Mind Blowing Fact about Free De La Hoya Music

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Key Takeaways

  • Free De La Hoya, Beyblade Burst protagonist, exemplifies skills for success.
  • Discover Oscar’s journey, “The Golden Boy,” and engage young minds.
  • Free’s appearance in Beyblade, featuring tall, slender, and laid-back demeanor.
  • Beyblade Burst Evolution and Turbo showcase Free’s evolving character and battles.
  • Oscar De La Hoya, boxing legend, holds historic titles, music career, and legacy.

Free De La Hoya is the protagonist of Beyblade Burst Evolution in the Beyblade Burst Expanded Universe. Skills such as self-control, inspiration, insight, fortitude, patience, and commitment are essential. Get your youngsters fired up about going for it all with the help of this inspiring life story about Oscar de la Hoya.

Find out where Oscar is now and why he is known as “The Golden Boy” in the United States. Get your hands on fun de la Hoya-themed resources for youngsters at last. Oscar de la Hoya is revered worldwide as a great boxing figure or pugilist. Here we will discuss more free de la hoya in detail. You may help your kids adopt these traits by reading amazing stories about real-life heroes.

The appearance of Free de la hoya:

Free is tall and slender, with a pale complexion and unruly, spiked blond hair with a crimson stripe. His pupils are nearly invisible in his otherwise black eyes. Free doesn’t put much effort into his look, as evidenced by his wearing a baggy yellow tank top and light brown pants. You can see a long, dark teal fingerless glove with a brown belt and a golden clasp on his left arm: a small brown faux rucksack and a yellow launcher with a white tip.

The personality of free de la hoya:

Free works extremely hard, but she can also be slack and easygoing. He only contributes a little to Bey Fights as a result of this. Instead of using his launcher, Free would spin his Bey with his hand when fighting fellow BC Sol members, though he does use his launcher when facing skilled bladers. Because he was the best blader ever (before Valt and Lui), he knows all about the pros and cons of Beyblades.

Beyblade Burst Evolution:

He faces Silas in the third round of their fight in episode 34. Silas’s counter to Drain Spin throws him off, but Fafnir’s layering strategy eventually destroys Satomb, and he can finish the battle with a Burst Finish. Lui appears, rousing his fighting enthusiasm among the spectators. After Valt beats Joshua in the fourth encounter, he volunteers to fight for the Raging Bulls again because Joshua keeps trying to get him into the fifth round.

Beyblade Burst Turbo:

On episode 25, Free De La Hoya unveils his new Turbo Bey and a Geist Fafnir 8’Proof Absorb he developed with Raul Comas. Flashbacks saw him fighting Valt, and he also ran into Aiger Akabane, who he bested in two critical battles during this period. To replace the one Aiger destroyed, Valt built a new Turbo Beyblade with the help of Free, who also taught him how to use it. Phi’s evil abilities killed his bey in episode 43 during their match. It was unbelievable to him.

Aoi Valt:

Free De La Hoya gave Valt little chance. Free remarked, “a defeat is a loss in my book,” in response to Kristina’s boasting about giving Lui Shirosagi a brutal battle in the last match of the Individual Tournament. Nonetheless, after seeing Valt’s Spring Attack, Free realized that Valt wasn’t as horrible as he had initially thought. Their friendship has developed since then, and Free gave Valt access to his hidden stadium in the woods before he left to join the Raging Bulls.

Kristina Kuroda:

Siblings Kris and Free De La Hoya exist. As young children, they were always at odds with one another. Kristina’s relationship with Free was always positive. As an illustration of her concern for Free’s well-being, Kristina went to get his Bey after he had been injured.

Joshua Burns:

Free and Joshua became fast friends after their initial meeting. They were teammates and stayed on friendly terms with one another. Nonetheless, Free was disheartened by Joshua’s defeats at the hands of Silas Carlisle and Valt Aoi, and he quit. Surprisingly for Free, Joshua’s new move, Guard Twist, was effective against Free’s Drain Spin in their next match. But Joshua’s arrogance cost him the victory. By the end of season 2, having grasped what Valt meant, Free confessed to him despite losing.

Shasa Guten:

Before meeting Shasa Guten, Free De La Hoya never shook hands with a human being. Free challenged Shasa to a fight when she called him out for betraying his team. Even though Shasa was the loser, Free was still gracious enough to offer her congratulations and a handshake. He also rectified the problems with her launching abilities. We learn that free witnessed Shasa’s World League match against the Royals. Shasa voiced her worries to the group.

Boxing Records:

To this day, Oscar de la Hoya is the only boxer in history to have ever held all six significant titles. He was the highest-paid boxer in history and the first to win titles in 10 different weight classes. Oscar de la Hoya, then only 19 years old, became the only American boxer in Olympic history to win gold at the 1992 Games in Barcelona. Oscar de la Hoya’s professional boxing career kicked off with his victory in Barcelona.

Oscar Free De La Hoya Music Career:

In 1999, Oscar sang a song on the Don Francisco TV show as a prank, thus launching his music career. Nobody knew about his other secret ability. When Oscar de la Hoya stopped by the set of the Cristina Show for an interview, he was greeted by a mariachi band. He broke into Amor de Los dos without any prior rehearsals. To cut a long story short, he eventually inked a deal with EMI. He has some slow songs and some fast ones.

Oscar Free De La Hoya Today:

Oscar gave up boxing when he became 30 to concentrate on advancing the game. He has committed to developing ambitious boxers’ careers since he founded Golden Boy Promotions. Today, at age 49, his pay-per-view earnings are responsible for almost $700 million of his total wealth. Oscar de la Hoya and his wife, Puerto Rican singer Millie Corretjer, have six children together and three from previous relationships.


Oscar Free De La Hoya is a former professional boxer and current boxing promoter in the United States. He has the lineal championship in three weight classes and has won eleven world titles across six weight divisions. According to BoxRec, he is the 38th-best boxer of all time. In the 1992 Summer Olympics, De La Hoya represented the United States by winning the lightweight division.


How Much Is The Hoya Worth?

The sum of money he has amassed is speculated to be around $200 million. Forbes estimates that he earned more than $500 million as a fighter. A two-time pound-for-pound champion, De La Hoya was also voted Fighter of the Year by The Ring in 1995.

What Happened Between De La Hoya And Dana White?

White and De La Hoya have been feuding since 2017, when White helped promote the fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.


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