Hardwareswap Invoice Method and everything.

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Key Takeaways

  • New members must read and adhere to Hardwareswap community rules.
  • Rules cover specific guidelines and prohibitions related to hardware trading.
  • Software trading, services, and certain items like gift cards are forbidden.
  • Users must exercise caution and avoid sharing personal information.
  • Moderator decisions are final, and violations may result in bans.

Hardwareswap: We want to welcome you if you are new to our community. New members must read the full rules before posting or answering a post. Do not read the rules is not an excuse, and if it violates them, your post will delete. If you have a problem with a rule or have deleted your post, please send us a message here, using Mod Mail. Repeated offenses will lead to a lifelong prohibition. There are no exceptions.

Hardwareswap Rules:

More specific guidelines can find on the wiki. If you can’t locate something covered by the rules, email us with Mod Mail and ask for more information here. We strive to accommodate users on a case-by-case basis, but for each instance, we cannot rule. We can and will decide what is and is not permitting on a case-by-case basis. Lying in a community to a mod or any other user is not acceptable.

Hardwareswap Software:

Trading of related software or software goods in /r/hardware is not allowed. It includes but is not limited to product keys, in-game objects, in-game currency, physical software discs, purchasing hardware permits/passes, raffle/contest entries, and beta invites. Another community member’s rude behavior or harassment shall be prohibited, and repeated violations shall lead to immediate and permanent prohibition.


Hardwareswap is for tangible objects dealing and selling only. Services of any type are not permitted to be posted, including item rental. Customized products like sleeved cables, 3D-printed items, and keychains are not permitted unless you have produced them. Buying/trading posts that are flagrant lowballs bidding or other ally considered low effort can and will withdraw at the moderator’s discretion.

Forbidden items:

Pre-commands, Gift Cards, Site Credit, and Digital products are not allowed, such as games, software, DLC games/expansions/addons. Any trade employing such methods is a warning of suspension. These things are not permitted for sale either. Any trade between these items is not flavored, and repeated abuse leads to a permanent ban. Software may be incorporated with an item not available separately, which is for sale.


  1. In the event you are scammed, the moderators of the sub shall not be held accountable. We have provided numerous resources to avoid this happening on the wiki. On the wiki, you can find a more detailed explanation of payment methods. DO NOT submit your details or any other information. It includes name, telephone, street address, email, etc. It will lead to punitive action on hardware was and prevent you from Reddit as a whole.


If you have a problem with a trader, please inform the moderators before posting. Threads not approved may be removed. Crapping thread is not tolerating. It does not include but is not limited to leaving commentary that instigates or otherwise derail threads for purchasing, selling, or trading a product. In short, if the original poster doesn’t help you make your trade, you should probably not leave the comment.

Vote brigading:

Do NOT follow a user fellow and vote their posts down. It is Vote brigading and is contrary to Reddit rules and Hardwareswap rules. So, Any user or mod problems should arise rais in Mod Mail. It is unacceptable to confront a user in a thread, and the original creator is not polite. It’s a consumer platform for consumers.

Use of business:

Companies, companies, and other commercial entities may participate in /r/hardwarewap but must comply with the following requirements. One user may use an account. Shared accounts between employees or partners are not permitted. Bots, scripts, or other third parties are not tolerated to notice posts or contact users in large part. It is prohibited to buy items in bulk for reselling or dropping shipping on other online selling sites.

Accounts compromised:

First off, Two Factor Authentication Enabled should use by all /r/hardwarewap users of Reddit. It safeguards you and others in our subordination. Failure to enable Two Factor opens your attack account. You are permanently prohibited. If your account is targeting and you get control, enable Two Factor Authentication and be happy to save it. Change your password. Change your password too.

Contact the moderators:

Hardwareswap moderators have the authority to make a judgment arbitrarily based on the facts they have at the moment. Moderators can and will ban first and subsequently ask questions. Information such as PayPal invoices, Paypal email, mailing, billing address, tracking numbers, or different item timestamps may request by the moderator for any reason they consider will help protect the community or create a business feeling.

Understanding the Rules:

The rules are an essential reference to the community’s expected conduct and delivery. While we would like to describe every infringement that can lead to the removal of a post or the ban on a user, we do not have time or room to mention all infringement. If you have a question about whether or not something is allowed, you can find out several ways. Mod Mail and the Discord Channel are always open, and somebody is around 99% of the time.

Mean permanent:

Only because you were banned does this prohibition not mean permanent. If you don’t know why you were prohibited, we will ask you to react nicely and informatively to the ban notification, and a mod will explain in detail why you have been removed from the community. Arguing against the ban or criticizing mods will most probably lead to a permanent ban.

The primary account to stay is assessing:

The approval of the primary account to stay is assessed on a case-by-case basis. When an alt account is prohibited or not allowed to post, it circumvents the rules and causes both accounts to be prohibited immediately and permanently. If you have a legitimate problem with a rule or feel that the way it was described is defective or mistaken, we ask you to post a Mod Mail about it here. However, we still expect to observe that guideline.

Never delete mail:

Never delete the post unless you are authorized to do so by a /r/hardwarewap moderator. References for future sales give threads to look back on. Once you have sold your item, bought, or completed a post to Closes when all goods are selling. We can’t simply ascertain why your post was removed when you delete a thread. So after three days, we may urge you to wait to post again.

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