Why having a Bike is the Need for Hour for Everyone?

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Key Takeaways

  • Navigate bustling cities efficiently, save time, and escape traffic jams with a bike.
  • Break free from public transport constraints, attain travel freedom conveniently.
  • Ensure safety and comfort by effortlessly maintaining social distance while commuting.
  • Embrace the outdoors, enhance your daily routine with a refreshing open-air experience.
  • Choose budget-friendly mobility: find stylish second-hand bikes under 20000 in Delhi.

Heavy traffic with a bike: The coronavirus pandemic might have fetched several changes to your life in the last couple of months – from working from home to that staying away from public transport. Now is the right or the perfect time to think of purchasing a two-wheeler like a bike. No matter pandemic or not, having a bike or two-wheeler is a perfect thing for you.

Commuting during peak hours on the roads or streets in big cities is no less than wrestling. You would be shocked to know that residents of big metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and so on spending an average of 1.5 hours more on their regular commutes than they are required to.  The point is you should have a bike that can help you in some way when you commute.

And not just about the traffic part, but otherwise, there are so many benefits of having a two-wheeler like a bike for yourself. You can even consider a second-hand bike in Delhi under 20000. Of course, it is all about how you look at things.

Goodbye to heavy traffic with a bike

The foremost thing that comes to mind is the time savings of moving or commuting around a big city on a bike. In this way, you can say goodbye to traffic jams, which leads many users to leave the four-wheeler or car behind and choose a bike. No matter a scooter or a bike, they are agile and have access to some restricted access areas and even special lanes.

Being in a position to leave home with the exact time to go to work without having to worry about how many minutes you are going to be trapped on the road is a luxury that many people have already experienced. Once you switch from your car to your bike, you will find a lot of time-saving.

Experience independence of travelling by a bike

In addition to saving a lot of your valuable time in traffic jams and finding parking, mobility by bike means acquiring absolute independence. You will no longer have to rely on public transport timetables, strikes, or even remodelling works so commonly in the subway or that of the train station. Come on, what if you always have to schedule your routine as per the transportation means? Moreover, you always have to wait for a bus or train to come to get going.

Maintaining proper distance

It would help if you had a bike and you would beg at a distance from others. After all, it is time that you go ahead and check out a bike that works wonderfully for you. Come on, now, if you are a person and you want to go to the office, if you have a bike, you will wear your helmet and get going.

But if you do not have a bike, you may have to depend on a train, bus, or even a cab. In every case, you would be sharing the space with others. Here, social distancing would be compromised to some extent for sure.  But such a thing is never going to happen when you are driving your bike!

You feel fresh

When you go to your office or any other place by bike, you feel fresh. You feel the fresh air, and you look around while you drive. But when you are travelling in a bus, car or even any train, you may be limited to the vehicle’s walls. You may find something like your room or closed space. So, if you want to feel the freshness while you travel, you must own at least one two-wheeler.


So, even if you do not have a budget to invest in a new bike, go for a second-hand bike under 20000in Delhi and ensure that you have a perfect working and stylish bike. After all, it is about your choice and preference.

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