Is Harrisburg’s most prominent mall? & What is the History of Great escape Harrisburg?

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Key Takeaways

  • Mall Overview: Harrisburg Mall, the largest in the region, hosts major anchor shops like Macy’s and Bass Pro.
  • Rich History: Established in 1969 as the East Mall of Harrisburg, featuring JCPenney, Wanamaker, and Gimbels.
  • Family-Friendly Events: Regular events include puppet shows, character visits, and crafts, offering entertainment.
  • Retail and Entertainment: The mall houses top retail stores, Regal Cinemas, and a Family Fun Center.
  • Recent Developments: Underwent renovations, added Regal Cinemas, but faces challenges amid COVID-19.

The Harrisburg Mall is a regional mall in Swatara Township, Pennsylvania, just outside Harrisburg. So, it is the biggest mall in Harrisburg and currently features anchor shops like Macy’s and Bass Pro. The Harrisburg Mall is a regional mall in Swatara, Pennsylvania, just outside Harrisburg. So, it is the biggest mall in the region of Harrisburg. Bass Pro Shops is the anchor shop. There are two vacant anchor shops once Macy’s and Boscov’s Backstage.

History of Great Harrisburg:

The mall, formerly known as the East Mall of Harrisburg, debuted with anchors JCPenney, Wanamaker, and Gimbels in 1969. A natural calcareous cave named in various ways as the Big Pit, Paxtang, or Crystal Paradise Cave was opened during the building, notable for its anchorite and speleothem formations. Was I looking for exciting and economical things to do with children? If so, check out the frequent events on Paxton Street at the Harrisburg Mall.

Bass Pro Shops:

You’ll discover puppet shows throughout the year, visits by famous children’s characters, photos with Easter Bunny and Santa, handicraft workshops with children, book readings, music, etc. Even if you don’t attend a scheduled event, the Harrisburg Mall will offer you fun things to do. Our granddaughters love to visit Bass Pro shops and see the fish swim in their enormous fish tanks. They enjoy wandering through the two levels of Bass Pro Shops and seeing all the animal exhibitions. The new mall owners recently completed the first part of the remodeling program, which has removed the central mall.

The second floor outside the Bass Pro shops:

If you have money to spend, you can take the children to the arcade to play classical arcade games or try some of the new modern video games if you have children with you. You’ll have a trip in one of the coins, bulldozers, trains, etc. We noticed numerous of them on the second floor outside the Bass Pro shops.

Shop at the Harrisburg Mall:

Great harrisburg Mall houses one of the most excellent cinemas in the area. Regal cinemas, the Family Fun Center, etc. Our granddaughters usually enjoy visiting Auntie Anne’s for their favorite soft pretzels and drinks. If you shop at the Harrisburg Mall, you can find some of the top retail stores in the area. Because of weak sales on the premises and its distance from the other stores within the company, Gimbels closed in 1978, which led to the unprofitable opening of Hess later that same year.

Harrisburg Mall from the TD Bank:

In 2008, Boscov filed bankruptcy under ten shops to close, including the Great Harrisburg Mall. Since then, the building has been unoccupied. On 9 July 2009, the Harrisburg Malls were sold to three financial companies at the sheriff’s sale, following default on a $52.5 million loan from Feldman Liberty Adler.

Harrisburg Mall cinema:

The Sega Sports Restaurant location was demolished in Harrisburg Mall cinema in 2012 and now is the Regal Great Escape. The Harrisburg Mall theatre marquee now reads “Regal Great Harrisburg Mall Stadium 14. The mall is at exit 45 of I-83, three miles southwest of Harrisburg on Paxton Street.

Harrisburg’s most prominent mall:

The name changes show that, based on the company’s recent acquisition of the nationwide Great Escape theatre chain, Regal Entertainment Group has taken over the property, administration, and operation of the former Great Escape 14 theatre. But the change of ownership did not impact business or service for filmmakers. Films in the mall will only get bigger and better if anything. So, pick up your popcorn, say, mall officials.

Head of Harrisburg Mall:

The addition of Regal Cinemas to the Harrisburg Mall tenants mix is essential and cheerful as it integrates with our retail environment the highly experienced, successful, and financially strong theatre operator,” said Bill Russell, Head of Harrisburg Mall. “Attracting more first-run films, imaginative special events that appeal to more theatre visitors and shoppers at the mall, and greater engagement with the local community will all be tangible benefits.

Critics’ Choice:

The defining power and presence of Regal Cinemas is a significant victory for the Harrisburg Mall and the surrounding area.” Regal Cinemas has announced it can switch to Regal’s free loyalty club, “Critics Choice,” former members of Great Escape. By 31 January 2013, Critics Choice members will earn ten more credits when their Regal Crown Club card is activated online.

Planned for the Harrisburg Mall shortly:

Further interior and external enhancements are planned for the Great Harrisburg mall shortly. Regal Entertainment Group operates 540 theatres in 43 of the top 50 United States designated market regions in 38 countries with more than 6880 movie screens. The owner of the Harrisburg Mall sues the $557K Great Escapes. The rental of claims is overdue for six months.

Harrisburg Investors Group:

As COVID-19 continues to devastate the film theatre sector throughout the whole country, the Harrisburg Mall owners have lodged a complaint seeking a remittance of more than $557,000 from the mall’s operator. Great Harrisburg Investors Group argues in their lawsuit against Dauphin County Court that the Great Escape Theaters of Harrisburg have not paid their rent since, on the orders of Gov.

Cineworld Group PLC’s Regal Entertainment group:

For a 14-screen, 2,437-seat theatre, the theatre contract stipulated a monthly rental charge of at least $70,164 per month. The owner of the mall says it ended the contract for non-payment in October. The complaint began a month after the news that the Cineworld Group PLC’s Regal Entertainment Group, the parent company of the cinema, considered stopping its operations indefinitely on account of COVID-19. The epidemic brought down the audience.

Operation of Harrisburg Mall Theatre:

The Wall Street Journal initially highlighted the prospect that the second-largest theatre chain in the country could be inactive for a while. The Journal reported Cineworld’s assessment that in the first half of 2020, revenues fell by 70 percent compared with the same time in 2019.


In late October, Cineworld officially made its shutdown decision by announcing that it was stopping operations temporarily at its more than 500 facilities in the United States. In 2012, Regal took over the process of Harrisburg Mall Theatre.

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