What are fennel seeds water?

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Key Takeaways

  • Fennel, aromatic herb with yellow flowers, globally renowned and perennial.
  • Dried fennel seeds, rich in minerals, serve as a versatile spice.
  • Boiled fennel seed water aids digestion, menstrual cramps, and ulcers.
  • Fennel seed water’s benefits include weight loss, metabolism boost, and detoxification.
  • Fennel tea enhances sleep, purifies blood, and treats skin issues.

Fennel is an aromatic herb with beautiful yellow flowers. It is a perennial and famous worldwide. Its seeds in dry form are mainly used. Fennel seeds are utilized in cooking as a spice. Fennel seeds are used as medicine.

Moreover, it is used in cosmetics due to its pleasant smell. When fennel seeds are boiled with water, they have many advantages. For example, it helps with menstrual cramps, digestion, ulcers, constipation, and many more. Hence, weight loss is also possible with this magical fennel seeds water.

What are fennel seeds?

Fennel is a plant called Foeniculum Vulgare. It is an aromatic perennial herb with yellow flowers. So, dried seeds are obtained from this herb. Those are fennel seeds. Fennel seeds contain minerals like zinc, manganese, iron, and copper. Due to these properties, it is one of the best ingredients to add to your diet.

How do fennel seeds work?

Fennel seed or Fennel seeds water can soothe you in many ways. It might comfort your infant as it is suitable for colic. It can solve hormonal issues, skin problems, stomach issues, and many more. Here is a detailed list of the disease that these magical seeds can cure.

  • Fennel seeds benefit menstrual issues or other hormonal imbalances in women.
  • It deals with anxiety and depression.
  • Skin issue like sunburn is reduced by applying fennel.
  • It is helpful in cancer also.
  • Fennel seeds are used as a laxative- they help with constipation. It is best for stomach aches or ulcers.
  • It is best for digestion. Fennel seeds are used to lose weight.
  • It decreases swelling or gastritis of the stomach
  • Fennel seeds water is good for diabetes
  • Arthritis patients can use this.
  • Pregnant women can use it for uterus relaxation.
  • It relieves back pain and other joint pain.
  • For cough and flu, it gives immunity.
  • Mothers breastfeeding can use it.
  • In diarrhoea and nausea, it is best to use fennel seed water.
  • Insomnia is also treated with these magical seeds.
  • For children who wet their beds, it is best for them.
  • It Improves lung problems.
  • It is suitable for asthmatic patients.

How fennel seeds, water, or tea is made?

Preparing fennel seeds water at home is so straightforward. Here is a proper procedure to make fennel seed water or tea to see its magical effects. Here’s how to make your fennel seed tea or water at home;

  • Take a deep pot and boil water as per your wish.
  • Bring this water to a boil.
  • Add two or more tablespoons of the seed to your boiling water.
  • Turn off your stove after a boil.
  • Let the pan be covered for about ten minutes.
  • Allow it to cool at room temperature (You can also use it as tea).
  • Add any sweetener if you want, then strain it.
  • Your fennel seed water is ready now. So, you can now use this fantastic mixture. This water is also best for weight loss.
  • You may keep the rest of the water in your refrigerator. You can take two to three cups daily.

Why should we use fennel seed water; Benefits of Fennel water seeds

As discussed above, fennel seed water has multiple advantages. It solves digestion, constipation, ulcer, and many abdominal issues. So, it regulates hormones. It is best for the skin and eyes. Moreover, many people drink fennel seed water to lose weight. So, research shows that it is helpful in weight loss.

It helps increase metabolism and burns fat. Its rich minerals satisfy the appetite. In so many ways, this fennel water is magical for you. But, remember a thing excessive usage of fennel seed water can make you sick. It can give you allergic reactions or abdominal issues. So, due to fennel seeds, waterside effects do not over exceed their quantity. But, drinking fennel seeds water properly and time can help you lose your stubborn weight.

Moreover, Fennel seeds water helps in boosting your metabolism. That is good for fat burn. How to drink fennel seed water for weight loss should not be your question anymore. Drinking fennel tea or water keeps you healthy and full all day.

 How Does Fennel Seed Water Help In Losing Weight?

Increases Melatonin Formation

Research shows that sound sleep is responsible for losing weight. Melatonin is found in our brains. Balancing its level in the brain helps us in a peaceful sleep. This water thus solves insomnia or sleeplessness.

Detoxifies Toxins of the Body

Fennel seed water helps harmful detoxifying toxins from your body. If it is taken in the morning, it gives an excellent detoxifying agent. It also solves digestion issues or gastritis. So, due to these properties, it is best for losing weight. Using fennel seeds and mint water benefits you more.

Increases Metabolism

We get food and gain energy in response. This way, our metabolism works. Consuming fennel seeds or tea increases the rate of metabolism more rapidly without consuming food. In this way, we get more energy and fat loss. Thus, fennel seeds are the best in this way to decrease your weight.

Purifies the Blood

Fennel seed water purifies the blood. It decreases the quantity of uric acid in the blood and breaks down the other acids also. Thus, it helps in burning fats too.

Helps Suppress Hunger

The fennel seed water helps to deal with hunger issues due to its antispasmodic properties. It is rich in minerals and fibre as well. It relaxes the muscles of the stomach, so, it resolves hunger issues.

Treats skin issues

Obesity dramatically affects your skin. Fennel seeds water benefits for the skin; it is best for your skin. It especially resolves acne problems due to its antibacterial and antioxidant functioning. Fennel seeds, thus, give you flawless skin.


 When should I drink fennel seed water?

It is commonly asked how many fennel seeds should I eat per day or when to drink fennel tea. You can drink or eat it any time, or daily. You can have 2 to 3 cups daily. But not exceed its limit.

What are the side effects of seed water?

Overconsuming can give you many side effects. For example, allergic reactions, difficulty breathing, nausea, itchiness, throat problems, etc. So, could you not take it roughly?

How to make fennel seed tea?

In a pan, add 1 tsp of fennel seeds to the boiling water. Would you please take off the flame or keep it for 10 minutes? It will change its colour. You can drink it 2-3 times a day.


It’s best to start these unique seeds at the start of the day. Taking fennel seed water makes you stay healthy and active. So, if you want to lose stubborn fat, then consuming fennel seed water is one of your best decisions. Drinking fennel seed water or tea on a daily basis can help with digestive issues if you have them frequently. Fennel seeds prevent gastrointestinal problems by stimulating the synthesis of stomach enzymes. It promotes a healthy digestive system. You can use it to relieve bloating, gas, and indigestion as well as the former two conditions.

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