Ice cream from Parlors, Baldo’s, Azucar.

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Key Takeaways

  • Ice cream reigns supreme as the ultimate sweltering dessert choice.
  • Omaha’s top ice cream shops: Coneflower, Wally’s and Ted’s, eCreamery.
  • Additional favorites include Co-op of Zen Coffee, Chef, Doozies.
  • Explore new arrivals like Jeni’s, Howdy Homemade, Sunny Spot.
  • Unique experiences at Sugar Pine Creamery, Cauldron, Baldo’s, Azucar.

Ice cream is the only dessert option when it’s sweltering outside. I inquired and was laughed at since there’s nothing more admirable than that. Even while Omaha is home to numerous excellent ice cream shops, only a handful can compete with the establishments on our list in terms of quality. Omaha’s best ice cream shop near me includes the following:

Creamery Coneflower:

Local ingredients are used in the fashionable Blackstone District ice cream store Coneflower Creamery, which is why it’s garnered so many positive reviews. Even though there will likely be a queue out the door, the experience will be well worth it. The address of this establishment is 3921 Farnam St.

Wally’s and Ted’s:

A fresh doughnut ice cream sandwich has been a possibility in previous trips. I’m a purist when it comes to chocolate, and their Dutch chocolate is the finest there is. The whole vast globe, yes, I think so. It is located at 1120 Jackson Street and 6023 Maple Street in the heart of the Financial District. This one is an ice cream shop near me.


Maybe you caught a glimpse of eCreamery on “Shark Tank” before? Shark Bait ice cream is a local legend and obtaining a waffle cone of it is worth it. The Dundee Challenge involves eating 12 scoops of ice cream in 20 minutes from eCreamery. 5001 Underwood Ave. is the address.

Co-op of Zen Coffee:

Even for ice cream, coffee shops aren’t my first pick. Affogato, which is usually vanilla ice cream (or gelato) with a shot of espresso, is available at Zen Coffee for those looking for a little more oomph. Ted and Wally’s Ice Cream is used in Zen Coffee, so you know it’s going to be good. Suite 3 is at 230 South 25th Street.


Ice cream store keeps coming up, so I’m starting to believe I should make the journey out west to try it out. Dairy Chef has been suggested time and time again. Therefore I’ve included it on my list. PS: You can find out more about them by visiting their Facebook page. Some of their recent Instagram posts have included images of ice cream sandwiches built with handmade cookies and crushed-up Reese’s Cup.


If you ask people about my favorite place to get handmade ice cream, they’ll likely point you in the direction of this Council Bluffs, Iowa, store. It was chosen as The Daily Nonpareil’s Readers’ Choice for 2019 by readers of the paper. Doozie’s location is also a plus: Near Lake Manawa State Park, it’s at a great location. Council Bluffs, Iowa 321 Comanche St


The launch of Jeni’s in early 2021, the list’s newest ice cream store, will be no small event! With over 40 “scoop shops” throughout the country, the Ohio-based business is known for its ice cream’s silky smooth texture and buttercream-like substance. It is possible to buy their unique flavors at local grocery shops such as Foxtrot market, Royal blue, Wholefoods and Central market in pints but we highly suggest visiting their Deep Ellum ice cream shop near me.


Howdy Homemade is a fantastic family-owned ice cream business that takes pride in its community culture and hires individuals with special needs because it has the first-ever Dr. Pepper Chocolate Chip ice cream! Additionally, they create excellent ice cream in over 30 different flavors, including some unique combinations like Girl Scout Thin Mints, Sour Patch Kids, and Avocado!

Ice cream from Parlors:

Kellie and Brandon, the owners and producers, utilize as many organic and sustainable products as possible from the Dallas region. The ice creams are made with 100 percent grass-fed milk and pastured eggs! They do everything ourselves, including sourcing, mixing, aging, pasteurizing, and freezing, so they can ensure the product meets their high-quality requirements at all times.

Ice cream should melt before serving.

Our sunny spot is melting ice cream! This Fort Worth ice cream parlor with a yellow motif welcomes you with a cheery slogan and a bright façade. And the ice cream there keeps you coming back! They add four new varieties to their menu every six weeks, and a unique taste is available just on weekends. Cookies and cream, vanilla, chocolate, vegan chocolate strawberry, salt lick, and a Cup of Texas are among the company’s eight “always” flavors.

Creamery of the Pines in Sugar Pine:

Located in Plano, the Sugar Pine Creamery offers six rotating varieties, two of which are dairy-free. In addition to chile-lime canteloupe and sweet corn, they also provide guava cream cheese and churros. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, they also serve boba tea.

Ice cream from a cauldron:

The cauldron is the place to go if you want a distinctive ice cream experience and is very Instagrammable. Cauldron, the maker of the world’s only Puffle Cone, has reimagined the ice cream cone. Vietnamese coffee, the sun, moon and stars, Earl Grey lavender, and brown sugar milk tea are just a few options available. It’ll serve in an ice cream cone that looks and feels like a fluffy waffle.

Ice cream from Baldo’s:

Favorite varieties include cookie crunch, coffee or oreo, peanut butter m&m, and strawberry cheesecake at Baldo’s. Affogatos and custom-made cast iron biscuits are also available, in addition to their well-known ice cream flights of three or six cones. In addition to their year-round specialties and dairy-free choices, they also provide hot coffee, tea, and specialty beverages throughout the day.

Ice cream with Azucar:

Bishop Arts’ Azucar is a charming family-run business established in Miami (Dallas is their only other location). Little Havana in Miami and Cuban ice cream have inspired these bright and delicious ice creams, like the trademark Abuela MariaTM or classics like cafe con Leche, rum raisin, and Mexican vanilla.


Additionally, they provide seasonal tastes, vegan and vegetarian choices, and two types of sorbet. The enormous ice cream cone art hanging over their ice cream shop near me makes it impossible to miss them. ice cream shop near me, ice cream shop near me.

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