Hayley Marshall-Kenner – The Vampire Diaries Review.

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Key Takeaways

  • Hayley Marshall’s Deception: Started as a villain, she manipulated hybrids, leading to their tragic fate.
  • Tough and Manipulative: Hayley is a tough manipulator, a tomboy, and an expert schemer.
  • Hayley and Hope: Mother of Hope Mikaelson, descendant of Aria, and werewolf.
  • Werewolf Queen of New Orleans: Alpha werewolf, leader, and protector of Crescent Wolf Pack.
  • Tragic Fate and Legacy: Sacrificed herself for Hope, leaving a powerful legacy in New Orleans’ supernatural world.

Her TV debut was a villain, but she spent months courting the hybrids and promising them freedom only to murder them all in exchange for a flash drive full of pictures of dead people. Hayley Marshall is portrayed as a psychopath because the writers never bring this up again.


According to her friends, Hayley is tough as nails and a fierce defender. As a result, she can come off as a bit of a tomboy: she scoffs at the pretenses of high school, doesn’t get along well with other girls, and can hold her own against her male peers. She is an expert manipulator with questionable morals who will go to any length to obtain her goals.

Hope Mikaelson:

It’s hard to say who the better leader throughout the series was, but who reigned supreme in New Orleans? Hayley is the most likely candidate, while Rebekah is the most likely candidate. Andréa Labonair, better known as Hayley Marshall, is a werewolf and the protagonist of the fan fiction series The Originals. Hope Mikaelson is her child, and she is a direct descendant of Aria.

Hayley with Klaus’ child:

Hayley with Klaus’ child from their one-night stand before the show began. The Original Family shielded her during season one, and she was happy to see Thomas again. Her child would go on to destroy Klaus, and yet she had not spoken to him about it.

Family of Hayley Marshall:

Due to her adoption, Hayley has no idea where she acquired the werewolf gene. She accidentally killed someone while drunk on a boat trip, which triggered the gene. While watching television with her adoptive parents one night, she took a turn for the supernatural. Since then, Hayley has been on her own, joining wolf packs only on rare occasions and never for very long.

Transformation as a werewolf:

Until now, she’d assumed her crescent moon birthmark on her back was nothing more than an ordinary birthmark. Hayley Marshall and Rebekah Mikaelson starred with In Originals, a Vampire Diaries spin-off. Hayley was a hybrid and an alpha vampire, while Rebekah was an Original vampire who ruled New Orleans’ supernatural community. In the final season of The Originals, Hayley’s character suffered a tragic death. At the same time, Rebekah decided to leave the city her family had built and begin a new life with Marcel.

Hayley: She Was the Werewolf Queen:

Hayley was born into the werewolf family of the Crescent Wolf Pack, one of the most formidable and feared packs in the city. When Klaus notices the birthmark on Elena’s shoulder during their affair in The Vampire Diaries, he decides to take her to the town. Throughout The Originals, Hayley is proud of her heritage and acts as the alpha female of the Crescent Wolf Pack. She marries Jackson Kenner to bring peace and unity to the werewolf tribes.

Hayley: She Belonged To A Mixed Race:

Hayley Marshall, on the other hand, was no ordinary werewolf. After dying in the season one finale, Hayley becomes a vampire-werewolf hybrid while carrying Hope’s blood in her system. She now possesses the power of both species. Hybridizing Hayley gave her control over her werewolf transformations and enhanced her strength and speed. Sadly, she also developed the sun sensitivity of a vampire, which led to her demise.

Hayley Is A Werewolf Alpha:

Hayley Marshall, the alpha werewolf and ruler of the Crescent Wolf Pack, was a formidable figure among the city’s wolves. Later in season two, she marries Jackson Kenner, a second alpha werewolf, and together with the two, rule the wolf packs. Hayley held a high position among the werewolves. Both her parents left a powerful legacy to Hope, their werewolf queen, and Original hybrid. During the show’s final season, she sacrificed her life to save her daughter Hope, who was reunited with Jackson and his family in the afterlife.

When she was younger, she was a fun-loving girl who liked to have a good time and was unconcerned about witchcraft. Eight months before the series, her niece Monique Deveraux died during the Harvest, a sacrificial ritual used among New Orleans witches to summon power from their ancestors. Her focus shifted to killing Davina and completing the way to resurrect her niece, and she became more determined than ever.

Negotiating skills with the bloodthirsty horde:

There is no doubt that Sophie will stop at nothing to achieve her goal, making an enemy of Sophie extremely hazardous. In the end, Monique was the one who got the better of her. She was linked to her briefly. That way, she could use her negotiating skills with the bloodthirsty horde. It implies that everything that had happened to Sophie had also befallen Hayley.

Finn’s handcuffs and Hayley’s blood:

In an isolated alley, she is attacked by a werewolf, who turns out to be Hayley, after coaxing him there. After that, in the church, Cami is reviving herself with Hayley’s blood and handcuffing Finn, who has been hit by Jackson’s arrows and is now unconscious. On the same night that Esther appears and casts a spell on her, she drinks in her bar. She eventually forgets about Esther’s spell and learns about it from Hayley.

Kol, Marcel, and Klaus for their help:

Because Finn is unwilling to assist her, she waits for Esther’s spell, which Davina uses to keep her safe and control her body.

Hayley: Her Mother Was A Tough One:

During the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries, Hayley has a brief liaison with Klaus that alters the course of the young werewolf’s life. Hayley gives birth to their daughter Hope in the season one finale after Klaus removes the curse that suppressed his werewolf heritage. Hope’s mother, Hayley, was a fierce and loving woman who would do anything to protect her child.\

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