Things to Know about Hand Tied Extensions

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Key Takeaways

  • Hand-Tied Extensions: Versatile styling with varied length, volume, color, and texture options.
  • Damage-Free Installation: Hand-tied extensions add volume and length without damaging hair.
  • Installation Technique: Small sections hand-tied with threads and beads for a natural look.
  • Cost Considerations: Installation costs vary; tightening and maintenance charges may apply.
  • Lifespan and Maintenance: Lasts 5-9 weeks, proper care extends up to 7-8 months.

Hand Tied Extensions: Hair extensions are loved by a lot of people for the fantastic versatility of styling they offer. You can choose from various options that vary in length, volume, color, and texture. Apart from that, different installation techniques also distinguish multiple types.

Though extension types like clip-ins and tape-in are trendy, many people love hand tied extensions as they offer ease of installation and aesthetic appeal to your hair. Unlike other methods that damage your hair, hand-tied, semi-permanent extensions do not cause any damage to your hair and add instant volume and length to make your hair look stunning.

Salon professionals carefully install these small sections of extensions on your natural hair. Like the beaded weft technique, they attach the hairpieces to your hair with the help of microbeads or tubes.

It is an ideal technique for people looking to add more volume and length to their hair without damaging their original hair and scalp. If you consider installing these extensions, here is a comprehensive guide about hand-tied semi-permanent hair extensions that will give you more information.

How do they work?

Installing Hand Tied Extensions is a pretty straightforward process, yet you need the help of a salon professional who has experience in installing these extensions. The hairstylist attaches the wefts of hair to your natural hair by hand-tying them with threads and beads.

The threads are cotton or nylon, which offer an excellent grip on your hair. The extension won’t get loose or dislodged from your original hair. The number of extensions depends on your hair length, density, and volume you require.

These extensions do not require any heat or adhesives to attach to your natural hair, which makes them a perfect solution for people who want fuller and longer hair without compromising the health of their natural hair and scalp.

How much do they cost?

The cost of installation varies according to the location and volume you desire. It typically starts from $200 to $250, which doesn’t include the cost of hair extensions. The final price can vary depending on the brand, color, texture, and length.

Depending on the length and volume you desire, you will need 8 to 10 wefts of hair which the hairdresser will hand-tie to your hair. The maintenance charges may also vary from person to person. It would be best if you tightened them after some time, and it takes $50 to $100 to retighten them. The cost can also increase with each section of hair.

The cost of hair extensions depends on brand, volume, and length. A 20-inch hand-tied hair wefts pack can cost around $350 to $400. If you are confused about which brand and length to buy, you can consult your hairdresser for guidance.

What’s the lifespan of these extensions?

The lifespan of your extensions depends on various factors. First of all, the brand you choose makes a big difference. Top brands use only 100% Indian Remy hair to make their extensions. These hair are the hallmark of hair quality and are more durable than other hair types. On the other hand, cheap ones are synthetic hair that looks unnatural and gets damaged in a few uses.

One other essential factor that determines longevity is maintenance. Many users do not take care of their extensions and complain about them getting damaged. As they are natural human hair, you have to take care of them as you would your natural hair.

It would be good to brush them regularly to detangle them. You also have to wash them to remove dirt and debris from hair and restore the pleasant fragrance.

Scheduling maintenance appointments with a salon is essential to move them up or remove them. Every day detangling, cleansing, and conditioning the hair is necessary. Improper care damages the texture, shine, and hair quality. Avoid using shampoo with sulfates, and always use heat protectant sprays if you use heat styling tools to protect extensions from damage.

Hand-tied extensions usually last for about five to nine weeks before you need to redo them from a stylist. It’s also good to have regular maintenance appointments at the salon to improve longevity.

The amount of care you take also determines how long they will last. If you take proper care and maintenance, the extensions can last for more than seven to eight months. As your hair also grows with time, you have to adjust them according to the length of your hair.

Hand Tied Extensions, Hand-tied semi-permanent extensions are undoubtedly an excellent choice for people who don’t want to damage their hair with adhesives and heat and yet have fuller and longer hair with extensions. For the best results, it’s always best to get an experienced stylist hand-tie your extensions.


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