Who is Family Jeff Devlin Wife Adopted Sons, Weath, and Career

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Key Takeaways

  • Jeff Devlin’s wife is Christine, and they share a strong bond.
  • Born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Jeff is the youngest of six.
  • Engaged to Janelle Burdette since December 25, 2020.
  • Successful DIY TV host and carpenter with a net worth of $3 million.
  • Jeff Devlin’s family includes sons Walter, Walker, and daughter Reese.

Family Jeff Devlin wife: Jeff and Christine Devlin have a strong marriage. Jeff Devlin was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, too proud parents Joseph Devlin and Ada Devlin. Joseph, his devoted father, died away at age 84 on March 21, 2012, in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Jeff has shared pictures of both his parents on Instagram. His parents’ home was on Route 413, close to St. Mary’s Hospital. At the same time, Jeff is doing his part to foster a positive bond between his family, Jeff Devlin’s wife and Janelle’s young offspring.  To many, Jeff Devlin is synonymous with do-it-yourself success stories and his carpentry expertise. In this article, we will discuss more family of Jeff Devlin’s wife in detail.

Who was Jeff Devlin’s wife in 2021?

When Jeff Devlin’s wife is 2021, his fiancee Janelle Burdette will become a married man for the second time, at the very least, since 2015, Jeff Devlin and Janelle Burdette have been friends. On the other hand, they began dating sometime in 2018. Though they’ve been together for some time, they’ve never discussed their initial encounter. Janelle is developing close relationships with the children from the family of Jeff Devlin’s wife.

Since he has taken on the father figure role, Jeff attended the graduation ceremony for Janelle’s kid. On the other hand, Janelle promotes Jeff’s business on every network. On the holiday of 2020’s December 25, Janelle and Jeff announced their engagement. Jeff Devlin engaged for eight months before they finally spoke publicly about their wedding preparations.

Date of Birth and Age:

It was on May 19 when Jeff Devlin entered the world. The year 2021 marked his 48th birthday.

Family Jeff Devlin’s wife:

He is the youngest of six brothers, Dave Devlin, Mark Devlin, Tom Devlin, Adam Devlin, and Joseph Devlin Jr. Dave Devlin has owned 877GRASSCUT since 1997 and studied at Bucks County Community College. He’s seen Kim Allison for some time now, and the two already have at least two kids.

Mark Devlin went to high school in Neshaminy Maple Point and then college at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art to study graphic design. Mark Devlin Visual Design, where he works, employs him. No details regarding his other brothers are known to exist.

Height of Jeff Devlin: A towering 6 feet and 1 inch in size, Jeff Devlin (1.85 meters)

His social media accounts: Jeff Devlin has a Facebook account and has made 777 friends. On March 30, 2021, he made his last profile change.

Net Worth of Jeff Devlin:

The combined wealth of Jeff Devlin’s successful DIY television series and his business ventures amounted to $3 million. The PBS show The Old House piqued Jeff’s interest in woodworking when he was a teenager. Sometimes he’d get wild hair and start tinkering with stuff. Jeff often scavenged firewood from the dumpsite of nearby construction.

As time went on, Jeff discovered his calling in making and selling birdhouses at the annual craft show held by his church. Restoration of old buildings and construction period-appropriate reproductions fed Jeff’s lifelong fascination with the past.

Jeff’s website states that he started his career in carpentry over twenty years ago as an apprentice for a historic house remodeler, where he learned the trade and developed a strong respect for the history, artistry, and beauty of older homes. In part, Jeff’s decision to pursue a career in carpentry and television is attributable to his developing interest in design, creation, and construction.

The career of Jeff Devlin:

In addition, Jeff was a TV Host/Carpenter/Designer for Stone House Revival from September 2015 till December 2018. This program followed him as he renovated historic stone homes in Bucks County, Chester County, and the surrounding regions. On the other hand, Jeff started SchoolHouse Woodworking in 1995 and has owned it since.

Jeff has worked both in front of and behind the camera. He was a cinematographer who also had a side woodworking company. Since a mutual acquaintance knew Jeff was a winter sports enthusiast, he recruited him to join him on a shoot of a local ski tournament.

After picking up camera skills, Jeff began filming various activities, including drag racing, water polo, mountain biking, concerts, and even episodes of series like HGTV’s Save My Bath, which focus on home improvement.

Ellen’s Design Challenge:

According to his profile on professional networking, Jeff spent three months with A&E Television Networks as a host/carpenter for the show Drill Team. He hosted Spice up my Kitchen on HGTV from March 2007 till November 2010. In addition, he presented the shows I Hate My Bath and Good, Better, Best, both of which featured heavily in Construction & Design. In addition, Jeff worked as a carpenter on seasons 1 and 2 of Ellen’s Design Challenge from August 2014 until January 2016. His role required him to develop designers who could provide original layouts quickly.

Adopted Sons of Jeff Devlin:

Jeff Devlin, a native Pennsylvanian, is engaged to Janelle Burdette, although they do not plan to marry immediately. Walter and Walker, her sons, are her offspring. Both of their sons were born in the 2000s; Walter in 2001 and Walker in 2003. The Conestoga College football and baseball teams can count on Walter. On the other hand, Walker is a student at East Carolina University and will graduate in 2025. Walter and Walker will be Jeff’s stepsons after their marriage.

Who is Jeff Devlin’s spouse?

Regarding family, Jeff Devlin wife has been married and has two children. Christine and Jeff Devlin are very much in love with one another. The couple already spoke their wedding vows. Even though Jeff hasn’t disclosed the specific day of their wedding, on May 10, 2013, he shared a photo on Instagram with the message; Christine is Jeff’s rock because she stands by him no matter what. There are now two exceptional children; the couple is co-parenting a boy called Aidan Devlin and a girl named Reese Devlin.

He has a teenage daughter called Reese and a son named Aidan, both of whom he is married to and presently lives with. The two have been a united unit since their May 2013 wedding. He often describes how much he enjoys taking his family on exciting outings in his writings. At the moment, Jeff and his family are residing in Chester County. His two greatest passions in life are coffee and St. Bernard dogs. In addition, he is the proud owner of a female St. Bernard called Gretel.

Facts about Jeff Devlin:

In recent years, he has taken an interest in home history and now considers himself a “history nerd.

When he was a youngster, Jeff envisioned a career as either a professional musician or athlete.

Watching an episode of The Old House influenced his decision to become a carpenter.

As a teenager, he built a birdhouse and sold it to an elderly lady for $5; this was his first carpentry job.

He now resides in a farmhouse from the 1750s that has been extensively refurbished and modernized.

Family Jeff Devlin wife is a huge baseball fan and often attends Phillies games.


Family Jeff Devlin’s wife is Christine Devlin. Jeff is the kind of person that puts in long hours and seizes chances with both hands. He got his foot in the door on the ground floor and climbed to great heights. His passion for home improvement and artistic construction has earned him this far, and it will take him even further.


Where does Jeff Devlin find himself in terms of his relationship?

During the holiday season of 2020, Danielle and Jeff Devlin engaged. The DIY Network personality got engaged on Christmas Day and posted the happy news on Facebook.

Is there a wife for Jeff Devlin?

Jeff Devlin, from the DIY Network, is now dating Janelle Burdette. Posts on social media suggest they began dating in 2018.

Who is the family of Jeff Devlin’s wife?

Family Jeff Devlin’s wife is Christine Devlin.

Which high school did he attend?

Jeff Devlin graduated from Neshaminy High School in 1991.


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