Are you one of those who think choosing the right hotel is possible only in dreams? Have a look at some tips which will make your dream come true

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Key Takeaways

  • Prioritize Essentials: List needs for a comfortable hotel stay.
  • Check Basic Amenities: Confirm parking, Wi-Fi, breakfast; avoid extra charges.
  • Opt for New/Renovated: Ensure modern facilities, avoid worn-out conditions.
  • Recent Reviews Matter: Focus on the latest reviews for accurate information.
  • Speak to Hotel Directly: Confirm details, facilities; online info may be outdated

Hotel reviews: You were attracted to all the fascinating pictures and mesmerizing views on the site and clicked the button for booking a hotel for yourself without a second thought? The reality was quite different from what you had thought?

It is what most people do today. Firstly, you do not have the time. Secondly, the apps, cameras that take perfect pictures, editing with the best technology available in town, and many more concepts can make an ordinary picture look like a real piece of art. You are lured and think your job is done. Choosing the right kind of hotel for a stay is not as easy as it sounds. You have to put in some time and effort to have a comfortable stay worth your money. If you want to have a perfect stay with the satisfaction of choosing the right kind of place, you need to note the following mentioned tips.

1. Jot down your priorities on a paper,Hotel reviews:

Sounds weird? But it’s true. Every hotel is not a trustworthy hotel like the Crowne plaza Mayur vihar. When you and your family members note some of the basic things that trouble you, it will be easier to convey them to your service providers. Certain things like a nice and warm breakfast, hygienic and clean bathroom space, small and cozy room, or a large and vibrant place with all the best possible amenities are better to clear beforehand. If you have a list ready, it is also easy to ascertain the amount of money you would spend on your holiday.

2. Are the basic facilities available?

Parking space, Wi-Fi facilities, morning breakfast, and air conditioning in the summers. These are some important things without which the stay is not worth it. Most of the hotels provide these things without any cost, but all the hotels are not the same; they could be charging you extra for providing these facilities. It is always better to check with the hotel authorities before you book the room.

It takes only a few minutes, talking to the hotel staff before you reach is always the best thing to do. They understand the taste and priorities of the customers and make arrangements for the same in case they lack somewhere.

3. Hotels that have been newly constructed or renovated

You are sure to get the best from a hotel which has come up with a new branch. The beds, furniture, and fittings in a new hotel would be of the latest trend. You will not end up finding old, worn-out mattresses or dirty yellow tiles in the washroom. Hotels are in demand, and it is a lucrative business. Even if a new branch is not coming up, hotels keep renovating to make their space better and appealing.

So, the place which has been renovated recently is sure not to disappoint you. You must try and ask the staff or find it on the website about the construction and renovations that have taken place recently.

4. Check the reviews before booking a room.

You must be checking the reviews about the property before you book yourself a room but try to check only the latest reviews. There are reviews from the past as well, which are of no use recently. The last two to three months old reviews give you a clear picture of the place. So, before you finalize the booking, be sure to check the reviews to have a clear picture.

5. Speaking to the hotel authorities is important if your bookings are made online

You should at least once speak to the people of the hotel before reaching the destination. Certain changes take time for updating or deleting the websites, or there could be some facilities offered but not functional at that time. So, you should confirm everything before going.

6. Do try to check the kind of clients that visit the hotel.

The location, Budget, reviews, and the hotel’s area give you an idea about the kind of people who visit the hotel. One very important thing to check is if you are traveling with your family. If you somehow do not like the place, it becomes very difficult and time-consuming to change it at the last minute.

7. Where is your hotel located?

It is very crucial to find out the location of your stay. You should check the map and locate your hotel. The places you want to visit, the temples or the famous tourist attractions. It’s always better to check the distance of these from the location of your hotel. Holidays are for rest and recoup. You do not enjoy running around or traveling too much during a holiday.

Some hotels promise that they are situated very near the tourist spots, but they are not as your liking. The map tells you the exact distance and location, making it easier for you to finalize.

You choose to go on a holiday, for a break. A time full of fun, peace, and relaxation. Having the right hotel means you are sorted. It feels wonderful if you put in hard work, and it pays. Few requisites are that the staff should be courteous and nice, the food should be fresh, beautiful, and worth the money. Not all hotels are trustworthy hotels like the Crowne Plaza Mayur Vihar.

You have the best holiday experience when you have the best stay. If you consider all the points mentioned above, finding the place that suits your taste is not very difficult. Take out some time to plan everything; if you put little effort initially, you have fond memories to look back to. Wishing you a happy and memorable holiday.  Hotel reviews,  Hotel reviews,  Hotel reviews.

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