Only Frisk is seen to use things or earn experience.

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Key Takeaways

  • Frisk’s Appearance and Gender: Frisk is a genderless character in Undertale, often referred to as “they.”
  • Personality and Player Influence: Frisk’s personality is shaped by the player’s choices and actions in the game.
  • Abilities and Unique Features: Frisk possesses the ability to SAVE and reload the game, influencing the story.
  • Journey and Encounters: Frisk navigates through various challenges, encountering different characters and facing critical choices.
  • True Pacifist Route and Resolution: Frisk’s journey culminates in friendships, freedom, and a peaceful resolution.

Under tale’s protagonist and playable character is Frisk. They set out to get Frisk back to the surface when he is sucked into the Underground. After seeing Mount Ebott, Frisk undertale is the last of the eight people to be sucked into the Underground. Frisk’s identity is only revealed in the True Pacifist Route, and he is not the “fallen human” the player identifies at the start of the game.


Frisk sports a blue shirt with pinkish-purple sashaying down the sleeves as a young human boy with a dark yellow complexion. He also sports blue slacks and brown shoes. Medium-dark hair with short jagged bangs and a blank face characterize them. NPCs often mention Frisk’s facial expressions, even though he doesn’t express himself much in the overworld.  They, too, are genderless and are only referred to as “they” throughout the game, much like the first person.


As a result of Frisk’s often unclear nature, the player may assign any personality traits to the character at will. The narrative, on the other hand, varies based on how much LOVE they have for Frisk. In the game, Frisk converses with many NPCs, mainly while he is ACTING in combat. However, precise speech is only displayed when the game provides a variety of dialogue choices.

Behind the light and Frisk obeys:

It appears in NPCs’ conversation boxes to indicate that the NPC is paying attention to Frisk, and certain NPCs answer questions that Frisk poses to them.  Frisk may be interpreted in two ways: compassionate and kind or cruel and violent, depending on the player’s actions. NPCs in the epilogue praise Frisk for his thoughtfulness, patience and elegance. Sans commands the player to hide behind the light, and Frisk obeys, only denying player input when he does as he is told.

Abilities of frisk undertale:

Frisk can SAVE and heal himself at SAVE Points because of his tenacity. When Frisk first awakened in the Ruins, he had this ability. Frisk may reload the SAVE file to recreate events that occurred after it, although the memories of NPCs are not entirely wiped until a True Reset is performed. In Flowey’s conversation after the conclusion of The True Pacifist, it is implied that Frisk is not the one tampering with SAVE files.

Path Less Traveled:

After seeming to give sound counsel, Flowey sets out to murder Frisk. As a result of Toriel’s intervention, Flowey uses fire magic, leading to ruins. Toriel asks Frisk to wait for her at the end of a long corridor and explains that she has errands to do. It’s only for the sake of security, so Toriel lends frisk his cellphone. Frisk undertale finally makes it to Toriel’s house after solving the last of the Ruins’ riddles.

Only Frisk is seen to use things or earn experience:

Toriel destroys the Ruins’ exit by destroying the way out in response to their inquiry about the Ruins’ departure. Toriel then engages in combat with Frisk to see if they can make their escape from the Ruins.  Finally, in Snowdin Forest, Frisk comes face to face with Sans and Papyrus. They put up a series of elaborate traps and riddles to apprehend Frisk. Papyrus faces up against Frisk after overcoming Snowdin.

Frisk learns of Asgore and Toriel’s children:

Frisk learns of Asgore and Toriel’s children from passing monsters as he travels through the Underground capital of New Home. Then, in the Last Corridor, sans renders a verdict on Frisk and discusses the significance of LOVE and EXP. The narrator also emphasizes the significance of Frisk in terms of the future of the planet.


This fight, when Frisk is first unwilling to show compassion to Asgore. When Frisk enters the Throne Room, he meets Asgore, trying to strike up a conversation. As they approach the Barrier, Asgore offers Frisk undertale one final chance to flee before they engage in combat. Asgore reveals the six human SOULs he’s gathered before the combat, setting up the post-battle confinement procedure.

Asgore smashes the MERCY button:

Asgore smashes the MERCY button with his trident just before the battle begins, making it impossible to spare or escape. On the other hand, Frisk has the option of killing Asgore or sparing him at the end of the battle. After Flowey arrives, and kills Asgore and steals the human souls, no matter what option is chosen. After then, the game comes to an abrupt end.


A true pacifist ending is possible even if Frisk undertale has made friends with almost every creature he encounters in the Underground save for Undyne, Papyrus and Alphys. Undyne can befriend Frisk if he decides to offer him some water after they’ve been chased.


Toriel interrupts Asgore’s pre-fight conversation by stopping him from attacking Frisk when returning to the throne chamber. It’s not long after Toriel until the other significant characters join in on the message of peace. The plot twist comes when Papyrus confesses that it was “a little flower” that instructed him to bring everyone there in the first place.


A short while later, Frisk awakens to the sight of Toriel, Sans and Papyrus, as well as Undyne and Alphys. Monsters have no recollection of Flowey or his previous existence as Asriel, but they do recall Frisk. Once Frisk returns to the surface, he may retrace his steps through the Underworld and converse with the other monsters.

Companions emerge from the Underground:

Frisk and his companions emerge from the Underground after passing through the last door. Asgore proposes to Frisk that he serve as the monsters’ envoy to the humans. Except for Toriel, who inquires about Frisk’s intentions, the rest of the main monster cast departs. Frisk has the option of staying with Toriel or leaving. The last scene shows Toriel delivering a piece of pie to Frisk’s bedroom after she decides to remain with him.


Undyne fights Frisk towards the conclusion of Waterfall after she delivers a shortened speech on top of a cliff. Following his arrival in Hotland, Frisk finds himself in a laboratory where he meets Alphys and Mettaton. Mettaton interrupts their conversation with a quiz show as Alphys tries to convince Frisk that she is not a terrible person. Frisk receives an updated phone from Alphys after the quiz show. She helps Frisk solve riddles and escape Mettaton. Frisk undertake, Frisk undertale.

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