How do you grind high concrete spots?

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Key Takeaways

  • Contractors grind concrete high spots with powerful rental grinding equipment.
  • Use a 4-inch grinder or rent a walk-behind floor grinder.
  • Versatile concrete suits residential and commercial settings, offering durability and beauty.
  • Grinding steps: Reduce tripping hazards, smooth high spots, grind thickset coatings.
  • Professional heavy-duty grinder with diamond blades ensures precision.

Contractors can grind concrete floor high spots by acquiring powerful grinding equipment from rental companies that specialize in them. If the concrete slab is uneven, you can either replace it or cover it with a leveling compound to make it even. However, you might want to consider grinding it as an alternative.

How do you grind high concrete spots?

For grinding concrete floor, you can use a 4-inch grinder. It is possible to rent a floor grinder that you walk behind as it grinds. Many flaws, such as high spots, surface contour marks, and surface stains, can be removed by grinding.

Given its versatility:

Given its versatility, many people consider concrete the ideal flooring material. As a result, it may be used in both a residential and a business setting with ease. Interior spaces benefit from the beauty of polished concrete floors when they are used as flooring. The flooring can also survive a lot longer than any other flooring material in the market today.

Grinding concrete floor Steps:

  1. Reduce tripping hazards by reducing the width of cracks or heaves.
  2. Before laying down the flooring, smooth off any high places or ridges.
  3. Thickset or other hard coatings can be ground down.
  4. A sealed surface must remove to receive adhesive, thin-set, or epoxy.

Grinding Concrete to Level It:

Grinding the concrete floor in high places is your only alternative for an uneven surface. These aren’t as simple as they appear. They need considerable skill and equipment. All of this is on top of the physical demands of hauling heavy bags of compound and gear. It is when enlisting the help of a professional can be beneficial. It is possible to determine the high points by employing a variety of ways at the beginning.

With the use of a heavy-duty grinder:

Your grinding concrete floor repair’s quality will be determined by the type of tool you employ to grind down concrete floor high spots. For best results, use a heavy-duty, walk-behind grinder with diamond blades at the bottom. Take caution, though. They cut so fast that any miscalculation can result in an indent on the surface of the material.

With laser receiver:

A laser receiver will need to be mounted on the grinding concrete floor to signal when to stop. When utilizing the receiver, first place the grinding machine on a section that has the proper height before using the receiver itself. Then, adjust the transmitter’s elevation until the receiver indicates that it’s on grade with the transmitter’s elevation. It’s now time for your team to move to each high point.

Terrazzo machine:

Some concrete grinding crews also use a terrazzo machine with Carborundum stones in addition to the grinder. Nevertheless, this method is more time-consuming than diamond grinders. In most cases, concrete grinders will use this type of machine. Leasing is preferable to buying if you want to do the grinding yourself. Your lack of competence will prevent you from delivering an accurate outcome.

Diamond Grains are the ones who do the chopping:

Segments, the elevated metal sections of the wheel, hold diamond grains that act as cutting surfaces on these grinders. When using an aggressive wheel, which can remove up to a quarter-inch of concrete but leaves a rougher surface in its wake, smaller amounts of concrete can be removed with a less aggressive wheel, producing a smoother surface.

Choose a wheel based on its surface area:

The larger the surface area, the less aggressive, and the opposite are true. You can use a more aggressive grinder to remove the rough and extended areas of grinding concrete floor rough places, while the less aggressive one can use it to clean tile thin-set residue from a wall or prepare for an epoxy finish. It would help if you prepared for your safety by putting on protective gear such as hearing protection and safety glasses.

Use this simple test to check the seal:

To grind effectively, you need to be able to exhale sharply and inhale sharply without any air leaving. The seal will be compromised if you have facial hair. Shave as much as you want—it will grow back.

Determining the best way to deal with dust:

You can prevent the dust from bursting in two different methods. Use a hand-pump sprayer to dampen the dust during grinding. However, it will produce an unpleasant slurry that will need to be hosed off or cleaned up using a wet vacuum. You can also hire a heavy-duty vacuum for use with a grinding machine (regular shop vacuums won’t keep up).

Snack on Nibbles:

It is possible to remove the concrete from a cracked or heaved sidewalk by tilting the grinder and feathering back the high spot. But they can minimize. Assisting you in clearing all the dust from the shroud will require a second hose and a helper.

Grind it out:

When you’re coming close to a wall, you should never remove the dust veil. Silica exposure will increase, and you’ll lose your protective barrier. When employing a dust shroud, push the dust shroud’s open end against the wall and make steady shallow passes. There should be no dig-ins on either side of the wheel’s edge when you turn it back and forth.

Identify the high points:

Trace the area to be covered with soil. Using a level or other straightedge, find the place where the high spot meets the flat surface. To find the high point, place a straightedge on it and measure the distance between the ends of a level. Afterward, draw a circle around the high point. A decent starting point, even if it isn’t perfect.

Benefits of grinding concrete floor:

As well as the benefits of having a polished concrete floor, a non-polished concrete floor might develop difficulties with time. Because of this uneven settlement, a distinct dip can be seen.


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