Is Jake engineer below deck, or have they broken up?

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Jake engineered below deck was introduced to the Below Deck Mediterranean audience for the first time in season 2 when she played the role of a fresh deckhand. Actress Malia White began a relationship with Jake Baker, and viewers are curious as to whether the couple is still together. Season, Malia was at the epicenter of controversy and drama due to her involvement in a love triangle with the chef Adam and the bosun Wes.

Despite this, she ended the season as one of the most beloved characters in the series. However, Malia once again found herself in the center of controversy due to her connection with co-star chef Tom Checketts, much as she did the previous time she appeared in the series. Tom, the British chef, was known for his constant complaining and temper outbursts, making him an unlikable figure among the cast and the audience. Following is the conclusion of the sixth season of Jake engineer below deck.

Who is Jake engineer below deck?

Malia subsequently accused him of cheating on her. Despite all the upheaval in seasons 2 and 5, Malia decided to stick around for Below Deck Med season 6. During the season 6 reunion, Malia sprung a bombshell on the audience when she revealed that she was dating Jake Baker, a Jake engineer below deck.

Nevertheless, unlike her previous appearances, Malia went through season 6 without sparking any major controversy. She even won back some admirers who had previously seen her as a villain. After some time had passed, Malia would eventually come back to Below Deck Med for season 5, but this time she would be serving as a seasoned bosun.

Romantic relationship:

Malia had recently said in her Instagram story that one of her pals had mentioned that Below Deck Mediterranean viewers were curious whether she and Jake were still dating. On the other hand, Malia flashed a grin and said, “No,” without providing any further specifics or context. Nevertheless, more research into her social media found that the two former lovers no longer follow each other. In addition, images of Jake have been removed from Malia’s Instagram account.

The stunning news of the Below Deck Med couple’s decision to end their relationship comes close to a year after the two made their love public.

Key Takeaways

  • Malia White, introduced in Below Deck Med Season 2, played a deckhand.
  • Viewers question if Malia and Jake Baker are still together.
  • Season 2 saw Malia in a love triangle, ending with drama.
  • Controversy continued in Season 5 with chef Tom Checketts.
  • Malia revealed dating Jake Baker during Below Deck Med Season 6.

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