Who are Jake the Engineer Below Deck: Get to Know about Deck’s Jake Baker

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Key Takeaways

  • Malia White confirmed her breakup with Jake Baker amid wine night.
  • After keeping their romance private, the couple became public months later.
  • Malia met Jake during an unexplained excursion on Below Deck.
  • Malia White kept her dating life private after a public breakup.
  • Currently, Malia White appears to be single, not dating anyone.

Jake the engineer below deck Mediterranean, shared that she and her boyfriend, Jake Baker are no longer in a relationship over a lively wine night with their mutual friends. One of White’s pals posted on her Instagram story that several Jake the engineer below deck viewers were curious whether she was still dating Baker. She gave a kind grin and said, “No.” White did not provide any other information, but any proof of Baker that may have been on White’s Instagram has been removed.

And the former pair is not seen hanging out with one another anymore. On the show “Below Deck Med,” Malia White and Jake Baker became acquainted. When White worked as an engineer on Below Deck Med Season 6’s Lady Michelle, Baker became his secret girlfriend, and the two have been together ever since. Although Baker was not a cast member, he was seen on camera frequently during the season. Here is all about Jake, the engineering deck in the below content. Here we will give you all information about Jake the engineer below deck.

Public separation:

White was keen to keep her new relationship a secret for as long as possible after going through a traumatic and public breakup with chef Tom Checketts. When Showbiz Cheat Sheet inquired about White’s romantic life following the breakup between her and Checketts, the only information she provided was that she was “dating. Shortly after Below Deck Med Season 6 ended, the pair began dating one another. Still, they chose to keep their relationship private for a few months before going public.

Romantic connection under wraps:

Jake the engineer below deck for a long time, Malia and Jake kept their romantic connection. On last night’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, White made her long-awaited announcement on the status of her romantic relationship. She subsequently revealed at the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 reunion that the first time she met Baker was during the unexplained excursion the group took to Split.

It was in response to whether or not she dated Baker before the shooting concluded. Therefore, Jake wasn’t even involved; he worked quietly behind the scenes. After becoming public with their relationship, the pair encouraged and supported one another in their professional aspirations. He became a Y-2 Engineer after passing the oral test he had to take.” She concluded her post with the words “clever” with a hashtag.

Who exactly is Malia dating at this point?

At the moment, it seems like White is not involved with anybody. When asked by Showbiz Cheat Sheet about the difficulties of keeping relationships in the yachting industry, White echoed the sentiments of many other yachties. Before the start of the summer season, she began working with Baker on the same yacht, which pleased her very pleased.  And Jake is on there with me, so Jake is the chief engineer, and Jake was in New York this weekend, and he got to meet everyone as well, which is excellent.

And Jake is the top engineer since he got to meet everyone,” “At any point in time when you can work on the same boat because it is difficult to accomplish when you are on different vessels.  Because we are in different time zones, it might be challenging to do.


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