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Home depot Salem Ohio has collaborated with environmental nonprofits to develop a wide range of eco-friendly initiatives. The company Home Depot has lessened its environmental impact by planting thousands of trees close to its headquarters in Atlanta. In 2007, the Home Depot Foundation, the corporation’s charity arm, said it planned to invest $100 million over the following decade to construct more than 100,000 environmentally friendly, low-cost houses and plant 3,000,000 trees. In this article, we will give you all information about home depot Salem Ohio in detail.

What is Home Depot Salem Ohio?

Home Depot Salem Ohio is a global American retail firm specializing in home improvement goods and services, including hardware, building materials, appliances, and more. When it comes to home renovation supplies, Home Depot is the undisputed leader in the American market. The firm employed about 490,600 people in 2021 and earned over $151 billion. The company’s office is in Atlanta, while its administrative offices are in the Atlanta suburb of Cobb County. It runs a wide variety of supercenters in the United States.

Area of home depot Salem Ohio:

Ohio’s northern Columbiana Country is home to the city of Salem, while southern Mahoning County is home to a minor district. The population in the city was 11,915 as of the year 2020 census. The principal town in the Salem micropolitan region is not in Mahoning County; instead, it is part of the Youngstown-Warren metropolitan area, which includes the rest of the country. Salem is located in Ohio, close to Youngstown Canton (45 km) and Cleveland. Salem, Massachusetts, was founded in 1806 by the Quaker organization.

History of home depot Salem Ohio:

Zadok Street, a clockmaker from New Jersey, and John Straughan, a potter from Pennsylvania, founded Salem in 1806. Street’s hometown of Salem, New Jersey, inspired the city’s moniker. Salem signifies the “city of peace” because it was named after Jerusalem in west Asia. Quakers, members of the Religious Society of Friends, were among Salem’s early residents; as a result, the city’s public school district’s sports teams are known as the Salem Quakers. Salem was founded as a city in 1830. Alan Freed, the radio personality, was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Reform efforts:

Salem was a center for numerous reforms at the time. Salem, Massachusetts, was the birthplace of the abolitionist newspaper The Anti-Slavery Bugle in 1845. The Salem branch of the Progressive Friends was founded in 1849 by a group of Quakers who wanted to promote women’s suffrage and end slavery but had broken away from the wider Quaker community. There was no abolitionist on the local school board at the time.

Historic districts:

South Lincoln Avenue Historic District (1993) and Salem Downtown Historic District (1995) have been designated National Register historic districts because they feature many of the city’s oldest and most notable structures. The First United Methodist Church and the John Street House, an Underground Railroad stop, are included on the National Register of Historic Places in this town, in addition to the Burchfield Homestead, where the artist Charles E. Burchfield lived from the ages of five to twenty-eight.


The city’s land area is 6.43 square miles (16.65 km2), as the United States Census Bureau reported. The Columbiana County seat, Salem, is also the county’s largest city. Perry Township surrounds Salem, Oregon, to a large extent (see map). Like many others in Ohio, Perry Township has been annexed recently.


2010 census:

There were 12,303 people, 5,272 households, and 3,118 families residing in the city as of the 2010 census. The population density was relatively high, with 1,913.4 people per square mile (738.8 per square kilometre). Housing density was 896.3 per square mile (346.1 per square kilometre), with 5,763 dwellings. There were 95.9% White people, 0.7% Black people, 0.2% Native Americans, 0.4% Asian people, 1.6% people of other races, and 1.2% people of mixed ancestry living in the city. To put it another way, Hispanics and Latinos made up only 2.5% of the population.

2000 census:

It was estimated that there were 12,197 residents, 5,146 homes, and 3,247 families in the city based on data from the year 2000 census. The average density of dwellings was 1,005.7 per square mile (388.6 per square kilometre), and there were 5,505 of them. This is how the city’s racial makeup broke down: The demographics of the United States’s population are as follows: 97.35% White, 5.25% Black, 0.9% American Indian, 3.45% Asian, 0.2% Polynesian, 0.85% Hispanic or Latino, 0.85% Asian, 0.2% Pacific Islander, 0.85% Other.

What is Northwest Territory?

Northwest Territories was split in two in 1800; the remaining territory was restructured and admitted to the Union as the 17th state on March 1, 1803. This marked the beginning of Ohio’s rich and eventful history as a sovereign nation. In the late 17th century, French explorers from Canada discovered the Ohio River, which the Iroquois referred to as O-y-o, meaning “big river,” and from whence the Home Depot Salem, Ohio got its name before the Iroquois arrived in the late 17th century.

Salem Oregon:

Oregon’s state capital and the county seat Marion County is located in Salem. The Willamette River, which flows north through the city, places it near the geographical center of the Willamette Valley. West Salem is located in Polk County, across the river from the Marion County seat. Established in 1842, Salem served as the territorial capital of Oregon from 1851 until its incorporation in 1857. With a 2019 population of 174,365, Salem was the state’s third-largest metropolis, behind Portland and Eugene.


We continue to lead by example, showing the world that sustainability business practices are viable and good for business,” reads a statement on the Home Depot Salem Ohio website, indicating the company’s dedication to environmental responsibility. In 2007, Home Depot began to include a label on about 3,000 of its goods. Clean water, renewable energy, and forest preservation are only some of the label’s goals. Executives at Home Depot said that the firm could influence tens of thousands of suppliers.


What Was The Name Of Home Depot Salem Ohio Before?

Would you go to a store called Bad Bernie’s Buildall? That’s one of the suggestions Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank made.

Does the Same Company own Lowes And Home Depot in Salem Ohio?

You’re thinking wrong; the same corporation doesn’t own Lowe’s and Home Depot. Both are in the public domain and belong to separate organizations.

Does Walmart own Home Depot?

All the same, despite their similarities, they are not connected. Contrary to popular belief, Walmart does not own Home Depot.

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