Values of Finelite lighting’s Company

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When you work with Finelite, you’ll get solutions that are highly customizable and straightforward to implement. You can locate the goods that can help you reach your project goals. Lumen distribution and wattage are summarized in a separate graphic. Light engines can swap out for new ones.


Warranty of 10 years on all standard components. Individual manufacturer warranties cover optional accessories such as emergency battery packs.

Types of Finelite:

With our easy-to-install, customized lighting systems and extensive project assistance, Finelite continues to set industry standards. For your project to succeed, we pay close attention to every aspect, from conception to completion.

Finelite Adds Circles to HP-2 Collection:

They are announcing the debut of HP-2 Circles by Finelite. A single-piece diffuser and an extruded aluminum body give the HP-2 C a thin and seamless appearance that provides designers new creative possibilities beyond the classic straight lines of light of the HP-2 family.

HP-2 WS Perimeter Slot Introduced by Finelite

In a press release, Finelite announces the release of HP-2 WS. This perimeter slot luminaire has custom lengths, adjustable lighted telescoping, and factory-designed 90o plug-together corners for ease of installation.

Finelite’s HP-2 Acoustic Collection:

Finelite has announced the debut of Continuous Runs and Indirect/Direct for HP-2 Acoustic. Standard 10-working-day delivery is included with these new additions to the Acoustic Collection.

Four t8 led wall and ceiling fixtures from Finelite:

Muro-Oval is a small LED wall wash luminaire that provides excellent illumination of vertical surfaces for indoor applications. Using a high-tech LED T8 module, Muro is a powerful solution for emphasizing your best vertical characteristics.

Indirect LED Suspended Fixture with Linear Square Configuration (FINELINE E-1):

LED Linear Suspension Lighting applications benefit significantly from using the Finelite E-1 Square Indirect LED Linear Suspension Fixture. Using mid-power LEDs and a high-performance optical design, the Finelite E-1 Square Indirect LED Linear Suspended Fixtures to produce a comfortable and energy-efficient design. To fulfill the needs of designers, E1-I uses dimmable drivers with a 0-10V voltage range.


Specially designed for architectural lighting, the Lighting 14020 Bunbury series architectural 21″ semi-recessed LED hand-blown opal glass downlight pendant is the best choice. Intended for use in offices, lobbies, and hallways

10″ SEMI-RECESSED LED DOWNLIGHT by Finelite 14021:

For LED semi-recessed settings, the specification-grade Lighting 14021 Bunbury series 10-Inch LED hand-blown opal glass downlight. For hallways, lobbies, and office settings, this elegant light fixture is great.

SEMI-RECESSED 6-INCH LED DOWNLIGHT, Model 14023 by Finelite:

A 6-inch semi-recessed LED hand-blown opal glass downlight from Lighting’s Bunbury series 14023 is the right choice for creating a distinctive architectural lighting scheme. Intended for use in offices, lobbies, and hallways

Finelite 14142-S-dir 1-inch:

Recessed downlight with a square shape, this LED product is ideal for small spaces. As a result of the use of diecast metal, heat dissipation is enhanced. Any other remote drivers can purchase it for an extra fee. Suitable for use in damp areas Height allows for the benefit of 2x4s in the construction process.

Values of Finelite Company:

Customized fine-tuning controls

Designed with user feedback and proven by research, FineTune TCS is a cutting-edge lighting control system. In addition to Static White, TCS also offers Tunable White. Is using this powerful and highly adaptable technology, every environment may enhance with a new layer of control.

Features of the system:

  • Scalable system architecture that can be adapted to any size of the project
  • Integrated astronomical time clock for scheduling and reduced energy usage
  • Layer Packs UL924 listed to meet emergency code requirements
  • Easy-to-use controls with pre-programmed scenes
  • Finelite warranty from a single provider
  • Ships within ten business days.

Sustainable environmental practices:

Sustainable environmental practices are a basic premise at Finelite, and they go much further than the use of energy-efficient lighting solutions. All of our activities are designed to be environmentally friendly. We’re devoted to inventing solutions and best practices that enable high-performance buildings, lowering the environmental effect of our operations, and improving how people live and work in the world today.”

Transparency in Product Delivery:

A large portion of Finelite’s luminaire range has been third-party verified and enrolled in the Declare 2.0 Program of International Living Future Institute, making Finelite the first lighting company to do so. Red List Approved and Declared labels have been applied to over 90% of our portfolio to assure the highest level of transparency and accuracy in our claims. Reducing Our Carbon Footprint is Important to Us.

Finelite pay great attention:

When it comes to the supply chain, we at Finelite pay great attention to every aspect. Our decision to engage with strategic partners demonstrates our commitment to decreasing carbon emissions. Using and recycling materials allows us to reduce landfill trash in Northern California by up to 93 percent through reuse and recycling.

Focus on Lean Manufacturing:

Thanks to a planned material supply chain and a lean Just-in-Time Six Sigma manufacturing approach, we can deliver excellent quality from California’s combined 230,083 square foot manufacturing facility. A 99.9% execution rate and a 10-working-day lead time allow us to deliver up to 3 miles of linear feet of fixtures every day.

Built-to-last, high-efficiency products:

Its design is 89 percent recycled material and is meant to produce 90 percent of its initial light output after 100,000 hours of operation. It can also deliver 70% after 200,000 hours of operation using a mid-power, system-based approach.

Onsite Waste Reduction:

Using a sustainable strategy means reducing the amount of waste generated on your project site, and it all starts with our design process. While saving time, money, and resources, our current job pack design decreases waste onsite by 66 percent for all Series product offerings.

Green Future Commitment:

Finelite is always looking for new ways to improve our operations and introduce new tactics to create more efficient, comfortable, and safe settings. It will result in a 95 percent reduction in onsite waste for HP2, HP4, and HP6 product offerings. In the business, institutional, and medical sectors, we have consistently pioneered improved performance, environmental friendliness, and service to customers. What we’ve become famous for in our field is thanks to our commitment to innovation.


At present, we’re gathering product reviews for this particular item. Some of our prior customers have shared their overall buying experiences with us. It was a great deal for a quality product.” It was easy to settle any issues with delivery vs. billing.” This product exceeded our quality and lighting output expectations, and we couldn’t have been happier. Finelite hp4, Finelite hp2, a light lighting, prudential lighting, mark lighting, Finelite hp4 pricing, Finelite hp4 pdf, Finelite series 12.

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