Everything you need to know about German shepherd chihuahua mix!

German shepherd chihuahua mix: German Shepherds and other mixed-breed dogs have the highest biting risk to children of any dog breed. A German shepherd-Chihuahua mix is a hybrid dog. Pet owners and breeders regularly breed Chihuahuas and German Shepherds, two of the most popular dog breeds. In terms of size, a German Shepherd Chihuahua mix is often between the two extremes. Hybrids of various breeds may appear quite different. One resembles a Chihuahua, the other a German shepherd. Mating a male Chihuahua with a female German shepherd produces a mix. This union is not random. Thus others must help. Here we will discuss more german shepherd chihuahua mix.

What is german shepherd chihuahua mix?

Hybrids of the German shepherd and the Chihuahua are wonderful pets but need a lot of time, attention, and care. If they are ever going to mature into well-mannered adults, they will need a great deal of direction and instruction. Because of the history of violence associated with the breed, it is not advised as a pet for families with young children.

Do You Have Time to Teach?

German Shepherd Chihuahua mixes may show aggressive behavior as adults if they are not properly socialized as puppies. If not adequately exposed to various people, other animals, and environments, Chihuahua and German Shepherd pups may grow wary of strangers. And there’s a lot of obedience training that has to be done with this intelligent mix. Despite their reputation for stubbornness, they can be taught to act correctly in social settings with a fair bit of effort.

Can I ask whether you’re a parent?

Mixes of the German shepherd and the Chihuahua are not recommended for households with small children. Chihuahuas and roughhousing youngsters are not a suitable match because of the dog’s small size and children’s tendency to play roughly. More miniature German shepherd Chihuahua hybrids are vulnerable to significant injury if played with too forcefully by children. Furthermore, this hybrid is prone to aggression, which is not a desirable trait in a setting with young children.

Facts about german shepherd chihuahua mix

The smallest known dog bred with the world’s most famous and successful dog to produce this tiny super dog. The outcome was a dog that was the slightest in the world. The mysterious temple guardian meets the courageous first responder who, standing over the baby who was buried in flames, gives the “bark alarm.” Following are facts about german shepherd chihuahua mix.


Both sets of parents have pretty different physical traits. They are most likely linked due to their same proportion of body length to height. It’s likely to be on the smaller side of medium size, with erect ears. A brown and black coat with stunning and attractive symmetrical patterns, especially on the animal’s head and legs, is feasible.

Stats: Size & Stature:

The Chihuahua-German Shepherd mix may vary in size from small to medium, depending on the specific breeding. Its height and mass might be all over the place. It will be between 7 and 45 inches (17.8 and 114.3 centimeters) tall and 8 and 60 pounds (3.6 and 27.6 kilograms) heavy (27.22 kg).


The Chihuahua Shepherd is known for its unique gait, characterized by a forward momentum generated by the dog’s hindquarters. It can cover ground fast, has a good reach, and has a powerful stride. It carries its long, coiled tail high, too, in a sickle shape that complements its erect posture.

The flavor of the Fur:

Any solid hue, including black, fawn, chocolate, or tan, with grey, blue, silver, or liver markings is acceptable for the Chihuahua-German Shepherd mix coat. It’s also possible to use other colors. If the breed standards for the parent breeds call for dark, rich colors, then they are the ones that should be prioritized when selecting a color palette for the resulting hybrid.

Coat’s Depth and Length:

The hybrid dog may have either a single layer of Fur all over its body or a double layer of Fur, depending on whether the Chihuahua used in the breeding process has short or long hair. It will have a quick, smooth outer coat with a little wave and a soft, fluffy undercoat. Feathering is expected to cover its back, and may have fringed ears.


The Chihuahua parent likes to relax and be pampered all day, whereas the German Shepherd parent is highly motivated by the prospect of hard physical labor. They share several traits. Thus, their progeny would be watchful, autonomous, loyal, and territorial.

