Encanto Party Ideas That Will Change Your Life

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Key Takeaways

  • Enchanting Theme: Plan a magical Encanto-themed party with vibrant colors, Colombian cuisine, and magical elements.
  • Magical Venues: Host the party at home or in a backyard adorned with fairy lights, balloons, and flowers.
  • Entertainment Choices: Include a balloon twister, psychic reader, or magician to add mystical charm to the event.
  • Colombian Delicacies: Serve traditional Colombian dishes like empanadas, buñuelos, cicadas, and refreshing Aguapanela.
  • Decor and Activities: Use magical doors, colorful flower cuttings, wonder candles, and butterflies for enchanting decorations. Plan activities like treasure hunts and talent exhibitions for a memorable celebration.

Encanto party ideas you very well may be. You are not alone in your assessment; the movie has quickly risen to the ranks of the most beloved from the House of Mouse. As a matter of fact, despite being mainly released on Disney+, “Encanto” was one of the most commercially successful films of 2021. Rich and profoundly sensual, the animation is set in Latin America. It reminds me a lot of Coco, the 2017 Pixar/Disney film set in Latin America and received a lot of critical acclaims. Here are Encanto party ideas that will be long remembered by those who attended. Here we will discuss more Encanto party ideas.

Different Encanto party ideas:

Encanto-inspired celebrations will please the Madrigal clan. As well as its vibrant color palette and lively tune, the film Encanto boasts characters that each have their skills and powers.  If you’ve seen Disney’s Encanto on repeat or know every line to “We Don’t Talk about Bruno,” have an Encanto-themed birthday party. Impress your guests with a party that has a magical Encanto theme by including unique entertainment, delicious Colombian food, and other features inspired by the film.

Venues Fit for a Bash with a Magical Forest Theme:

A Home:

Even if your home isn’t as magical as the Casita in the film, it would still be perfect for this gathering. Their beautiful house, Casa Madrigal, doubles as a platform for magnificent birthday parties and presents. Home is where the heart is, and there’s no place cozier than a home on a day like today.


Decorate the spacious outside space with shimmering fairy lights, colorful balloons, and beautiful flowers to create an atmosphere reminiscent of a movie set. The yard is a great place to have a party since there’s plenty of room for guests to spread out, for games and activities to be set up, and because it’s generally a charming place to be.

Parable of the Balloons:

It’s safe to say that nobody in this room doesn’t think balloons are fabulous. Hire a local balloon twister to entertain your guests of all ages. These creatives may make replicas of popular animals and other movie memorabilia to delight audiences.


Because we avoid discussing Bruno, maybe we should go to consulting other psychics. Bruno can foresee events and see them in great detail. An easy method to include a psychic’s skills in a party is to have him or she provides readings to guests while they mingle and enjoy the festivities. To incorporate Bruno’s skill set into the party’s theme, you may hire a psychic, palm reader, or fortune teller, among other magical acts.

Entertainment at the Encanto Resort:

Even though the Madrigal family is enormous, you should be able to invite at least a few of them to this celebration. Performers in character also interact with guests to keep the party going strong. Inviting Encanto’s mystical and magical figures to your party is a great way to add a special touch of magic to the proceedings.


Like the enchanted hamlet of Encanto, a magician’s presentation is unlike any other sort of entertainment. To make your celebration more like a scene out of a movie, plan and hire a professional magician to perform tricks and illusions for your guests. You may make your Encanto-themed party stand out by hiring a magician.

Refreshments for an Encanto-Themed Get-Together:

The fried dough empanadas are loaded with various ingredients such as meat, cheese, vegetables, and more, making them the perfect finger food for this celebration. Colombians love empanadas, a popular form of Spanish tapas cuisine. These pastries may be served either hot or cold, and the filling can be customized to suit individual palates.


These cheesecakes were a morning favorite in the Madrigal household, but they would also make a fantastic appetizer. Although fried cheese balls are a labor-intensive dish, the result is well worth the time spent on their preparation. You may either attempt to prepare Julieta’s delicious and therapeutic buuelos on your own or pay a caterer to do it for you.


