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Key Takeaways

  • Honeycomb Gaming Mice Benefits: Lightweight, durable, and comfortable, these mice keep hands cool during intense gaming sessions.
  • HK Mira Series: HK Gaming offers two models, Mira M and Mira S, differing in size and weight for personalized comfort.
  • Glorious Model O Variants: Glorious Model O Minus suits small to medium hands, while Model O caters to medium to large hands.
  • Cooler Master MM710: The 53g MM710 is one of the lightest mice, featuring durable Omron Switches for prolonged use.
  • FinalMouse Ultra-light 2: Weighing just 48g, this mouse offers exceptional performance and ergonomics, despite its diminutive size.

Honeycomb mouse: To save you from becoming tired while gaming for long periods, Honeycomb gaming mice are built to be highly durable while still being light and comfortable to use. You’ll scarcely notice the holes while playing, and they’ll help keep your hands cool and fresh by allowing air to circulate through them. There are a lot of reasons why gamers like this mouse.

Chinese-language video game publisher Mira M&S:

HK gaming’s Mira line includes two Honeycomb shell models: the HK MIRA M and the HK MIRA S. The only difference between these models is their size, as indicated by their names (and Weight). Mira M’s dimensions and weight are listed in the table above. 114x60x40mm (LXWXH) and 61g (weight) are the measurements and weight, respectively. Overall performance and other aspects are virtually equal.

Glorious Model O & D:

There are two variations of the honeycomb computer mouse. Small to medium-sized hands should use Glorious Model O Minus, whereas medium to large-sized hands should use Glorious Model O. The size and weight of these mice varied. Model O Minus weighs only 58 grams, compared to the conventional Model O’s 68 grams.

Ultra-light Honeycomb Mice from Cooler Master:

The 53-gram Cooler Master MM710 mouse is the lightest on the market (without cable). If you don’t believe us, compare it to the 58-gram Glorious Model O Minus and the 47-gram ultra-light two from the Finalmouse banner. The Omron Switches in the clicked panel are rating for up to 20 million clicks, so it’s safe to say this is one tricky mouse. This mouse is exceptionally long-lasting, to put it simply.

Extremely Long-Lasting Honeycomb Mice from HyperX:

The honeycomb shell gaming mouse, HyperX Pulsefire Haste from HyperX, will be available towards December 2020. On this list, the HyperX Pulsefire Haste honeycomb gaming mouse is yet another ultra-lightweight option. It has a 59-gram weight. Glorious Model O Minus weighs the same as Glorious Model O, except one gram. So, it boasts 60 million solid and pleasant clicks on its golden tiny dustproof switches.

SteelSeries Aerox mouse 3:

One of the best things about this mouse is how durable it is. The mouse’s left and right-click buttons are built to survive 80 million clicks and are relatively light. Although it has a lot of holes, the ABS plastic chassis prevents dust from collecting to the point where it would harm the mouse. Because of the holes, it’s more comfortable to play for long periods without getting hot and bothered.

Ultra-light 2 FinalMouse (48g):

Finalmouse’s high-end mice never cease to amaze us, and this honeycomb gaming mouse is no exception. At barely 48g, it’s the lightest mouse in this roundup and the globe. The mouse performs well and is ergonomically designed. This mouse was a deal-breaker for some customers due to its diminutive size. If you’re worried about the mouse’s size, don’t be. Infinity skins may apply to the mouse to alter its appearance.

Honeycomb Skoll Mini 50g:

With 16,000 DPI, 400 IPS, and a 50G maximum, the 3389 Pixart gaming-grade sensor replaces the original Skoll.

Logitech G PRO X wireless mouse:

If you want a compact, lightweight wireless mouse, choose the Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT. While it’s more expensive and lacks illumination, the Glorious Model O’s clock latency is shorter, and its CPI can be adjusted more precisely. Although it doesn’t have a honeycomb shape or a rechargeable battery, it is substantially lighter at 59g.


The CPI range is more excellent, and the mouse feet glide more smoothly, but the rubber cable is less flexible than the paracord-like cable found on the Glorious. Sadly, it still requires an older micro USB cord instead of the more modern USB-C one.

The MM720 from Cooler Master:

The Cooler Master MM720 is our pick for the best lightweight gaming mouse with an ergonomic form. It’s ultra-lightweight, weighing only 54g without the cord, and features a honeycomb cutout pattern on the mouse’s top and sides. The ring finger rests in a groove on the right side of the ring, making it a right-handed design. People with large hands may find the mouse uncomfortable to hold because it’s too little for them.

Microsoft Arc Mouse:

The Microsoft Arc Mouse is our pick for the best portable mouse. It weighs only 82g, and because of its arc shape, it can collapse to fit easily inside laptop bags. Despite the ambidextrous design, it’s likely too small for extra-large hands to properly employ a palm grip with this pen. It does not have a standard on/off switch; instead, you snap it into the arced or flat position to turn it on or off.

Features of honeycomb mouse:

Even if you use it for lengthy periods, this gaming mouse provides precise control that is long-lasting and comfortable to use. The following are the features of the gaming mouse:

Friendly to Gamers:

For the most part, serious gamers can play all day if they become too addicted to video games. That’s why the honeycomb gaming mouse has rubber grips for a solid hold and a matte surface on the outside, so it doesn’t get slippery when you’re gaming.


It’s reasonable to assume that a honeycomb gaming mouse will endure a long time. Honeycomb mouse’s right and left buttons can take up to 50 million clicks, compared to some mice’s 5 million click limit.


For a wireless mouse to work, you must ensure that it can still reach the tiny receiver, even if you are far away. Some wireless mice can be recharged, making them more handy and cost-effective because you won’t have to purchase new batteries as often.


The most OK gaming mouse is still a wired one. Why? It’s because the cursor and movement are more precise with wired, so there’s no latency or worrying about running out of juice. Installation couldn’t be much simpler: plug it in and go.


To keep your hands cool and dry, the mouse has the hexagonal hollow shape of a honeycomb mouse. It encourages airflow. When you sweat on your hands, they become clammy and sticky. These gloves help to keep you dry by keeping moisture away from your hands. The fact that this mouse is so tiny and light can make a significant difference in first-person shooter gameplay. Honeycomb mouse, Honeycomb mouse, Honeycomb mouse.

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