Sensitive to a fault and dangerously territorial:

You may expect a susceptible dog from your mutt. You’ll be feeling overwhelmed with emotion and tension, and all you’ll want to do is be in your loving arms. It will see you and yourself as part of its family and will go to great lengths to defend its territory and keep any potential threats at bay.

Can Be Aggressive and Disobedient If Not Trained:

If not properly socialized and taught or if exposed to severe treatment, this combination has the potential to become antagonistic. Nature-given aggression is believed to be affected by whose parent’s genes are more dominant. In addition to being overrepresented in shelters, Chihuahuas have an unacceptably high incidence of euthanasia.

Temperate weather is preferred.

This hybrid is more likely to have a thick double coat than a single thin one, making it more resistant to chilly weather. However, you may want to have a sweater on standby in case it takes like its Chihuahua forebears and shivers for no apparent reason. With its tiny frame, nobody knows why the Chihuahua suddenly begins shaking for no apparent reason.

Compatibility/Adaptability Issues:

The Chihuahua Shepherd is an independent breed of dog that, despite its reputation for stubbornness, is capable of developing deep emotional relationships with its human family. It might develop in a way that is either autonomous or cooperative, depending on which sets of genes from each parent are dominant. It will do anything to stay by your side, protecting you and making you feel safe.

Iris Not Appropriate for Children:

If you have kids at home, you shouldn’t drink this. The German Shepherd and Chihuahua parent breeds are known for being aggressive toward children. Also, if your final product is on the small side, children may accidentally injure themselves while playing with it.

Do You Think Apartments Are Right For You?

If the Chihuahua-German shepherd mix is adequately trained, socialized, cared for, exercised, and accompanied by another pet, living in an apartment should be OK. It might become a nuisance to the other tenants if you don’t exercise proper care for it, such as preventing it from being destructive or training it to bark less often.

Reasons why select german shepherd chihuahua mix?

Because of his bred-in wariness of strangers, your mongrel would make an excellent watchdog. It will continue to act aggressively until you tell it everything is OK. Both dogs’ parents are chronic barkers, placing them among the top 10 loudest dogs worldwide. A German shepherd has the second-loudest bark ever recorded.

For seniors, try the following:

A well-trained senior dog may be a good match for the owner if they are physically active enough to provide the dog with sufficient exercise or if they can afford to hire someone to do so. They would also need to set aside time to use it.

These attributes make excellent therapy dogs:

It is pretty simple to teach a dog of this breed to do the tasks associated with becoming a service dog, such as a therapy or emotional support animal. Chihuahua Shepherds are little lap dogs that thrive on human affection. It has half the genetic makeup of the German shepherd, which is widely considered one of the best service dog breeds.

Correctly socialized, they get along with other pets:

It is a high-susceptibility pairing. Therefore new pets should be introduced to them carefully on neutral ground. Remember that your mix’s behavior may change depending on the other animals it interacts with, so begin socializing early on. For instance, a hyperactive kitten will cause issues, but a sedentary elderly cat would likely not.

Intelligence and Education:

The Chihuahua-German Shepherd mix will likely be an intelligent dog with a great attitude. Some people may find your mixed-breed dog more endearing if it takes like its Chihuahua father and is adept at manipulating them. Because Chihuahuas are so famously cunning, this is the case. The proper socialization and training for this combo will be crucial.


The German Shepherd-Chihuahua hybrid is an excellent companion because it combines the loyalty and curiosity of both breeds. Although not suggested for first-time dog owners or homes with young children, these canines may be fantastic additions to families under the right conditions. The German Shepherd Chihuahua mix is a strange-looking hybrid breed, yet it makes a great pet and has its unique look.


Can a Chihuahua and a male German shepherd produce babies?

The german shepherd chihuahua mix and the Chihuahua are so vastly different in size that it is difficult for them to mate naturally in the wild. As a result, the odds of a new generation of this species are astronomically low.

Can you name the two breeds of dog that combine to make a Chihuahua?

According to several historians, the Chihuahua is a direct offspring of the Techichi. Chihuahuas have long been thought to be the offspring of the Techichi and a little hairless dog called the Chinese Crested, although several historians have contested this theory.