Hungry howie’s near me history & Several franchisees and their workers.

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Hungry howie’s near me: Pizza is opening its first location in the Bronx, New York, nationwide expansion. It’s hard to beat a Hungry Howie’s Pizza flavored crust pizza when you make your dough every day. Hungry Howie’s provides eight different types of flavored crusts featuring butter and Asiago cheese. Franchisee Phillip Cotto worked in commercial and residential real estate for many years.

Hungry Howie’s History:

Pizza business Hungry Howie’s has been around since 1973, and it’s known for its Flavored Crust® pizzas, which come in a range of flavors, including butter and butter cheese, as well as cajun and garlic herb. Ranch, sesame, and Asiago are also popular. Its unique and incomparable offerings, such as oven-baked calzone sandwiches, Howie Breads, crisp and cold salads, and delicious wings, set this pizza restaurant apart from the competition. Hungry Howie’s Pizza, which began in Taylor, Michigan, now has over 600 stores in 21 states.

Several franchisees and their workers:

In the course of a road trip, he came across Hungry Howie’s Pizza and, after meeting with several franchisees and their workers, signed a development agreement with the company to open several locations in the greater New York City region. Hungry Howie’s Pizza director of development Jennifer Jackson stated, “Opening our first New York store is an amazing milestone for the Pizza brand.

Hungry Howie’s near me:

According to the business, this store’s success will allow Hungry Howie’s Pizza to grow throughout the Tri-state area. Hungry Howie’s Pizza can find at 691 Co-Op City Bldg in the Bronx, NY 10472.

Pizza to Satisfy Your Appetite:

We use only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients to make our pizzas, such as 100% mozzarella cheese and daily-made dough. Culinary adventure waits with eight tantalizing crust flavors to choose from – including classics like butter and butter cheese as well as more exotic options like Asiago, ranch, onion, and Cajun. Call your local shop or buy online now to place a carryout or delivery order.

Opportunity to Own Hungry Howie’s Pizza Franchise:

It has earned a reputation as one of the country’s top pizza joints over the last 45 years. As of today, it has grown from a single outlet outside of Detroit, Michigan, to more than 550 outlets in twenty states. Because of our robust franchise system, we’re constantly hunting for qualified people to join our network of independently owned and operated franchisees.

Involvement of the local community:

If it is a well-known charity or a small elementary school, we all need to give back to worthy causes and our communities in our way because of our unique program. It has been a proud supporter of the National Breast Cancer Foundation since 2009. We donate $1 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for every pink-boxed pizza sold in October. More than $2 million has been collected for this worthy cause thanks to the efforts of many people.


Hungry Howie’s high-quality Flavored Crust pizzas:

Contact the shop manager closest to you to see if they can help you with your local cause. Our franchisees are locally owned and managed businesses. “I’ve been a fan of Hungry Howie’s for a long time and thrilled to own a piece of the pie finally,” said Hungry Howie’s Thornton franchisee Ian Ferguson.

Health and safety:

Their commitment and enthusiasm for the brand are palpable, and we have high hopes for their future development and success in the Denver market. The company will keep implementing the CDC’s health and safety precautions. Hungry Howie’s practices include required food safety and sanitation measures such as handwashing with soap regularly, cleaning commonly touched surfaces. Hungry Howie’s near me Pizza puts the health and safety of its patrons and staff as deep concern.

Top pick for us:

The fact that you can have whatever pizza you want makes this a top pick for us. The salad bar is well-stocked with a variety of vegetables, meats, and dressings. In my opinion, the thin crust spinach and pepperoni pizza are the best in town. Hungry Howie’s near me is consistently subpar. In other words, it isn’t very interesting but tolerable.

Great pizza buffet, highly recommended:

Before, I’ve never been to Hungry Howie’s. I had a great time. It was a pleasure to eat the pizza. Some people had sat for an excessive amount of time, but overall it was a great show. The salad bar was excellent was the selection. The soups remained a mystery to me. Unfortunately, one of the desserts served was mediocre at best. Don’t stray from the pizza path! Sports fans, children, and families will enjoy the spacious setting.

What you pay for is what you get?

First and foremost, the location was spotless. Second, I was treated like a star by the server. The meal comes in third. The salads on the bar were crisp and clean. It was refreshing not to see a poorly applied dressing or components that had been muddled.

They served delicious pasta:

Next, we’ll chow down on some pizza. Except for the sausage, which looked and tasted like rat droppings, the topping was perfect. Four more pizzas were prepared and put on the counter approximately 15 minutes later, but they were left to cool on a shelf in the kitchen for an additional 10 minutes. We were told about the “new pizzas” by our waitress, but I declined to order anything since I’d “give up”.


The pizza was disgustingly greasy on this particular day. Also, the pizza had run out. The Hungry Howie’s near me had been out for 20 minutes when I went to check. There were only two kinds of pizza left on the counter, each with just two pieces. I didn’t want to eat them since they’d been sitting out for so long. They did manage to make one pepperoni pizza, but it was dripping with grease.

Key Takeaways

  • Hungry Howie’s Bronx Debut: First location opens in New York, nationwide expansion.
  • Flavored Crust Variety: Daily-made dough, unique options like butter, Asiago, cajun.
  • Franchisee’s Real Estate Background: Phillip Cotto, experienced in commercial and residential.
  • Community Involvement: Supports National Breast Cancer Foundation, local charities, schools.
  • Customer Reviews: Varied opinions on quality, cleanliness, and overall dining experience.

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