Where does Iris fit into Hitohashi-family rame’s tree?

Short-haired and blue-eyed, Iris has a thin fire force, a curvaceous form that she prefers to hide under her garments. Wearing a tunic overlaid with an ornamental scapular, she also wears sandals, long gloves, stockings, and a brooch with a cross-like sign carved on it, as well as light sandals, long light gloves, and stockings. The blue lines on her clothing indicate that she is a member of the Special Fire Force.

Fire Force:

Iris fire forms to protect its people and guide those who are lost in a society plagued by the Spontaneous Human Combustion phenomenon (SHC). As a result of these phenomena, individuals combust in flames and turn into fire-breathing creatures known as Infernals ‘Devil’s Footprints. To solve the riddle, he joins the Fire Force’s Company 8 in the hopes of uncovering its secrets, which leads him to become entangled in the big plot of his world.


Iris, as a sister, has a deep religious belief. This kind-hearted individual is always willing to help and support those in need, no matter the circumstances. Even though she isn’t very good at fighting, she exhibits courage on the battlefield by standing her ground against an Infernal. As it turns out, she tends to keep her sentiments to herself, prioritizing the safety and comfort of others over her own.


While growing up, Iris and Hibana went to the Holy Sol Temple, where they worshipped for most of the day and worshipped the Sun God. As she and Hibana watched their sister burn in the church’s fire, they were the only survivors. To protect her sister, Hibana decides to run away with her. Company 5’s Captain Hibana subsequently left Iris to become Captain of Company 5. Her first assignment with the gang was to extinguish the Infernal.


A sister of the Holy Sol Temple, she is entirely qualified to recite prayers that allow Infernals to depart in peace as they are eradicated. After treating a bullet wound, Iris has proven her first aid and medical knowledge. Because of this, she has proved that she is capable of thinking on her feet under pressure. Distracting a professional assassin when necessary, as well as being willing to smash him into sleep.

The Third Generation:

Iris’ pyrokinetic talents increased when the stone pillars appeared, proving the finding of all eight Pillars. A tiny ember is created by Iris, showing her inexperience and inability to control fire. Since she survived the orphanage fire, she speculates that It had this skill since she was a youngster. As she battles Dragon and Raffles I’s doppelgänger, Iris reveals a unique power to protect herself and her teammates from flames.

Shinra goes to see Iris in the first place:

During an Infernal outbreak, Iris and her co-workers are seen battling it out together. Iris wants to talk to an Infernal’s bereaved loved one, but her Captain warns her against it before they return to the Infernal’s headquarters. To divert them from Hibana’s antics, she and Maki watch Hibana’s fire flowers before taking a shower.

Is Iris the Eighth Pillar of Wisdom?

Originally from The Holy Sol Temple, fire force Company 8 member. Iris, unbeknownst to her, is the 8th Pillar as a result of Sister Sumire’s plots. Amaterasu, the First Pillar, is Iris’ Doppelganger, and she is her doppelganger. Iris grew up at the Holy Sol Temple with Hibana and other sisters, learning the ways of the world. As a result of these studies were transformed into Pillars, but they were unaware of it as a result of these studies.

Shinra’s Adella Link revealed who he saw.

He agrees to meet Shinra alone when Captain Asako tries to meet Captain Hague at the training academy. Afraid of what would happen, he agrees to the meeting. Shinra’s suspicions are confirmed when Captain Hague asks Shinra to burn him as soon as he arrives. Kusakabe’s hallucinations begin as a result of the Adella hookup. By use of the Adella Link, Shinra can glimpse a woman that resembles Sister Iris.

Curious to know who Hitohashirame:

When Amaterasu uses Hitohashirame’s power, he becomes the First Pillar. Physically, she resembles Sister Iris in every way except for her hair. Yona found her shortly after the Great Cataclysm, and he wanted to use her Adella Burst to revive civilization. Raffles Smith’s crew used her as a power source for Amaterasu after encasing her in a container and delivering her to him. Hatsuharame has developed an intense hatred against humanity.

Where does Iris fit into Hitohashi-family rame’s tree?

Iris and Hitohashirame have a striking resemblance. While under the effects of the Adella Link, Shinra even mistook the former for Iris. Recently, in the 200th chapter of the storey, it was revealed that Iris has a connection to the First Pillar. The truth is, Hitohashirame is her counterpart. Sister Sumire fed her and the other temple sisters Adolla bugs as a youngster as part of an experiment.

Iris became the Hitohashirame and the Eight Pillar:

Because Iris is unaware that she is a counterpart, she is not knowingly evil. As a result of being subjected to experiments without her consent, she did not want to become the Eight Pillar, the Evangelist’s pawn. Even though Iris is not wrong or an adversary at the time, it is possible that the Evangelist or her followers may awaken a latent personality in her that would make her evil of iris’s fire force.

First Pillar her, Hitohashi-rame:

The woman, however, is not Iris, but the First Pillar herself, Hitohashi-rame, as he understands. So she tells him to burn the globe to put an end to his entire wrath. It’s also been suggested that Shinra let his rage erupt and kill everyone in front of him. Influencing Obi to have Arthur and Shinra infiltrate Company 1 via training assignments to examine manufactured Infernals located in Company 1’s region.


The latter of which bears a cross-like emblem. Iris used to wear a necklace with a cross-like motif. As well as shoulder protectors, her clothing looks to include a belt around her waist. During a purifying rite, Iris wears a very exposing garment. The majority of her civilian attire consists of tight, conservative dresses and blouses. To prevent Obi’s strategy from being disrupted by the trio’s discussion and Shinra’s quarrel with Arthur of the iris force.

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