10 Unique Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Business.

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Instagram Stories for Business: More than a billion people use Instagram every month, and it has been proven to be a beneficial tool to build brand awareness and show people what your business is all about. Instagram stories specifically for businesses provide a great way to increase Instagram followers and get your message to them, especially those with a keen eye for new products and trends.

How to Make Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories appear at the top of the Instagram app and are vertical, full-screen photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. They make your content enticing using interactive tools like polls, stickers, and Instagram Story filters.

  • Use Instagram stories on Explore, which is an amalgamation of algorithm-selected photos and videos that help you boost audience reach and engagement. This gives relevant information about your stories, like how quickly people interact with the post, the interaction history, and how many times other users have interacted with them recently.
  • Use Instagram Stories polls that allow your followers to ask you questions.
  • Add links to Instagram Stories.
  • Keep a stringent check on your Instagram Story views within or after 24 hours to check the number of unique accounts that viewed your story. You can also use it to access insights, and impressions which is the total number of times your Instagram Story was viewed.

Instagram Story Ideas and Some Tips and Tricks to Garner Maximum Attention

Here Are 10 Unique Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Business. You will find the different Instagram story ideas in the below list

  1. Shoot Vertical 

Shoot your Instagram Stories content in the vertical format right from the beginning and create a more immersive and less intrusive experience. You don’t need fancy equipment to create videos for stories; your smartphone is enough for you to attract the right kind of audience attention.

  1. Define Your Brand’s Visual Identity

Consistent visuals help your audience recognize you, nurture your relationship with your followers, and keep the tone of your brand unified. Use constant colors, gifs, templates and fonts that resonate with your brand. You can also add inspirational quotes and focus on educational topics like industry trends and leaders, statistics, and humor.

  1. Indulge in Visual Storytelling

Instagram stories are all about delivering engaging messages, encouraging visual aspects, and using it as a tool to power your brand storytelling. This can include live videos, storytelling sessions, testimonials, behind-the-scenes videos, interviews, branded how-to videos, FAQs, etc. Consider your business’ niche and what your audience might enjoy learning while creating incredible visuals. You must express your creative identity using movie-like content and give your brand a sense of uniqueness and authenticity.

  1. Schedule Stories in Advance

Being consistent is the key, and posting stories regularly is a brilliant way to keep your audience engaged. Keep a tab on important occasions, festivals, and days and add a human touch by interacting with your followers on these special occasions. You can use a professional online scheduler to time your next video posts and start preparing for them beforehand.

  1. Include a CTA

Your Instagram Stories should include a clear call to action indicating what you want your viewers to do next. Always include your contact details, website link, and links to other social media channels in your CTA to help customers reach your brand and business in multiple ways.

  1. Design a Branded Instagram Story Template

Stories go Live for 24 hours, after which they disappear, so it’s not advisable to create a new, creative and professional design for every single video. This can be taxing! Try using templates for your stories with layouts with graphics, text, or animations that can be aesthetically customized according to your brand and products. Using templates can help you stand out from the crowd and relate to the branded theme.

  1. Use Quick Cuts and Motion 

To keep attention, you must create enough motion that holds your viewer’s attention. Images are shown for 5 seconds, and videos, GIFs, and animated text stickers are on for 15. So make quick cuts and keep things moving.

  1. Use Instagram Story Polls

Using polls in your Instagram Stories is a creative marketing strategy that can be used for market research, customer feedback, and entertainment. Make them live for 24 hours and keep them interactive and engaging. You can keep track of the results and view responses using this tool and communicate with your audience better.

  1. Maximize the First Three Seconds

You can create the most compelling story by conveying your key message in the first three seconds. This shows your consistency through your branded visuals and will keep the viewers on. Suppose you manage to grasp the right kind of attention within the first 3 seconds of your Instagram story. In that case, you can simultaneously gain credibility, solidify your company image, and humanize your brand.

  1. Run an Instagram Stories Takeover

An Instagram takeover is a strong collaboration with a third party – someone who could be an influencer, a celebrity, a staff member, a friend or family member, or even a follower. This other person is permitted to temporarily take over your Instagram account to create and share content with your audience. This is a great initiative to help businesses boost engagement, build their brand image, and organically reach new followers.


You can gain brand exposure through Instagram stories that turn into one of the best channels to grow your business. With a plethora of new features being added to it every day, you can benefit from brand recognition, gaining exposure, and getting more followers.

Instagram Stories are the first things your audience will see, so craft them well by incorporating some creativity, and your business and brand will be on their way to Instagram success. Instagram Stories for Business, Instagram Stories for Business Instagram Stories for Business.

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram Stories: Boost business with engaging content and interactive features.
  • Create vertical content using polls, links, and Explore for reach.
  • Check Story views and insights for audience engagement analysis.
  • Use consistent visuals to define brand identity and enhance recognition.
  • Optimize with CTA, schedule in advance, and leverage creative templates.

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