Facts and Features of PDF Files That You Should Know About

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Key Takeaways

  • PDF’s Versatility: A Go-To Format for Various Document Needs.
  • Editing with Ease: Convert, Compress, and Edit PDF Files Efficiently.
  • Free Accessibility: Adobe’s Shift to Free Usage Boosted PDF Popularity.
  • E-Signatures: Streamlining Agreements in the Digital Age with PDFs.
  • Enhanced Quality: PDFs Maintain Image Integrity and Enable Watermarking.

Facts and Features of PDF Files: Experts mostly use PDF documents in the online space. When discussions shift to digital file management, PDF is one of the most used file formats. It is easy to use and create and transfer from one user to another. Released in 1960 by Adobe, PDF is now one of the most dominating file formats online. With PDF files, you can display your PowerPoint presentations, text documents, and spreadsheets credibly across all internet media by converting them into a powerful PDF file. There are many points to note about PDF files, features, and characteristics that make it widely used; here are a few.

Convert PDF to PDFA with GogoPDF:

Say goodbye to the days when people did not want to use PDF because of its inability to be edited. Now, there are different tools on the internet to enable you to convert and edit your PDF documents. One of them is GogoPDF which can allow you to merge, compress and convert PDF to PDFA if you would like to store your document for the long term. PDF files are compressed to minimize occupying too much space. Through GogoPDF, you can immediately compress your files without any problem.

Facts and Features of PDF Files:

On the other hand, PDF records are principally made for viewing, not altering. One feature they’re so well known for is that PDFs can protect report arrangement, making them more shareable and appearing identical on any gadget. Sharing the bulletin as a PDF document would assist with guaranteeing everybody can see it as you planned.

Apart from compression, you can also edit PDF documents easily. With some tools like the PDF Bear and Gogo PDF files, you don’t have to worry about turning your ideas into PDF files and your PDF files into images when you want to. It just takes small steps to convert PDF files to pictures as well.

PDF is Free to Use

Before now, PDF files required payment. As Adobe started PDF, they held the copyright of these documents until 2008, when a particular ISO standardized them. As at that time, anyone interested in Adobe would be required to buy Adobe products such as Adobe Acrobat to use PDFs.

Adobe Acrobat was bought with $100 per bunch to use PDFs. The software allows users to create, view, and use PDF files during the needed period. It was in 2008 that Adobe released a statement that made PDF now free to use for anyone.

PDF Files Enables E-Signature

Files in PDF format can sign on without printing them out. They can hold electronic signatures either from online sources. Most organizations, companies, and references online are becoming paperless due to the new invention in technology and the recent innovations in the digital space.

Now, most organizations are looking for ways to allow members of their team to sign documents online. If meetings can happen online without any physical presence, companies can also have a signed contract online. Just an exchange of PDF files between two sources and a signature close a deal. Adobe still offers an e-signature tool, but other software in the market can also use for signing PDFs.

Meanwhile, this feature was not enabled on PDF initially. When the first version was launched, it was not part of it. The 4th version of the PDF files was created in 2000. So, from that time, adding e-signature to PDF documents was enabled.

Image and Document Quality

Files in PDF format have the best quality image than most other file formats. Meanwhile, that is not the only feature it has. Images can convert to PDF files directly.

Multiple PDFs will incorporate graphical components – these are regularly inserted pictures (photos, charts, and so on). The suggested goal of such images (where pixel-based) is regularly 300+DPI. Where these depend on screen captures, they will commonly be a lower resolution. Pictures made utilizing specialized artistic tools will give further developed versatility when zoomed.


Watermarks can add to PDF documents. These watermarks ensure uniqueness and branding for documents. Watermarks can be a logo of an organization or anything related to branding. With Gogo PDF and some other software, you have the chance to adjust the position, opacity, and text of the watermarks added to your PDF documents.


Although the essential facts and features have been explained above, PDF is one of the most popular forms of files online, and it is used by most people online. It is very accessible, easy to use, and reliable across different devices. Editing is also enabled as you can convert PDF files from one form of file to another without any problem and vice versa. Image and file integrity can be maintained while using PDF. You no longer have to worry about the alignment of your document being messy. Facts and Features of PDF Files, Facts and Features of PDF Files, Facts and Features of PDF Files.

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