Harry potter shoes collection released in Hyper Court Express 2

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Key Takeaways

  • “K-Swiss presents Quidditch-inspired Harry Potter shoes, sold out instantly.”
  • “Hyper Court Express2 has black braces, silver base, and wood grain.”
  • “Exclusive Golden Snitch gift for UK fans in select boxes.”
  • “Four house-inspired designs feature Hogwarts crests and house colors.”
  • “Vans collaborates with Harry Potter, releasing house-themed shoe collection.”

Harry potter shoes: K-Swiss has developed a unique collection of Quidditch-inspired footwear in partnership with Warner Bros. UPDATE: We sold. The Harry Potter x K-Swiss Firebolt Hyper Court Express 2 out of the Wizard World exclusively to Harry Potter Fan Club members of our shop now. Everything has been sold out right now. A few K-Swiss harry potter shoes can directly be purchased from the Wizarding World by Harry Potter Fan Club members.

Hyper court Express2:

The new Hyper court Express2 Harry Potter x K-Swiss is inspired by its name and has black braces, a silver base, and a genuine wood grain. The box comes with one of our special Enchanted Keys, a special surprise for fans when scanned through the Wizarding World app, which is available in the UK, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia. And perhaps you would like to save the cloth paper that the shoe comes in, like a newspaper from the daily profit.

Golden Snitch:

For UK fans, 20 boxes contain a special gift, a collectible ‘Golden Snitch. To buy Harry Potter x K-Swiss Firebolt Hyper court Express 2 from the Wizarding World shop, you must be a registered member of the harry potter shoes Fan Club. A 24-hour early access window will be available to Gold members from 22 July. Gold members are entitled to save 20 percent on shoes and other items at Wizarding World online stores. The conditions and terms are applicable.

Gold membership:

More about Gold membership is available here.

For the latest updates, follow @kswiss and @WizardingWorld on Instagram to discover more about future product products from this collaboration using the hashtags #HarryPotterFanClub and #HarryPotterFirebolt. Get ready to take the chic Quidditch. Quidditch meets with these exciting new, world-inspired shoes. House Pride. Available as of 31 July, this is the result of spanning cooperation between Warner Bros.

Four different designs based on Hogwarts House:

Consumer Products and K-Swiss recently brought you Harry Potter x Firebolt Hyper court Express 2 limited edition. The harry potter shoes K-Swiss Back to K-Swiss Footwear is an exhibition. The shoe was inspired by the Harry broom he received in Hogwarts for his third year. Different houses are different figures. The collection of every house-inspired design on a distant silhouette of K-Swiss beautifully illustrates this.

Quidditch designs re-imagined house:

Hogwarts is competing in the house, and this is the Quidditch House Cup. There’s only one competition here. The K-Swiss Court Pro II sneaker, replaced by Hogwarts house colors and crests, is the second design group of the collection. But not everything! But not everything! All those sneakers also hero Quidditch’s magic game with burnished lime and mesh ribbing, referring to Quidditch players’ uniforms and gear.

K-Swiss Firebolt:

The Hyper court Express 2 Harry Potter x K-Swiss Firebolt was exclusive of the harry potter shoes Fan Club, so we hope you have managed to get one of those limited-edition pairs. And now, with this new Back to Hogwarts footwear, you can add to your Quidditch collection! Shoes for gold members in the United States can buy at the Wizarding World Shop, where they can save up to 20% on the purchase price.

Wizarding partnerships:

Join Harry Potter Fan Club to be one of the first to hear about more wizarding partnerships, new products, and the latest news and updates. So, when can the Harry Potter x K-Swiss Back to The shop be available on 31 July (US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia members of the harry potter shoes Fan Club), K-swiss.com, Amazon.com, Mason Companies, Off-Broadway, and the Shoe Show. A first look at the upcoming cooperation between Harry Potter Vans and Hogwarts’ designs.

Hogwarts collection is found, and where?

Photos of the highly anticipated collaboration between Harry Potter and Vans are here, and fans of the magic series will undoubtedly be pleased with the next launch. Harry Potter is only the most up-to-date collaboration on the iconic shoe brand, which brings together designs from Supreme, Disney, and even NASA. Last month, Vans trickled the next cooperation with Harry Potter, and photographs of the collection were taken online.

Ravenclaw designs:

The colour scheme of each house has been followed so far by Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw designs. Slytherin is green, red and yellow, yellow, black and yellow, and blue and white are the colour of Ravenclaw. The picture shows the Gryffindors high, the Hufflepuffs slip, and the Ravenclaw and Slytherin are low. Swear solemnly that only two pairs of each will grab off the shelves.

As always, our top priority is providing you with a pair of stylish and high-quality hand-painted sneakers that you design yourself. Any sort of design problems that you have to throw at us, we’re up for!

When is the collection of Vans Harry Potter released?

Vans still have not announced a date for the collections of Vans Harry Potter, but you can register via their site for more information. The fans ramp up the promo for the next harry potter shoe collection, so we guess that any day fans might drop. In April, fans were insane when Vans announced that April; they would cooperate with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to bring us a shoe collection from Harry Potter.

Supporters of both franchises:

Supporters of both franchises flew their bustle and hoped that they wouldn’t have a 12-year experience in Azkaban while waiting to release the shoes. Fortunately, only a month we had to wait. If you finish wearing them or they’ll continue to disclose your location. This charming design represents all the magic of the stories! It contains favorite symbols with a lightning bolt on the face of Dobby from iconic glasses (RIP, little).

The designs are as follows:

As we predicted, house-topic shoes depict the mascot and colors of each house. Vans has also been sufficiently cleverer to include other designs with significant symbols such as the Snitch, the harry potter shoes, Deathly Hollows, and Marauder’s map.


Each house in Hogwarts features a personalized style put on one of the four core Vans shoes: Gryffindor (Sk8-Hi), Ravenclaw (Authentic), and Slytherin. The design of Marauder’s Map reveals all the secrets of the cooperation. Sure, you say “managed malady,” Harry potter shoe kids, or Harry potter shoes Gryffindor. Harry potter shoes converse, Harry potter shoes in the UK, Harry potter shoes Nike, Harry potter shoes Primark, Harry potter shoes Canada, Harry potter shoes Asda.

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