How to Improve Your Ice Staff?

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Key Takeaways

  • Using Ice Staff Code Coupons: Instructions for applying Ice Staff Code coupons for discounts.
  • Couponxoo Savings: Benefits of using Couponxoo for Ice Staff Code discounts, up to 69% savings.
  • Origins’ Ice Staff Upgrade: Steps to upgrade Origins’ Staff of Ice into Ull’s Arrow weapon.
  • Tombstone Locations: Details on locations and procedures for finding tombstones in the game.
  • Improving Your Ice Staff: In-game tasks and steps to enhance the Ice Staff weapon’s power.

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Couponxoo as a source of ice staff code:

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Upgrade for the Ice Staff in Origins:

Origins’ Staff of Ice utilizes the Ice element to great effect. Several steps must follow to upgrade it. When it’s upgraded, it transforms into Ull’s Arrow, a lethal weapon capable of freezing entire hordes of zombies in their tracks. It’s also possible to bill for it: This freezes zombies with ice blocks and a blizzard for ten seconds. Following are ways to upgrade the ice staff code.

Test Your Memory with a Matching Game:

The Staff of Ice should be equipped, and all four staves should build before beginning this step. The match game will hold in the Crazy Room, the room that previously housed the crystals themselves. Any of the element mines will let you create a portal there. Once you’ve entered the Crazy Room, look for a blue glow in the ice area. A pillar will hold a blue object with dots on it, and tiles will float above it.

Looking for Ice Staff Code:

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Place where I can look up relevant Ice Staff Code results?

CouponXoo displays all Ice Staff Code-related results, so you can easily decide which one to choose. Additionally, the section Recently Searched is located at the bottom of the page and allows you to see what previous searches have yielded. If you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll hear a loud noise and hear Samantha speak to you.

Tombstones Should Be Put in Storage Until Further Notice:

After you’ve finished the match game, you’ll be greeted by three tombstones. After that, the tombstones will be frozen and then shattered. You can use your Staff of Ice to freeze them and a gun to shatter them if you want to. Outside of the playable area, all three tombstones are indistinguishable from the surrounding landscape. If you know exactly where to look, finding them will be a breeze.

Tombstone locations:

The tombstones are plain grey, as you’d expect. Every time I’ve upgraded the Staff of Ice, they’ve always been in the same spot.

Location 1 of the Tombstone Memorials:

Generator Station 4 has two Tombstones. The first one is in the mud pit next to it. On the other side of it is the Spirit Chest, where the Rituals of the Ancients take place. Players can’t get to the area because it’s in the elevator.

Location 2 of the Tombstone Memorials:

Close to the first tombstone, you’ll find the second one. Leave the mud pit and enter the next one. There are two ways to get to the Church from this pit: either go towards it or around the site’s other side. On the Excavation Site’s underside, it’s elevated.

Location 3 of the Tombstone Memorials:

On the other side of the world, there is one more tombstone to be discovered. It’s in the mud behind the Tank Station if you’re looking for it. Both of these tombstones are elevated and located in an area that cannot enter. It is, however, placed on a platform that is higher than the other two.

How to Improve Your Ice Staff?

A weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies is the “Staff of Ice,” which shoots ice blasts that freeze and shatter objects in its path. This weapon, known as Ull’s Arrow, is an improved version of the Ice Staff with a greater range and more potent impact. A series of in-game tasks in the Crazy Place and close to the Excavation Site can complete improving your ice staff.

To get to the Crazy Place, build a portal in any element mine.

Before you can upgrade the ice staff in Crazy Place, you have to solve a riddle that appears there. Upon arrival, stone slabs surround a blue light beam, which serves as your portal to the Crazy Place.

Look at ice panels that float above the portal:

The symbols on each panel correspond to the symbols on the stone slabs surrounding the portal on which they are located. If you want to solve the puzzle, you’ll need to match the ceiling patterns with the stone slab patterns and then use the ice staff to shoot each panel in the correct order.

The correct order with your ice staff:

The stone will reverse direction after you hit the right panel on the first try. Multi-player mode lets you enlist the aid of a friend to help you fight zombies while you work out the solution to the puzzle. When you’re trying to solve the puzzle, zombies can easily distract you and attack your character.

In the Crazy Place, use a gun to take out zombies:

It gives the ice staff the ability to gather souls. To upgrade the ice staff, you’ll need to kill around 20 zombies to get enough souls. Samantha will let you know that the ice staff’s power is now available as soon as the mission is complete.

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