2022 Fashion Trends: What to Expect Next Year

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Key Takeaways

  • Embrace oversized glasses and sunglasses in dark shades for a bold fashion statement.
  • Incorporate yellow into your wardrobe through pants, sweaters, or accessories for a trendy look.
  • Sparkle with sequins and pearls, combining both trends for a bold fashion choice day or night.
  • Embrace mini skirts with shorter hemlines, experimenting with various materials and colors.
  • Opt for oversized scrunchies in muted tones and furry bucket hats with animal prints for a playful touch.

Fashion trends are like subway trains, one goes by, but if you wait around for a short while, another soon comes after. Staying ahead of the latest style crazes and fads can prove an expensive and troublesome headache, to say the least.  Fortunately, 2021 took it reasonably easy on us. Much of the styles were basic in nature, perhaps due to the fact that many of us were still getting to grips with a post-COVID world; 2022 will hopefully be similarly realistic. In other words, we all want fashion trends that are less like abstract catwalk shows and more like the designs we can happily wear on the high street.

So what will 2022 bring us? It appears that oversized items are still very much going to be commonplace, which is good for the earlier cooler months, and there’s still a nod to informality that suits most of us down to the ground.  Here are some of the 2022 fashion trends to expect in your neighbourhood.

Fashion Trends- Big Brash Oversized Glasses/Sunglasses

Yep, the oversized style trend continues when it comes to the glasses you may be wearing, and that goes for prescription specs to designer glasses and stylish sunglasses. The chunky look is best with rectangular shaped glasses and wide-brimmed frames in a darker colour, which is a great way to go.

The right pair of glasses can really help to make any outfit pop, and with these being more showy and gregarious, they will do so in an even more determined fashion. If you want to throw some detailing or a splash of colour, that would undoubtedly be welcomed.

Anything in Yellow

Whatever the shade, from banana to daffodil, it’s all about yellow in 2022, and you should look to adopt this colour as your new friend. Clearly, we wouldn’t suggest wearing yellow from head to toe, as doing so may make you look like an elongated lemon, but yellow should be part of your overall style palette in a big way.

So think about yellow pants, a sweater, or go with yellow detailing that stands out, like a honey-colored broach. Don’t miss out; get yourself some yellow items ASAP, unless you are already a fan of the colour and have a bunch of items in your wardrobe with the various hues of the colour, in which case you are golden.

Sparkle with Sequins and Pearls

Sequins are making a massive comeback for 2022, and pearls, as with last year, are the accessory to die for this coming year. Consider pairing the two if you are particularly brave, as both these trends are for those who are more than willing to push the envelope. Sequins are, of course, great for a night out but can also be used during the day, albeit in a more muted fashion. Pearls, again, are considered more of an evening wear accessory, but a lovely choker or necklace looks elegant whatever time of day you choose to adorn them.

Mini Skirts

Yes, it may be winter, and the temperature has probably dropped a few degrees in your part of the world but 2022, even spring, is the time to get your mini skirt action going. It’s all about hemlines that are shorter, so you needn’t go all the way to cut off shorts and can let the skirts move more towards your knee area if you are a bit conservative in your fashion choices. Clearly, the mini-skirt field is wide and comes in all sorts of materials and designs, so play around with it. Also, don’t be afraid to be colourful in your choices in this area.

Oversized Scrunchies

This returning trend continues to be one to follow in 2022. A great way to keep your hair in check, without looking like you are trying too hard, was huge in 2021, and in 2022 expect this to continue, albeit with a slight twist. Now you’ll look to get oversized scrunchies, especially cloud-style ones.

Sheer scrunchies are also a nice stylish way to walk the scrunchy walk, and while last year was all about being colourful with bright neon scrunchies, 2022 is more muted; therefore, go for opaque tones.

Bucket Hats, Furry Ones…

Yep. Bucket hats, that 90s accessory, are also still proving popular in 2022, and the style is being amended slightly, so it’s all about furry and fluffy bucket hats, preferably with an animal print.

Clearly, this is a very playful look and won’t always be the right choice, but there is something very charming and carefree about wearing a bucket hat, and of course, there’s the added bonus of wearing one when your hair has decided to take on a mind of its own.

Driving Scarves

Anyone who’s a fan of old-school movies, or even Thelma and Louise, can see the charm in a good driving scarf. Clearly, a driving scarf is just a headscarf worn in a certain way, and it’s an effortlessly chic style craze that we can definitely get behind.

Again, you don’t have to wear these only when driving; it’s more of a style decision than a comfortable way to dress when cruising in a convertible. Floral designs and dated prints are a good option when it comes to getting these, and in theory, they work best when dressed in a similarly vintage Fashion Trends.


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