The theme of Guitar hero 2 songs

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Key Takeaways

  • “Guitar Hero 2 Songs: Sequel to the celebrated rock game.”
  • “Player’s performance affects score, hitting notes key for success.”
  • “Four difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert.”
  • “Features 40 challenging songs, with bonus tracks available for purchase.”
  • “Xbox 360 version includes additional downloadable tracks for a total of 98.”

Guitar hero 2 songs is a sequel to Guitar Hero. Guitar Hero is gameplay in which players enjoy rock music by holding guitars. The performance of the player depends upon the song. The player secures a high score if he has the best performance on the track. On the other hand, the bad performance of the player leads him to a low rating. There are phases to play a song and performing accordingly.

Guitar Hero 2 has an advanced theme. Harmonix published it for PlayStation and Xbox. It is the main series of Guitar Hero. Guitar hero two songs download, guitar hero four songs, guitar hero two songs youtube

The theme of Guitar hero 2 songs:

Guitar Hero 2 gives exciting challenges to the player to make rock music by playing guitar rhythm. Here a player can use a specific guitar-shaped operational function and do its songsThe Guitar hero has five songs, guitar hero Aerosmith songs, guitar hero Xbox 360 songs.

The rule to play Guitar Hero 2 is linked with a Guitar-shaped controller. The player notes keep going down the screen, and the player has to hit the fret buttons on this controller. To make the notes player also has to press the strum bar along with the fret buttons. The exact hitting notes give the player a top rating, but missing these notes can lead to bad ratings and incomplete notes. A player performs as per the number of fret controllers and the frequency set in these four levels.   There are four levels to play this game, Guitar hero two all songs cheat.

  1. Easy
  2. Medium
  3. Hard
  4. Expert


  • The Guitar hero 2 songs is a fun and creative game comprised of levels to play.
  • Here are 40 different songs which are arranged by the tiers. Each tier is placed at a challenging level that is unlocked gradually after playing the game.
  • When a tier is unlocked, the player can enjoy the song with a quick play.
  • Every song has a famous guitar track. The player can enjoy any guitar rhythm during the game.
  • There are also options for bonus songs in the updated version of Guitar Hero 2. Player has to purchase this feature to unlock unique and famous songs. Moreover, the bonus songs are a masterpiece that covers the bass guitar and rhythm guitar tracks.

Guitar hero 2 songs is a follow-up of the two songs of the guitar hero, produced by Harmonix and sold by RedOctane. Missing notes reduce the performance of the player and reduce the score. Special notes successfully improve the performance of the player and increase their score. The song may end prematurely due to poor performance.

The Xbox 360 includes 24 different tracks that can download via the Xbox Live market, which brings the total number of tracks to 98. Each song is composed of four different difficulty levels: superficial, medium, hard and skilled.

Guitar Hero II Setlist, which includes 24 more tracks:

After we told you that Dethklok, a fictional band of Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse, will appear as an unlocked bonus track in 2 guitar hero songs, we discovered the entire extra song list. There are 24 tracks in total! It appears that some Wal-Marts have demo kiosks set up and ready to rock with the succession, depending on how many copies of Guitar Hero have been sold. Thanks to 24 low-resolution images, we now have the complete list of unlocked tracks.

Team Wrestling Nintendo Tag:

You have an extravaganza of rock when you put these to the 40 tracks that have already been verified. Trogdor, popular Flash animation and Nintendo Tag team graduate, contributes to Bad Strong Metal / Dragon Opus (The Burninator). See the video after the break, follow the complete setlist of 64 tracks and practice your game with Trogdor.

The game disc songs:

With over 40 songs spread across eight levels, the sequel to our 2005 Best Music Game appears to be more rock-oriented than the first time. Their song is our 2005 Best music game sequel and has a long history of speculation, with listening and even “slipped” information. The entire rock spectrum from Guns N’ Roses to police to Dick Dale is covered by Guitar Hero II. The Xbox 360 version, released later, has four more songs than the original PlayStation 2 version, for a total of 74.

Two songs by guitar hero

Guitar hero tracklist has two songs

Raw Dog in Vegas

Black Christ Arterial

Anarchy Club – Collide

Bones – The Gorgeous Devil of Elephant

Fall of Pangea – Thorr, Valient


Brian Kahanek Gemini

The Acrobats’ Relief

Freezepop – Freezepop –

Buckethead – Jordan


In terms of guitar Hero 2 songs, RedOctane says that it wants to keep them secret until the release date so that the experience for fans is not spoiled. We like what we hear, but we curiously appreciate the quality of the tunes. But to those who wait come good things, and we’ve just got a month to do that.

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