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  • Franklin, TN experiences an average monthly temperature ranging from 39.3°F (January) to 79.9°F (July).
  • Monthly rainfall peaks at 5.6 inches in April, affecting roads like Interstate 40.
  • Doppler radar recorded hail around Franklin, with potential wind damage.
  • Winter snowfall is common, but residents have cozy options.
  • Despite flooding threats in the past, Mayor Ken Moore remains proactive.

Franklin tn weather: The highest average monthly temperature in Franklin is 79.9 degrees in July. The lowest average monthly temperature in Franklin is 39.3 degrees in January. The monthly rainfall in Franklin is 5.6 inches in April. The franklin tn weather air quality index is 10% higher than the national average. The Franklin pollution index is 76% better than the Franklin national average:

Facebook feeds or emails:

It makes me unbelievable that images and details are providing via Facebook feeds or emails. One month ago, pictures of the San Antonio tornado circulated on Twitter. The photo was taken five years ago after a Kansas storm. Unfortunately, the picture and the accompanying warning were reported hundreds of times and had thousands of inaccurate weather information. These include the following roads, interstate 40, between 195 and 203 mileage markers.

Franklin tn weather Hail Map:

Doppler radar 65 times recorded hail in or around Franklin, TN, including seven times over the last year. A severe thunderstorm in Franklin was located at 628 p.m. northeast at 25 mph (radar indicated). The hazards include wind gusts of 60 mph. Expect roof damage, siding damage, and trees damage.

Wind damage around Franklin, TN:

Southeast Davidson, northwestern Rutherford, and east Williamson counties will receive a severe thunder warning from 700 pm Cdt. This storm caused the alert to decrease below severe limits and no longer poses imminent life or property threat. The warning will therefore be allowed to expire. However, with this thunderstorm, sudden winds and heavy rain are still probable.

Winter snow:

Winter certainly made quite the entrance here in franklin, tn weather with snow and cold temps. However, don’t allow the cool weather to get you down. We have collected a list of all the best things. Downtown Franklin has to offer to warm you up – from the most excellent places to the best soups.

Best site to buy your cold-weather equipment:

Go to Bink’s Outfitters for all the winter weather you need. Amongst our faves are comfortable UGG boots, fugitive Patagonia sweaters, and lasting North Face jackets. Best spot to enjoy an excellent book: With shelves stored from top to bottom, books available, and lots of comfortable locations, we can’t think of a better place to spend a cold winter day than landmark booksellers.

Best soup bowl:

Sometimes you have to heat up with a cup of hearty soup from the inside. Both Merridee’s and Franklin Mercantile offer a broad range that supports you throughout the winter.

The best location for heating up:

Iron Tribe Fitness will shortly open and warm you up quickly! With their classes, which have various aerobic and weight training, you will be ready in no time for the bikini!

Best chilly cocktail weather:

For those of you 21+, after a cocktail from Gray’s On Main, you will undoubtedly be warm and toasty! Their handcrafted seasonal cocktails naturally comprise anything from brandy to amaretto and whisky.

Best spot to consume a warm drink:

If you choose something a little milder, Starbucks and Frothy Monkey have lots of choices. We are great fans of Starbucks’ Smoked Butterscotch Latte and classic Frothy Monkey hot chocolate.

Best Hot Food:

Sometimes if the weather is dull, all you want is a warm, hearty supper. We love Zolo made with spaghetti scratch. However, you cannot go wrong with a Cork & Cow steak, Puckett’s mac, and Red Pony shrimp and grit.

Best place to find a comfortable sweater:

It might be a struggle to remain warm and elegant nonetheless. You may do both, thanks to Imago Dei and Haylee b.! Each time we go into either store, we always fall in love with a sweater or two (or three!).

These are just a few of America’s favorite main street’s fantastic stores and eateries – there are more around every street corner. Don’t let the frigid conditions keep Main Street away. Please get out and let us know about your favorite chilly weather.

Ewingville Drive:

When she opened a neighbor’s door, the water caught her front steps. In the first week of May 2010, Nashville was not just underwater as unprecedented rain flooded the Middle Tennessee region.

Little chance:

Larosa added that Franklin was “fortunate enough” to drop directly in the city, halting just before the downtown corridor was flooding. The rains generated a flash flood, but rather a vast river system. The modeling was limited to domain areas ten years ago; however, during May 2010, moisture gathered mostly outside the domain area.

Ken Moore Major:

In the neighborhoods hit, current Mayor Ken Moore and his wife, Linda, distributed pimento cheese sandwiches. Both joined the clean-up operation, together with other inhabitants in Franklin.

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