.

Location Deathmark 14:

Go back from here to the tree and head west. You should see steps to the left — turn to them; between two sets of steps, you will find that one.

Location Deathmark 15:

Head up to your left two sets of wooden steps to find the one a little way ahead of a building.

Location Deathmark 16:

Look left from here on the track to see the next death mark on the roof. You can sprint, jump and then make your way across the railings to take the dauntless daily death marks. Use the railing gap next to you to sprint ahead.

Location Deathmark 17:

Go from here to return to the flower tree. Take the track directly ahead and keep your wide steep steps to the left. Around a pillar, near Arkan Drew, the Aethersmith, you will see the Mark of Death.

Location Deathmark 18:

Head directly toward the left and follow Moyra Heigsketter, the Armoursmith. The following death sign is on your left immediately. However, you are not going to do the work of a slow-moving, armored Behemoth—and it is really pleasant to lock a behemoth, which you had previously complained about.

Location Deathmark 19:

Follow the road around, and the next death mark is locating on your left, against a building. The formula is familiar. Before going out to shock these behemoths, read these handy tips to make your first few hours… well, less daunting.

Location Deathmark 20:

Keep proceeding and underneath a lamp on the left-hand side of the path, there is another death mark.

Location Deathmark 21:

The next death mark is just ahead and to the right opposite the wall. If you’ve played Monster Hunter, and Dauntless is much more streamlined, there are lots to be done around Ramsgate and the Shattered Isles.

Location of Deathmark 22:

Follow the steps and turn right first. At the top of the steps on the right side, you will find the last Deathmark against a pillar. Dauntless is a free-to-play monster slayer that will make you face a range of Behemoths to farm materials and resources—all to make your gear even larger and fertilizer.

Experience all arms:

There are different weapons in dauntless daily death marks that suit several play styles, and while you might have an idea of your favorite weapon, each of them has to be spun on a hunt or two. Different types of weapons have different benefits compared to certain types of bosses, so it’s worth using a few different arms comfortably while you are taking different Behemoths. For instance, hammers are unbelievably slow but cause tremendous damage.

How to escape and break:

You want to learn and react accordingly to the basic patterns of attack of every dauntless daily death mark. Some of them are slow and relatively easy to read, while others charge the area, making it almost impossible to hit them. Deletion from the Behemoth can prevent you from taking damage, but if you can learn the time to escape just as the attack is on its way, the short iframe period can be used to pass through an assault and allow you to keep close and punish more rapidly. Dauntless daily locations 2021, or dauntless daily locations 2020, dauntless warden’s wishes.


Some movements can be interrupted by an attack from any weapon at the right time (except Chain Blades – a specific type of cell is necessary). If you have the patience to learn how and when to do it, interruption isn’t necessary, it could save you and your staff much trouble — and damage that can be avoided. As the name implies, Dauntless’ Daily Deathmarks are only available on a daily basis. They have close ties to the current season of Dauntless and the Hidden Blades shinobi event. Every day, ten players are killed at one of Ramsgate’s Daily Deathmarks, which are placed at various locations throughout the player hub.

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