Coconut candies called “cicadas” are popular in Colombia. They tend to be chewy and sugary. These baked goods are made with eggs, coconut, sugar, and condensed milk and served at room temperature. Colorful food coloring and fruit-based syrups make it simple to alter the flavor of this traditional sweet.

Salad Chopped Fruit:

Mango, watermelon, and pineapple are common in Colombian fruit cocktails, and they’re often topped with a sparkling soda produced in Colombia or watermelon juice. Adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top may transform a regular beverage into a decadent dessert drink. Another option exists in this respect.

Coco Limeade:

Combining the refreshing flavors of lime and coconut creates a cocktail that is easy to make and luxurious to consume. Cream of coconut, limes, sugar, and ice are the only ingredients needed to make this delightful drink. With its balanced sweetness and tang, your visitors will receive this beverage well.


A simple and refreshing drink is great for a social gathering. The Dominican national drink, agua panela, is made with only two simple ingredients: panela and water. The traditional Colombian drink is made by combining the two ingredients, bringing them to a boil, and then allowing them to cool before serving. Pour some fresh lemon or lime juice on top for an added flavor boost and a beautiful presentation.

Ornaments for the Magical Gates of Encanto

The employment of a magical door is essential to the smooth running of the Encanto-themed event. One of Etsy’s unique doors for sale might be the perfect accent for the venue. If you’re having an Encanto-themed birthday party for the birthday boy or girl, be sure to get a door engraved with their name. Banners, movie props, and other party supplies with an Encanto motif may be found in several Etsy shops.

Recent Flower Cuttings:

If there is one thing lacking from this party, it would be a plethora of colorful flowers to brighten up the space. Get in touch with a florist in your area who, like Isabela, can grow an endless supply of flowers to have them help you adorn the venue. Tissue paper flowers, on the other hand, are just as beautiful and may stay forever. You may get colorful flower kits on Amazon that you can use to decorate the whole place.

Wonder Candle:

The entire Madrigals’ abilities came from the miracle candle that had been lit in their home. If you look hard enough on Etsy, you may be able to find a replica of that miraculous candle whose flame never goes out. It may be used as decoration or brought inside the party to provide soft illumination.


To capture the spirit of the land of Encanto, the party decorations should be bright, colorful, and magnificent. These gold butterflies from Etsy will add a touch of magic to your flower bouquets, table centerpieces, and another home décor.

Balloon Arc:

To that end, we pray that the balloon arch craze lasts for quite some time. Please give them a unique look by painting them in a rainbow of hues and then arranging them in a spellbinding architect will be the perfect approach for guests to enter the Encanto-themed celebration in style. On Amazon, you could get a kit that includes everything you need to create this decorative item.

More Ideas for the Encanto Bash:

Treasure Hunt in the Encanto:

After spending the whole film searching for Maribel’s gift, a treasure hunt is the perfect party activity. You may use your creativity to create a scavenger hunt, or you can utilize one of the printable versions Etsy provides that has an Encanto theme.

Talent Exhibition:

None of the guests can read minds or alter their looks, but they all bring something unique to the table. You may be surprised at what exceptional skills people are willing to show off at a talent contest, from juggling to singing to reciting the alphabet backward. An emcee or DJ and a stage would significantly improve this talent event.

Plant a Seed and Watch a Flower Grow:

Putting up a flower-growing station takes advantage of Isabela’s natural plant-growing prowess. Participants may paint their ceramic containers, choose their flower seeds, and take home everything they need to grow their bouquets. In addition to being a delightful party snack, this might be a lighthearted physical activity.


According to Encanto party ideas, this celebration will have an Encanto theme. You may bake a cake or some cupcakes for the birthday celebration and then decorate them in happy, bright colors and with various fresh flowers. You could hang them on the wall behind the buffet or assemble them into a little setting for you to use in your selfies.


Exactly how does one throw a party in the Encanto party ideas style?

Play some of the magical tracks from the Encanto soundtrack. Brightly colored banners, balloons, and streamers may help set the mood for a party. Distribute little toys, colorful sunglasses, and treats as Encanto party ideas favor.

What need I do to plan an Encanto bash?

To achieve the desired Encanto party ideas ambiance, it is vital to decorate with bright colors. With this vast collection of paper fans, paper flowers, pom poms, hanging swirls, and banners, your gathering place will be notably brighter.


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